Leslie Birkland

Leslie Birkland is an American actress best known for her role in the television series Big Rich Texas. She has worked in the fashion industry in addition to acting.

Birkland currently lives in Dallas, Texas. Leslie Birkland has not yet spoken publicly about her childhood. Apparently, she prefers to keep that information private.

However, there are numerous other fascinating facts about her life. So, let’s delve a little deeper into her life.

Quick Facts 

Full Name Leslie Birkland
Height 175cm
Nationality American


Birkland was raised in the United States by her parents, along with her sister Lindsey. She adores her family and has posted photos of them on Instagram.

Leslie Birkland and her mother(Source: Instagram)

Her stepfather was a dementia patient, which worried her. In her book, she discusses her father. Lindsey, Birkland’s sister, is very supportive of her. They’ve shared some beautiful and painful memories together.

Education Background

Birkland has not revealed anything about her educational background other than that she holds a Ph.D. She has a Ph.D. in Natural Health and Holistic Counseling.

Aside from that, no information about her educational background is provided. She may have attended a local school for her primary education, as most people do.

Relationship Status 

Leslie Birkland is currently dating pizza magnate Richard Sherman. Sherman is one of Papa John’s Pizza’s co-founders.

Leslie Birkland and Richard Sherman(Source: RadarOnline)

Leslie and Richard first met and began dating at a Starbucks coffee shop. The couple decided to take their relationship to the next level after a year of dating.

Richard proposed to her with a stunning 3-carat diamond ring. The couple is engaged and has a happy life together.

Was Previously Engaged To Billionaire Rip Mason

Birkland had a crush on Rip Mason before she started dating Richard. They had been dating for two years before getting engaged. She pulled off the wedding despite the fact that the couple had planned to marry in Hawaii during the summer.

Although the reason for their divorce has not been officially confirmed, there is speculation that Rip wanted Birkland to leave Big Rich Texas and move in with him after they married. Leslie canceled the wedding because she wasn’t prepared for it.

However, the former lovers have remained in contact and are good friends who support each other.

Children & Grand Children

Birkland has three children, about whom she hasn’t said much publicly. Tyler and Spencer Birkland are her two sons.

Leslie Birkland on a hunt with her granddaughter. (Source: Instagram)

Tyler Birkland can be found on Twitter at @tylerbirkland1. Spencer, her middle son, married a girl named Illana and had a beautiful daughter.

Birkland adores her granddaughter and frequently shows her pictures of her. She enjoys spending time with her granddaughter.

Kalyn Has A Goddaughter

Leslie is Kalyn’s godmother, whom she helped raise. She is now acting as her guardian, providing her with the necessities.

Leslie Birkland and her goddaughter Kayln(Source: Pinterest)

Leslie regards Kalyn’s real mother, Carrie, as a comedy character who is always looking for sympathy. She has not allowed Kalyn to attend school. Birkland, on the other hand, has sent her to school, and she has done exceptionally well.

According to Birkland, Kalyn was never told she was smart, so she believes she is stupid. She enjoys pastry and design and may pursue a career in pastry or fashion design.

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Was Paralyzed

Leslie became partially paralyzed in January 2018. Her body did not respond from below the waist. When she arrived at the hospital, the doctor informed her that her sudden paralysis was caused by Toxic Mold Exposure.

Her son was a huge help to her during this time. She gradually recovered and regained her normal body.

Wrote A Book Alongside Her Sister

Birkland has written a book called Daughters of Dementia about her stepfather’s decline from dementia. Lindsey Denhof, her sister, assisted her sister in writing this book.

A book was written by Leslie Birkland(Source: Amazon)

The sister has spoken about their father’s illness and their feelings about it. On Amazon, the book has a rating of 4.4 out of 5 stars and is available in paperback for $19.39.

Leslie stated in an interview that her mother did not approve of her writing about her stepfather. She assumed they were simply exposing his condition for criticism. Birkland’s first draft does not include a fictitious name for her stepfather.

Leslie, on the other hand, believed that writing this book served as therapy for her sister. All those pains and memories are being relieved.

Birkland’s Sister Is A Painter

Leslie Denhof, Birkland’s sister, is currently living in southern California and working on her art. She enjoys painting and primarily works in acrylics.

She favors bright colors and pop-art techniques when working with colors. Her works are mostly filled with symbolism and wordplay.

Leslie Birkland & Connie Dieb Are Cousins By Marriage

Birkland and Connie, who appeared on Big Rich Texas, are cousins. They are related, despite the fact that they were not on good terms during the show.

Leslie Birkland and her cousin Connie( Source: Reality Lick)

Leslie said on the show that she forgives Connie for screaming and everything else because she needs help. Connie, however, denied it.

Professional life

Birkland is currently working as a pageant trainer and investing in real estate. She’s making a lot of money off of it. Birkland owns a number of properties as an investor.

Similarly, when compared to other states, the people of Texas are more welcoming of pageants. She enjoys being a pageant couch, hosting, and participating in seminars.

Birkland has decided to stay in Dallas because the property is reasonably priced and the people are more welcoming of the Pageant. Another reason is that her best friend, Hedi, lives there as well.

As A Counsellor

Leslie is a certified life coach who volunteers her time to help others. Leslie Birkland, Ph.D., is a holistic counselor and natural health expert.

She is a Board-Certified Member of the American Association of Drugless Practitioners. In 2014, she began counseling clients. Dr. Birkland’s mission is to assist people in discovering their joy. Her strategy is based on the client’s level of comfort.

Net worth & Source of Income

Leslie Birkland has an estimated net worth of $1.5 million, making her one of the wealthiest pageant coaches. She has amassed this vast sum through her various professional careers.

Leslie Birkland’s house. (Source: RadarOnline)

She began her professional modeling career and has had a successful career. She has modelled for numerous magazines and photographers. Similarly, Birkland is a real estate investor who continues to acquire property.

Birkland owns real estate in Southern California, the Florida Keys, and Dallas. She, on the other hand, preferred to live in Dallas. In her spare time, she also works as a pageant coach and as a counselor.

Leslie has dated some of the wealthiest people, including billionaire Rip Mason and Richard Sherman, the original co-founder of Papa John’s Pizza.


Leslie apparently enjoys horseback riding, as evidenced by her Instagram posts. She is frequently seen riding a brown horse.

Leslie Birkland is interested in horse riding(Source: Instagram)

Horse therapy, according to Leslie, is beneficial to both the mind and the body. It’s also safe to assume that she knows a lot about horses.

Pet Lover

Birkland, like most celebrities, enjoys dogs and owns one. She adores her pet dog, who has been her companion and family member for over 18 years.

Leslie Birkland with her pet dog(Source: Instagram)

The Millionaire Matchmaker actress named her white pet dog Jack. She is frequently seen petting Jack. Leslie has also shared photos of herself with other animals such as horses, dolphins, and cats.

Height & Weight

Leslie is a member of the glamorous world, so she is always in good physical shape. She appears to be much younger than she is. She has stunning hazel eyes and blonde hair.

Birkland has a calculated height of 5 feet and 8 inches, which is 175 cm. Similarly, she has kept a slim body and a healthy weight. Leslie works out at home and occasionally goes to the gym to keep her body in shape.

On Social Media

Birkland is socially active, having set up accounts on major social media platforms such as Instagram and Facebook. She keeps this platform up to date with her life.

She can be found on Instagram under the handle @lesliebirkland, where she has over 11k followers. Birkland has revealed details about her professional and personal lives.

Birkland’s Facebook page also has over 16k followers. She frequently shares posts on her Facebook accounts.

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