Lily Kelly-Radford

Facts of Lily Kelly-Radford

Full Name Lily Kelly-Radford
Nationality American
Birth Country America
Birth Place United States
Ethnicity White
Sexual Orientation straight

Lily Kelly-Radford is the perfect example of how woman empowerment looks like. Since she inspires millions in the world with her consultancy on leadership worldwide, she is quite a role model herself. As an academician, Lily believes in learning more than anything else, so let’s see what did and how it affected her net worth. Besides, many people also know her as the mother of the charming journalist Morgan Kelly-Radford. Stay with us to find out everything about the executive coach.

History of Lily Kelly-Childhood Radford’s and Career

With her tasks in the US and overseas, Dr. Lily Kelly-Radford might inspire millions of individuals all over the world. It is unexpected, though, that she has little to show for her childhood. She attended the University of Pittsburgh when she was in her teens to obtain a Bachelor of Science in psychology. She later pursued her master’s and doctoral degrees in clinical psychology at the University of Georgia as a result of her interest in learning.

Lily Kelly-Radford is the mother of Morgan Radford. Source: Executive Development Group

After finishing her education, Morgan’s mother kept researching in a related area. In actuality, Kelly-Radford carried out a variety of research projects for publications on clinical psychology and leadership development. She started off working for a global feedback and coaching specialists as the head psychologist. Not only that, but the seasoned diva also worked as a psychology assistant at Harvard Medical School.

The Family and Married Life of Lily Kelly-Radford

Lily Kelly-Radford, a psychologist, is lucky to carry over her good fortune from her professional life into her private life. Possibly in her late twenties or early thirties, she married Kim Radford. Since they both enjoyed the same activities and had traveled extensively in their younger years, the two were a wonderful match.

Lily Kelly-Radford owns a net worth of $500,000. Source: Executive Group

Although they struggled financially in the beginning of their relationship, they worked extremely long hours in their different careers. They welcomed Morgan Radford and Miller Radford into their family not long after exchanging vows.

More amusing than her own career, Kelly-Radford is better known for her NBC News reporter daughter, Morgan Radford. Her daughter, 32, worked as a CNN intern for “Morning Express with Robin Meade.” She also served as the anchor of Al Jazeera America’s old Saturday morning newscast. You may also like to read about Olivia Darin.

Information on Lily Kelly-net Radford’s worth

Dr. Lily Kelly-résumé Radford’s would lead you to believe that she makes a good living. That is accurate, as her income is in the six figures. In particular, as of May 2020, Lily had a stunning net worth of $500,000. Her position as an executive coach and leadership development consultant at the Executive Development Group was the main driver of her sizable money account.

Lily Kelly-Radford is married to Kim Radford. Source: Twitter

Kelly-Radford, the mother of Morgan Radford, previously served as the Center for Creative Leadership’s executive vice-president of worldwide marketing. It’s interesting to note that she formerly oversaw executive education delivery across the globe in regions like North America, Europe, and Asia. She served as the chief psychologist for a global network of feedback and coaching specialists because to her expertise in psychology and background in management, sales, and marketing.

Morgan Radford, Lily’s daughter, aspires to follow in her mother’s footsteps by being prosperous and independent. The journalist has amassed an astounding net worth of $1 million thanks to his previous employments at ABC News, Al Jazeera America, and CNN.

Home of Lily Kelly-Radford

Lily Kelly-Radford has a lot to offer when discussing the specifics of Morgan Radford’s mother’s real estate holdings. She actually made headlines in 1996 when she and her husband, Kim Radford, began an art collection.

At their own, roomy apartment, the art collection was started. The mansion-like home was situated on a 4000-square-foot plot of land with a sizable garden. Lily and her lover filled the many empty spaces in the house with mementos they had gathered over the years. Regarding the amount the executive coach paid to buy the residence, however, not much is known.