Louis Rossmann

Quick Facts

Birth Date November 19,1988
Full Name Louis Rossmann
Birth Name Louis Anthony Rossmann
Profession YouTuber
Nationality American
Ethnicity White
Birth City New York City
Birth Country America
Gender Identity Male
Sexual Orientation Straight
Horoscope Scorpio
Marital Status Dating
Height 182 cm
Facebook Link Facebook Link

If you carry apple products, Louis Rossmann is the one that you want to follow. Rossman is a YouTube personality and a repair technician who is popular for repairing Apple products.

Louis rose to fame after he started a YouTube channel, Louis Rossman, on 28 June 2017. He repairs products on live stream and has recently started on other live streaming platforms like Twitch and Vimeo. Besides that, he is also the Rossmann Repair Group Inc. owner, located in New York City, New York, the United States.

In summary, Louis Rossmann is a “Right to Repair” advocate. Here get to know his personal life as well as his net worth.


He was born on November 19, 1988, in the USA, as Louis Anthony Rossmann. Louis started fixing computers as a hobby in college. In 2007, he started a computer repair shop, Rossmann Repair Group, in New York City. According to his website: ”Our storefront wasn’t designed to impress people looking for boutique aesthetics – it was designed to get work done.”

Louis Rossmann is an American independent repair technician and right to repair advocate. He has an estimated net worth of $2.5 million. He is the owner of Rossman Repair Group located in New York City. It is a computer shop which he established in 2008 and has specialized in logic board-level repair of Macbooks. On YouTube, he provides various educational content based on what he finds as he repairs different problems on different devices.

Is Louis Rossmann Single?

Erica is going out with Louis Rossmann. Rossmann’s channel has several videos with his girlfriend in them. At the time this was written, Erica had just been in the video “Louis Rossmann says hi.”

On the live stream called “Louis Rossmann Says Hi,” Louis Rossmann and his girlfriend Erica can be seen.
Source: Louis Rossmann’s YouTube page

No one knows for sure when they started dating, but they seem to be having a good time. Sione Kelepi Love Life? Is he going out with anyone?

How much is Louis Rossmann Net Worth?

Louis Rossmann makes a lot of money from the YouTube channel he named after himself. It is thought that he will have a net worth of $1 million in 2022.

Income from YouTube

Social Blade estimates that Rossmann makes between $4,100 and $65,100 per month and between $48,800 and $781,100 per year. As of February 2021, 1.52 million people follow his Education-themed YouTube channel.

On his channel, he mostly posts videos and tutorials about fixing and taking care of mobile phones and laptops. Some of the most popular videos on his channel are The horrible truth about Apple’s repeated engineering failures and Apple repairs are expensive, why? What most leads to no power 2008-2009 17 “Unibody Macbook Pros, how to fix them, and APPLE’S NEXT RECALL: 12 “2015 A1534 Macbook logic board failure early, to name a few.

In the same way, he makes about $3 per 1000 views from ads on his YouTube videos. So it’s clear that Louis makes a lot of money from YouTube.

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From Merchandise Sales

Louis also makes a good amount of money from selling merchandise and putting ads on his videos. He is in charge of Rossmann Repair Group, Inc., an online store.

Rossmann Repair Group, Inc. took the picture.

The prices for each piece of merchandise range from $10 to $500. His merchandise includes things like custom-made T-shirts, stickers, hardware parts, prints, and more.

Louis Rossmann also offers services like fixing iPhone screens, getting iPhone data back, fixing Mac laptops, and getting hard drive data back through his site. So, if you add up all of Louis Rossmann’s sources of income, his net worth is around $1 million.