Luke Kidgell

Quick Facts

Full Real Name Luke Kidgell
Nickname Luke
Age (as of 2022) 26 years old
Popular for His standup-comedy
Profession Comedian
Date of Birth March 27, 1996
Education Graduate
School Local School in his hometown
College State College
Place of Birth Melbourne
Gender Male
Sexuality Straight
Net worth $1.8 million USD (approx.)
Nationality Aussie
Ethnicity Aussie
Religion Christianity
Languages English
Zodiac Sign Aries
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YouTube Click Here

Luke Kidgell is a well-known Australian comedian, social media personality, youtuber, businessman, and podcaster (born March 27, 1996; age: 26). He is well-known for hosting the Luke & Lewis podcast. His listeners may always hear his podcast, which features a lot of Luke’s comedic work. Luke is a full-time YouTuber who mostly shares recordings of his stand-up comedy performances and live concerts. More than this, he once made an acting debut in the TV show “Learning With Difficulties.”

Who is Luke Kidgell?

The Australian comedian gained notoriety after his single video, “You Don’t Owe Me,” started trending on Instagram. Luke spread a lot of laughter in this video. Luke doesn’t need to be introduced to any Australians since, thanks to his fantastic comedic performances, he has gained a permanent place in everyone’s heart.

Nearly one million people have watched each of his comedic videos. Every time he attends a live performance, the venue is packed. People adore him, and many now follow him because he is a well-known celebrity.


Luke Kidgell is an Australian citizen who resides in Melbourne, Victoria, according to several sources. He currently has no option to be listed on Wikipedia. Luke is described as being a diligent worker throughout his biography. He has been gifted since he was young. Luke rarely includes information about his education in his bio, but he frequently includes jokes about learning and studying.

Childhood photo of Luke Kidgell(Source: Instagram)

Many of his movies can be seen online and are based on college and school humor. He occasionally includes humor in his videos about the educational system. His comedic performances that reference education, studies, and school indicate that he has had university life experience and may have received his degree from a well-known Australian university.

In the past, he continued to be physically active and ran in a variety of races and marathons. Additionally, he has received medals for competing in several sporting competitions. Furthermore, if we discover anything relevant, we’ll let you know later about his educational background.

Family & Parents

Luke Kidgell and his parents(Source: Instagram)

Luke Kidgell has posted photos and anecdotes on his social media accounts for his friends and coworkers to see. But he never posted anything on his Instagram regarding his family or siblings. Luke seems to enjoy keeping things quiet about his family and relations. In a single interview, he once stated that his brother’s name is Jack Kidgell. However, when we looked into it, we couldn’t locate anything specific on Jack Kidgell.

Relationship Status

Meg Archibald is the woman Luke Kidgell is now seeing. Luke and Meg had been dating for a long time. Both of them initially met in 2019, and like to many other love stories, theirs too started with a typical friendship. Later, a cooperation between Luke and Meg Archibald for the Luke Podcast Luke and Meg was formed. Luke continues to feature Meg Archibald on his podcast. Additionally, she performs alongside Luke for his Patreon page under the name “Luke and Meg.” They are quite close. Meg also attends Luke’s live comedy shows.

Luke Kidgell with his girlfriend(Source: Instagram)

Meg revealed that she is a spiritual leader on his Instagram. She and Luke have made a commitment to one another. Luke was previously dating a woman named Emily before meeting Meg Archibald.

Professional Life

Since 2008, Luke Kidgell has been working as a content creator. He used to upload a funny video on his YouTube channel eight years ago. Luke currently has a sizable fan base on YouTube and also showed talent for both acting and playing the guitar at a young age. He started conducting podcast and YouTube video interviews with a number of Australian celebrities.

In a short period of time, his connections in the entertainment sector grew, and he gained notoriety. Luke later began performing stand-up comedy routines live on stage. He gained reputation in the profession and a nice income from his stand-up comedy.

He continued to advance in this manner, acting and performing comedic roles. Then, he became a global celebrity thanks to his single video, “you don’t own me.” Following the release of this video, he expanded his fan base internationally. And these days, individuals from many nations follow him. He made his acting debut in the TV show “Learning with Difficulties” earlier in 2018.

On his website “,” he also offered T-shirts for sale, making his other profession as a businessperson known to the public.

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Net worth & Source of Income

Luke Kidgell’s career as a comedian has helped him amass a net worth of close to $1.8 million USD. He now has every luxury, small and large, in his home. He didn’t have a good brand automobile before, but today he drives a sports car that he bought with his own money.

Some Interesting Facts

  • Insta-fame Luke made his debut on July 16, 2013.
  • In his school, he used to play football as well.
  • He wrote and directed the one video he has on his YouTube channel, “Manhood.”
  • His YouTube channel often receives around 10k views per video.
  • Luke currently has 221k Instagram followers.
  • On his Instagram bio, he frequently listed the dates of his upcoming shows.
  • He is currently traveling various New Zealand cities.

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