Lyndrea Price

Quick Facts

Full Name Lyndrea Price
Profession Web Designer
Nationality American
Ethnicity African-American
Birth City Beverly Hills, California
Birth Country United States
Father Name Yusef Rasheed
Mother Name Oracene Price
Mother Profession Tennis Coach
Gender Identity Female
Sexual Orientation Straight
Marital Status Relation
Sibilings Yetunde Price, Isha Price, Serena Williams, Venus Williams
Religion Christian
Insta Link Insta Link

Almost all of you might be familiar with the best tennis players of all time, Serena Williams and Venus Williams, but only a few of you might know their half-sister, Lyndrea Price. Lyndrea is currently working as a creative executive for Letzchat, a translation website plugin.

Price was raised in Beverly Hills, California, the United States to Oracene Price and Yusef Rasheed. Moreover, she belongs to African-American ethnicity and holds an American nationality. So, is she married or she is single? Let’s take a glimpse of Price’s personal life.

She was born in 1978, with no birth month or day known about her, but it was in the United States of America. Lyndrea Price is 44 years old as of 2022, no actual birthday was made public about her despite several investigations.

Concerning her private life, there isn’t much that has been made public yet as she does everything possible to keep them all secret.

Although they are few that were let out in the movie called King Richard which was about her sisters Serena Williams and Venus. Her parents are well-known individuals in their community as they had to deal with so much from their neighbors.

The name of her step-father is Richard Dove Williams, he is a former tennis coach and also works per-time to provide for the family.

He is known for being the man who coached his daughters during the starting point of their respective careers. Meanwhile, the name of her biological father is Yusef Rasheed, he wasn’t part of her daughter’s life growing up.

The name of her mother is Oracene Price, who is also known as a former coach to her tennis daughters. She also does other jobs as a Nurse to enable her to provide for the daughters she had with Richard.

Lyndrea Price’s parents are no more together as they got divorced in 2002 over some issues that were not meant public. Although it can be said it was her husband’s extramarital affairs that brought an end to their marriage.

As for Lyndrea’s siblings, she has a lot of them aside from just her sisters whom she shares the same mother with them. She is the elder sister to Serena and Venus Williams alongside others like Isha, and Yetunde, they all have the same mother.

What is the Education Level of Lyndrea ?

Lyndrea Price had a good education during her younger age despite how things were difficult for her mother. She was able to get the best education as a child who grew up with both parents more interested in her younger sibling’s career. Lyndrea was focused on creating a path for herself while she faces her education making sure her parents were proud of her.

There isn’t so much information known as to where she did attend or the names of the schools she passed through. Although they were all done in the United States of America in her community which was close to their home.

Despite how hard many sources have tried to find out more about her education life, it has all proved to be nothing seen. Her private life has been sealed away from the public due to how shy off the cameras she is despite being famous. We can tell you she did have a good education life which must have seen her get a degree at a university in the US.

Lyndrea and Vernon Imani’s relationship

Vernon Imani, a community assistant at American Campus Communities, and Lyndrea Price are dating right now. On May 16, 2016, the pair was first spotted on Instagram attending a gathering with their friends.

Picture of Lyndrea Price and Vernon Imani taking a selfie.
Source: @lyndrea imani on Instagram

Price later shared a photo with a little girl in 2016, which led followers to speculate as to whether or not the kid was her child. She doesn’t, however, mention her child at all.

Despite not being legally married, the sweethearts have been together for a very long period. However, their admirers are eager to see the couple as a married couple.

The First Marriage of Price’s Parents (Oracene & Rasheed)

Oracene Price, the mother of the web designer, wed Yusef Rasheed as her first husband in 1972. The couple was married for seven years before Rasheed’s passing caused their union to dissolve in 1979.

Isha Price, wearing a white dress, is pictured with Lyndrea Price.
Website: Tumblr

Yetunde, Lyndrea, and Isha Price, the former couple’s three lovely children, were born into the world. Isha is a lawyer, and their first daughter, Yetunde Price (1972–2003), had a beauty business and worked as a nurse.


Lyndrea Price is a successful career woman who is known for being a fashion designer, Tv personality, social media influencer, and businessman. Being successful runs in their family just like her sisters who are known all over the world for being the most successful female tennis player.

She started her career in the world of fashion, at was during her younger age while still schooling. She took it seriously to the point she created a small organization that designs clothes for models and fashion shows.

Her status raised when she got a juicy gig to style for Tv personalities and movie stars. That made her gain more prominence in the fashion world as she was the go-to person when you need a perfect job done.

She gained so much at those time which helped her land major deals including being the one who style everyone for their family movie King Richard. She also styled for the popular Tv show titled Game On and many more which were not made public by her.

It was all working well for her career in fashion which placed her name on the map as the best in the business. She is part of the brain behind her sister Venus Williams merchandise named Eleven, she worked as a costume designer and also part owner. She has seen than gone on to venture into other aspects of Tv and more and she is also an influencer on social media.

Most of her works are being advertised on her Instagram account which you can find by searching Lyndrea_imani. Lyndrea Price’s career has been flourishing and it has been a major part of her sister Serena Williams’s success story.

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Her Mother’s Second Marriage with Richard Williams

When Oracene’s first husband passed away in 1979, she was working as a nurse when she met Richard Williams, an American tennis coach. Later, in 1980, the couple got married in Compton, California.

Photo of Serena and Venus Williams with Oracene Price and her ex-husband Richard Williams.
Source: Alter

Soon after, the couple welcomed their first child, Venus Williams (born on 17th June 1980). Serena Williams, their second child, was also shared by them (born on 26th September 1981). High-caliber professional tennis players with numerous Grand Slam victories are both of their daughters.

In 2000, Oracene filed for divorce after 22 years of marriage, alleging irreconcilable differences. By the end of 2000, the court had finally granted them divorce.

What is the Net Worth of Lyndrea Price?

As of 2022, Lyndrea Price’s net worth was $150,000. She works as a web designer and earns a respectable living. The average pay for a web designer in the US is $49,649, according to Pay Scale.

Serena and Lyndrea’s mother went to Africa to help build schools in Senegal as part of their humanitarian activities. The Elton John AIDS Foundation, Great Ormond Street Hospital, and the HollyRod Foundation are just a few of the humanitarian organizations that Venus and Serena support.

Serena Price, Price’s sister, is the ambassador for the Allstate Foundation’s Purple Purse project, which aims to give domestic abuse victims financial empowerment. The Serena Williams Ultimate Fun Run, an annual charity race, was also hosted by her. Through this event, impoverished communities and those in need are given equal access to high-quality youth education.

Currently Working for LetzChat, Inc.

In a significant capacity, Price works as a creative executive for the Los Angeles, California-based translation and location business LetzChat Inc. She also works closely with the CEO, Jordan Orlick, and the lead software engineer, Florian J. Klein.

When the University of California Santa Barbara and the Pacific Coast Business Times held the Startup Village and Innovation Awards, Lyndrea and her business were chosen as the first of 27 startups to present. One firm, LetzChat, was chosen by more than 300 voters to receive the Startup Superstar Award and a plaque as an honor. After reviewing over 120 applications, it was chosen as the first of eight startups for the six-week Startup Boost LA pre-accelerator program.