Lyndsey Marshal

Quick Facts

Name Lyndsey Marshal
Birth Date 16 June, 1978
Age 44
Birth Place Manchester, England
Profession Actress
Marital Status Married
Children 2
Social Media Instagram

Lyndsey Marshal from Inside Man has a spouse and a good career. He also has a fulfilling personal life. Lyndsey Marshal, an English actress who was born on June 16, 1978.

Who is Lyndsey Marshal?

Lyndsey Marshal is most known for her roles in The Hours, Rome on HBO, where she portrayed a recurrent Cleopatra, and Garrow’s Law on BBC, where she played Lady Sarah Hill.

Inside Man’s lethal storyline has been made available to BBC viewers. Lyndsey Marshal is a member of the drama’s impressive cast on BBC One.

David Tennant plays Harry Watling in Inside Man, a sympathetic vicar who imprisons Janice Fife, his son’s math teacher, in his basement. Janice Fife is played by Dolly Wells of Doll & Em.

How old is Lyndsey Marshal?

In the United Kingdom’s Manchester, England, Lyndsey Marshal was born. She was conceived on June 16, 1978. As of 2022, she will be 44 years old.

Where does Lyndsey Marshal completed her education?

Marshal attended Lostock High School and Old Trafford Junior School. Later, she submitted an application to the Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama (W

Who is the husband of Lyndsey Marshal?

Marshal’s lovely and dedicated spouse, whose name has been withheld, and she have been officially married. It is true that the actress is married.

The happy couple was expected to announce their engagement soon, but it appears that they have already tied the knot happily.

The pair is said to have exchanged vows during a quiet morning ceremony at an undisclosed location in front of a small group of their closest friends and family members.

The fact that the couple had dated before getting married was also revealed. We can infer from their apparent closeness that they are surely appreciating their time with their family.

How many kids do the parents have?

Lyndsey is married and has two sons. We do know she has two sons because she discussed them in an interview she gave to the Radio Times in 2018.

I live in Tufnell Park, which is a pleasant area of north London, but there were five stabbings there over Christmas,” the woman stated when discussing her worries about raising her boys in London.

It’s impossible to avoid thinking, “Oh God, should I raise my family outside of London? Or is that trying to flee?

Inside Man on the BBC stars Lyndsey Marshal as Mary,

The BBC’s Inside Man, starring A-list actors Stanley Tucci and David Tennant and penned by Dracula and Doctor Who creator Steven Moffat, is already being praised as the best drama of 2022.

The brutal thriller series has received praise from critics thus far, and those with foresight promised viewers some genuinely fascinating, edge-of-your-seat entertainment.

Despite the fact that not many details have been revealed to the public before the movie’s debut, this just serves to increase the tension. Lyndsey Marshal has consequently played Mary Watling in the drama series.

The BBC drama Crossfire, which had a similar topic and starred the well-liked British actress Keeley Hawes, and was shot in a more tropical setting, is immediately followed by Inside Man.

Inside Man has a big place in the BBC’s Autumn TV schedule in 2022. The first episode premiered on BBC1 on Monday, September 26 at 9:00 p.m.

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Net worth & Source of Income

Marshal’s acting career has brought her enormous wealth. In 2000, she made her on-screen debut in a “Peak Practice” episode. She started working on stage at the same time by playing Olga in “Fireface” at the Royal Court Theatre.

She has been in the business for for two decades, and it is obvious that she has amassed considerable wealth. Above all else, she has received numerous accolades. These have enabled her to raise the value of her basket. She is said to be worth $2 million.


What is Lyndsey Marshal’s net worth?

$2 million.

Where did Lyndsey Marshal get her start?

Manchester, England.

Which year did Lyndsey Marshal get her start?

June 16, 1978.

Lyndsey Marshal: Is She Married?