Madison LeCroy

TV personality Madison LeCroy is well-known for the program Southern Charm. She is the main character and well-known for her on-screen conflict with Craig Conover. She is on good terms with Craig and her companion Paige Desorbo after they were able to patch things up today.

Madison LeCroy, the face of Southern Charm, has fallen in love with Brett Randle. He does not, however, participate in reality shows as his wife LeCroy or Paige and Craig do.

Quick Facts

Birth Date October 6,1990
Full Name Madison LeCroy
Profession Hairstylist, TV Personality
Nationality American
Ethnicity Caucasian
Birth City Greenville, South Carolina
Birth Country USA
Father Name Ted LeCroy
Father Profession Real Estate Broker
Mother Name Tara LeCroy
Mother Profession Beauty Consultant
Gender Identity Female
Sexual Orientation Straight
Horoscope Libra
Marital Status Married
Spouse Brett Randle
No Of Children 1
Height 162 cm
Weight 52 kg
Networth 2000000
Education Studied at Carolina College of Hair Design, Inc.
Insta Link Insta Link

Is Southern Charm Losing Madison LeCroy?

There are rumors that Madison LeCroy is quitting Southern Charm. She is no longer a member of the primary cast of the show, as she had been for many years, which is how the rumor was established. And as a result, fans have created explanations for how that might occur.

A still image of Madison LeCroy from Southern Charm (Source: Bravo YouTube Channel @bravo)

Her spouse Randle is mentioned in one of the fan favorites. As LeCroy herself has stated that her husband won’t be a part of the show, Randle has no interest in acting on television. Few people think her marriage might be the cause of her leaving the show. If this rumor turns out to be accurate or incorrect, only time will tell.

LeCroy studied hair design where?

LeCroy is a hair stylist by trade. And Carolina College of Hair Design, Inc. is where she acquired those skills. She decided to study it, and it paid off because she is now the owner of the popular Maven saloon.

LeCroy is renowned for having excellent hairstyles. She can even cut her own hair, something she has previously done. Randle’s wife can do his hair at home, saving him from having to pay to go to a salon and get it done.

Relationship Status

Madison LeCroy has a man in her life. Brett Randle is her husband. The two walked down the aisle on November 19, 2022. Between close friends and family, the wedding took place in Mexico. There were a total of thirty persons whom LeCroy had invited to her wedding.

Madison LeCroy with her husband, Brett Randle, at their wedding (Source: Madison LeCroy Instagram @madison.lecroy)

Less than a year after being engaged, LeCroy and Randle wed. They got married in October 2021, the same month Peyton Meyer and TAELA got married. It was Randle who made a move. Given that her past marriage didn’t turn out as she had hoped, we must wait and see if their current relationship will last.

What Is The Southern Charm Star’s Net Worth?

Madison LeCroy, the Southern Charm Star, is a wealthy lady. She is comparable to actor Munro Chambers in terms of her estimated net worth of $2 million. Her television career was solely launched by the well-liked Bravo program Southern Charm, which also helped her accumulate wealth.

She also has a business, so the program is not her primary source of revenue. LeCroy is the proprietor of a salon named Maven. She has made a lot of money thanks to the success of The Salon. She makes money by advertising clothing and accessories on LTK. Her additional revenue sources, if any, are still unknown.

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LeCroy has a son, but Randle is not his father

The father of Madison LeCroy’s son is not her husband, Brett Randle. Josh Hughes is his biological father, and he goes by the name Hudson. Her mother and Hudson, who has previously appeared on Southern Charms, get along well. Hudson is a sweet youngster.

Madison LeCroy with her son, Hudson, and her husband, Brett Randle (Source: Madison LeCroy Instagram  @madison.lecroy)

Randle has adopted Hudson as his son despite not being his father. Despite getting a divorce, Hughes and LeCroy are still friendly. He gets along well with the stepfather of his son as well. According to US Magazine, the three even went together to see their son’s football game once.

Parents of LeCroy Work in the Real Estate Industry

Parents of LeCroy are in the real estate industry. She is Tara LeCroy and Ted LeCroy’s daughter. They both make a living off of the properties.

Ted, her father, is employed with LeCroy Real Estate. In addition, he works with Housing Urban Develop and Palmetto Real Estate Trust. Tara spent many years working with LeCroy Real Estate.

In addition to real estate, Tara has worked in the beauty industry. She has experience working as a beauty consultant for Belk and Estee Lauder.

LeCroy was allegedly duped by Austen Hooks

Madison LeCroy had been duped by Austen Hooks. Prior to Randle, LeCroy had a well-known union in Southern Charm with Austen Hooks. However, Hooks allegedly cheated on her after LeCroy discovered him with two women in his flat, thus their romance didn’t last long.

LeCroy continues to assume Hooks cheated on her despite his repeated denials. In response, the blondie with the Southern Charm cheated on Hooks. According to Bravo, she claimed that it appeared to be a hall pass and that she was free to do anything she pleased. It’s reasonable to say that things didn’t end amicably.

LeCroy got rid of her tattoo

Lecroy had already removed a tattoo. She originally mentioned this in a tale she shared on Instagram. According to Bravo, the tattoo she was having removed was a little one on her right wrist. People were curious as to the circumstances surrounding her decision to get it removed. She informed me of her motivations before any strange suspicions started to circulate.

The cause is not really profound. It was a dumb tattoo that the Southern Charm star admitted she had gotten when she was younger. She only wanted a tattoo; there was no significance to it and also had to use a false identity that lied about her age because she was young in order to complete the task. She recognized her error and had it taken out.

Alex Rodriguez and Jennifer Lopez’s breakup was attributed to LeCroy

LeCroy, the star of Southern Charm, was held accountable for the breakup of Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez. Rodriguez, a well-known baseball shortstop, allegedly had an affair with LeCroy while dating the singer of Love Don’t Cost A Thing.

Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez in an interview with Vanity Fair (Source: Vanity Fair YouTube Channel @VanityFair)

J.Lo decided to part ways with Rodriguez despite the fact that it was never confirmed. LeCroy did come clean with the media, denying any connection to the former baseball player. She also admitted that she had spoken to him on the phone, but they had never been romantically involved. However, it did not halt the singer’s online abuse from her admirers.

The Southern Charm Star Has Drawn Criticism for Her Plastic Surgery

LeCroy has undergone plastic surgery, and she has faced backlash for it. LeCroy is not afraid to discuss her surgery, and she is also not afraid to argue with others who have disparaged her without cause, particularly because of the way her body is shaped.

She complained to Brave about how annoying it is for people to believe everything about her figure is the consequence of plastic surgery and also disclosed in the interview that she worked hard in the gym to build the contour of her body rather than spending a fortune on surgery.

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