Mandie Taketa

Quick Facts of Mandie Taketa:

Full Name Mandie Taketa
Height 5.3cm
Nationality American
Date of Birth 1976/3/3
Birth Country America
Birth Place Hawaii,
Horoscope Pisces
Ethnicity Mix Ethicity
Father Name Ronald Taketa
Sexual Orientation straight

Mandie Adell Taketa was born on March 3, 1976, in Hawaii, USA, and was raised by her father and mother. Her dad, Ronald Taketa, is the executive secretary and treasurer at Hawaii Carpenter Union. She grew up with her sister named Kristine Taketa. After her marriage with the singer, comedian, game show host, producer, and TV presenter Wayne Brady, the beauty came to the spotlight.

Wiki about Mandie Taketa: Childhood, Age, and Education

Mandie Adell Taketa was born on March 3, 1976, in Hawaii, United States; her father, Ronald Taketa, is of Japanese heritage. Her mother’s name is unknown, but it is known that she was European and that she passed away in her early 40s. It seems that she become ill in her 30s and used an oxygen tank for around 11 years before she died. Kristie is Mandie’s sister, but there isn’t any other information available about her.

Mandie’s educational history is also unknown, which is unfortunate because it is known that she had a passion for dance and martial arts. After she graduated from high school, she was awarded a full scholarship from the University of Hawaii because of her dancing abilities. You may also like to know about Sarah Ziolkowska

Wayne Brady was Mandie Taketa’s husband.

Prior to deciding to go down the aisle together, Mandie Taketa and Wayne Brady exchanged vows on April 3, 1999; they had been dating for a year.

Taketa ex-spouse and their baby girl.
Photo Source: Instagram

Everything was happy between them, and the Taketa-Brady couple even added a baby daughter to their household. On February 3, 2003, a daughter named Maile Masako Brady was born to them.

Taketa and her husband were content with their life and raising their adorable angel when things started to change, and eventually the two fell out of love. On April 14, 2008, they parted ways, according to TV Show Stars.

The beauty Mandie Taketa is Dating Her Boyfriend Jason

Mandie Taketa is currently seeing her boyfriend, Jason Fordham. She did discover a new person in her life. Brady, her ex-boyfriend, and she remain close friends. Despite their irreconcilable differences, they nonetheless maintain their friendship as best friends. Additionally, she assisted Brady in overcoming his clinical depression.

Taketa, 44, with her current boyfriend, Jason.
Photo Source: Instagram

As of 2020, the general public is very interested in Taketa’s news of her relationship with Brady, Jason, and her kid, Maile. According to Amo Mama, they are all having a good time spending time together during the pandemic.

What is the Net Worth of Mandie Taketa?

For those who were curious about Mandie Taketa’s wealth, let’s break it down: as of 2020, she has an impressive net worth of $2 million.

Taketa’s exceptional financial situation is entirely attributable to her years of professional adversity. She works as a dancer, actress, and body technician professionally. She excels in dance and martial arts, and she also wins gold in flying acrobatics.

Mandie with her ex-husband and daughter.
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She started her acting career back in 2007. Vicky was the character she portrayed in the film Manband. Unfortunately, nothing turned out as planned. That endeavor was a failure and a disaster for the sector. Nevertheless, she got up and carried on. She’s working as an Adell Body Works body technician right now. She’s been employed there since 2003.

Career Start-Up

She practiced cheerleading, gymnastics, and aerobics when she was a student, which helped her dance even more. After graduating, she headed to Los Angeles to pursue a career in Hollywood.

Mandie has tried her hand at a variety of skills, from dancing to acting, fitness, bodybuilding, and production, even if her work isn’t what made her famous. She has worked at Adell Body Works as a body technician since 2003. Mandie has won multiple events as a bodybuilder and fitness instructor, and she also possesses a gold medal from one of many championships as an acrobat and gymnast. Everything Did Productions, which was founded by Mandie in 2011, was first established in 2011.

In the comedy film “Manband! The Movie,” written and produced by Dermott Petty and starring Robert Alesandro, E.E. Bell, and David Bickford, Mandie made her acting debut in 2007 as Vicky. She hasn’t been in the media since, but she did make one appearance in the TV documentary series “Unsung Hollywood,” in a segment about her ex-husband Wayne Brady.


Do Wayne Brady and his ex-wife cohabitate?

Technically, yes, he is because he self-isolated with his daughter Maile, his ex-wife Mandie Taketa, and her boyfriend Jason during the coronavirus quarantine.

Who is the boyfriend of Mandie Taketa?

Mandie Taketa, 44, has a boyfriend named Jason Fordham.

How old is Brady Maile Masako?

Maile Masako Taketa, the daughter of Mandie Taketa and her ex-husband Wayne Brady, will be 17 years old in 2020.