Mar Anne Almosa

Quick Facts:

Celebrity Name Mar Anne Almosa
Popular For Modeling as Instagram star
Profession Instagram star, Model , Actress and Social media Influencer
Estimated Net Worth $1.5 million
Age 23 years old (as of 2021)
Birth Date July 28, 1998
Birth Sign Leo
Birth Place Philippines
Nationality Philippine
Ethnicity Mixed
Height 4 feet 11 inches
Weight 44 kg
Body Measurement Breast Size- 38D/40D
Body Type Lean
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Black

Mar Anne Almosa was born in the Philippines to a Filipino mother and a Lebanese father. She is a young, gorgeous, and popular social media influencer, model, and Instagram star. She was born on July 28, 1998, and her zodiac sign is Leo.

Mar Anne Almosa is an active Instagram model who publishes about her travels and amazing photographs on her pandorakaaki Instagram account. As of 2022, Mar’s current relationship status is Single. There have been no rumors regarding her romantic life, and none of her social media posts provide any indication that she is in a relationship.

Maranne Anne Almoss’s height, weight, and age are all listed below.

Mar is of average height and build. Mar Anne is 59 kg and stands at a height of about 4 feet 11 inches. She has a slim build. She is a twenty-three-year-old model and aspiring celebrity who is well-known on social media as a representation of beauty.

Her hair and eyes are both dark shades of black. The diva is breathtakingly lovely and seductively attractive with her long black hair and gorgeous brown eyes. She has a slender, fit body, which is what a bikini body should look like. She has been featured on many magazine front covers.

Mar Anne Almosa’s Social Media Influencer and Net Worth

Mar Anne Almosa hasn’t disclosed any information about her finances, therefore we don’t know how much money she actually makes. Her true riches hasn’t yet been made public, in fact.

Despite this oddity, someone in the media managed to calculate her net worth. Young YouTuber and Instagram model Anne Almosa (@Pandora Kaaki) reportedly has an astounding net worth of $1 Million  as of February 2022, according to many trustworthy sources.

Mar lives a lavish lifestyle.
Photo Source: Instagram

As a result of the sponsorship and support she received from numerous beauty firms, Anne Almosa was able to create a six-figure wealth. Like any other social media influencer, she makes money by promoting real goods from various businesses.

In addition to all the sponsorships and endorsements, Anne Almosa also makes money through YouTube videos. Yes, she is active on YouTube and regularly uploads mukbang, vlogs, and videos on fashion.

The teenage model, as stated by Celebspodium, serves as a brand ambassador for Luxcent Beauty, a well-known cosmetics line known for utilizing the most recent antioxidant formulation to be trademarked in Japan. You may also like to know about Kathryn Burrhus.


Mar Anne Almosa travels to a lot of far-off places and posts audacious photos on social media, which immediately gained her a following. In 2016, she started sharing photos on Facebook, and she hasn’t stopped since. Currently, she has almost 4 million followers on Instagram. She enjoys a lot of teen popularity.

Mar is a brand ambassador for several clothing companies. She is a bikini model and beauty expert. Also she has defended a number of well-known corporations. She took part in numerous fashion shows.

Mar Anne Almosa is a prominent figure on Instagram and Snapchat. She has a sizable following. And she frequently shares pictures of herself wearing chic attire and modeling on her Instagram.

She has served as a brand ambassador for Luxent Beauty, a website that sells cosmetics made with the newest Japanese-made, patented antioxidant formulation.

Personal interests

Mar Anne Almosa is interested in fashion and way of living. She is a die-hard exercise enthusiast. Mar enjoys exploring new locations and learning new things. She spends her free time making art or relaxing at her preferred beach in Siargao when she is not creating material for social media. She is a devoted movie fan who is well-versed in everything related to Hollywood. Also she has a soft spot for famous actors from Hollywood.

The model is drawn to Canadian actor and producer Keanu Reeves. She has always like Keanu Reeves’ films. Mar-Anne is a huge Disney movie lover as well. Her favorite Disney movie of all time is the 2010 animated feature Tangled. She has seen Tangled almost 30 times. You may also like to know about Le’Veon Bell.

Does Mar Anne Almosa Have a Date?

The thing about Mar Anne Almosa’s love life is that, despite being a social media celebrity who updates her fans on her daily activities, she hasn’t spoken about her personal relationships.

Anne Almosa might be single as of now.
Photo Source: Instagram

You read it correctly; Anne Almosa only posts images and videos of her traveling to far-flung exotic locations. Anyone who might be her lover is nowhere to be seen, despite the fact that she seldom ever shares images of her friends and families.

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It is safe to assume that Anne Almosa is single because she hasn’t revealed any information about her relationship and because a man who qualifies as her lover hasn’t surfaced as of now.

Wiki/Bio of Mar Anne Almosa

Mar Anne Almosa gained notoriety as a teenage Filipino social media sensation. She was born on July 28, 1998, and her ethnicity is Filipino and Lebanese.

Anne Almosa with her mother.
Photo Source: Instagram

Her Lebanese father and Filipino mother reared the Instagram model. Unfortunately, there is no discussion of her parents or siblings because more details remain hidden.


  • Her mother is Filipino and her father is Lebanese in terms of their ethnic origin.
  • Mar Anne is a brand representative for Luxent Beauty.
  • The gorgeous model has a website,, where you can pay $9.95 a month to gain access to her exclusive content and private chat.
  • Mar Anne was ranked on the list of the most popular Instagram celebrities and was featured on the list of the most prominent Filipino celebrities.
  • In April of 2019, Mar Anne traveled to Dubai, the United Arab Emirates for a holiday.

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