Marc Bendavid

Marc Bendavid is a renowned Canadian film actor who is known for his heart-melting acting potential. He is best known as Charlie in the 2017 TV series, How to Buy a Baby. He has acted in twenty of the episodes in this series.

Furthermore, Marc Bendavid has also worked in other blockbuster TV series like Air Crash Investigation, Her Husband’s Betrayal, Hard Rock Medical, and more.

Quick Facts

Birth Date June 10,1982
Full Name Marc Bendavid
Birth Name Marc Bendavid
Profession Actor
Nationality Canadian


Actor Bendavid, who played the Angel of Christmas, had a charming and cozy childhood. His parents raised him and his brothers in Canada. Additionally, he started his education in his hometown.

Marc Bendavid is shown in a photo (credit: @marcbendavid on Instagram).

He was born in Toronto, Ontario, on June 10, 1982. Since his early years, he had a self-assured disposition.

Where is Marc Hometown?

Marc was born in Toronto, as was previously indicated. It is a city in Ontario, Canada, and it is well-known for the CN Tower, its architectural diversity, its cuisines, and its multiracial population.

Speaking of the weather, the summers there are pleasant but not oppressively so, while the winters are chilly and freezing. Canada experiences harsh winters that are both windy and snowy.

Who Are the Parents of Bendavid?

Bendavid was born to a Belgian-Flemish mother and a Moroccan-Jewish father. The actor from The Listener is from a close-knit family, and he adores each and every one of them. His father also gives him a lot of support.

Marc as a Performer

In the year 2007, Marc started working as an actor. And in the film Late Fragment, he made his acting debut. In this film, he played Mike.

He has been working in this field for one and a half decades. He just finished his time with the Reacher team. In this series, he plays Paul Hubble.

The IMDb page

On IMDb, Bendavid has a page with twenty-eight acting credits. He has performed in films, TV shows, and documentaries.

His brief biography, educational background, filmography, and accolades are all included on his IMDb page as well.

Sibling of Bendavid

Bendavid’s sister exists. Their parents raised them all together. But the Elsewhere star hasn’t said what his sister’s name is.

His sister is now successfully married with two children. She is fortunate to have a loving and encouraging family. Her personal and professional information is still hidden, though.

How much is Marc Net worth?

Marc Bendavid’s Net Worth Marc Bendavid is a wealthy actor. His acting career has generated a total net worth of $10 million for him. In addition, he earns more than $100,000 annually.

His salaries, earnings from social media, and other possessions all contribute to his fortune. As a result, the Good Witch actor and his family are enjoying a luxurious lifestyle in Ontario.

What is Marc Education Level?

Marc finished his high school career at Pennsylvania’s Unionville High School.

The National Theatre School of Canada is another. He obtained a performing arts degree there and graduated. He received his diploma in 2004.

What is Marc Relationships Status?

It is discovered that Marc Bendavid is a single man. He has never been in a relationship and is not currently dating anyone. Furthermore, there is no recent information indicating that he has plans for getting engaged or getting married.

Bendavid in Dark Matter

Actor Bendavid, from Summer in the City, appeared in Dark Matter. It is a television show from 2015. In sixteen episodes of this series, he played Jace Corso.

With forty-two minutes of intrigue, drama, and adventure, each episode keeps the viewer entertained. Paul Mullie and Joseph Mallozzi were in charge of this series’ creation.

What is Marc Height and Weight?

Marc Bendavid has beautiful dark black hair and eyes. He has a fair skin and an oval face shape.

Additionally, he weighs 75 kgs and is 5 feet, 11 inches tall (180.3 cm) in height (165.35 lbs).

Is Marc active on Social Media?

On social media sites, Marc Bendavid is well-liked. He has Twitter and Instagram profiles. Furthermore, he has a huge fan base on each of these platforms.

Through his Instagram photos, Bendavid enjoys documenting his daily activities. Additionally, he treats his followers with a lot of respect and values their feedback.


On his Instagram account, Bendavid has more than 12.2k followers. In total, he follows close to 700 users and has posted about 70 times.

Marc’s Twitter handle is @marcbendavid. Similar to this, his biography calls him a “actogardener,” but there is no such word in the English lexicon. Perhaps Bendavid himself came up with the phrase. He works as an actor and somewhat enjoys gardening. He refers to himself as an actogardener as a result.


Additionally, Bendavid has a Twitter account with the same name. He goes by the username @marcbendavid. His biography once more reads actogardener. He currently resides in Los Angeles, California, as stated on his profile.

On Twitter, Marc has more than 6,000 fans that follow him. Additionally, he has sent out 200 tweets in all. April 2014 saw his Twitter debut.

Bendavid is a Proud Uncle

Bendavid loves his sister’s children a lot and is a Proud Uncle Air Crash Investigation actor. His nephews show their uncle far too much affection.

Photograph of Marc Bendavid and his nephew from his Instagram account.

On his Instagram account, Marc frequently posts images of his nephews. He loves being around these youngsters.

In Good Witch

In Good Witch, Marc did a fantastic job. Craig Pryce and Sue Tenney were in charge of its creation as a TV show in 2019. It is a fantasy-infused comedy-drama.

In 31 episodes of this series, Bendavid played Donovan Davenport.

Marc Bendavid: Is He Gay?

Marc is one of the many Hollywood actors who are subject to this type of rumor. After a long career in acting and a lack of girlfriends or romances, Bendavid’s admirers started rumors that he is gay.

Marc, however, has never paid any attention to such rumors. Additionally, he is hard at work developing his profession.

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Movies & TV Series

Abducted on Air star, Bendavid has acted in a total of twenty-nine movies and television series. His works are worth admiring. Some of his masterpieces are presented in the table below:

S.N. Movies & TV Series Roles Released Year
1. Reacher Paul Hubble 2022
2. Abducted on Air Alex Peterson 2020
3. A Rose For Christmas Cliff Baskers 2017
4. Degrassi: The Next Generation Grant Yates 2014
5. Air Crash Investigation Raymond Chalifoux 2007 – 2008
6. Her Husband’s Betrayal Dan Gresham 2013

Is Marc a Pet Lover?

Marc Loves Pets Marc has a deep affection for animals. He has two adorable dogs as pets. He spends his free time playing with his animals. Every morning he walks them, bathes them, and trains them for excellent health.

Picture of Marc Bendavid and his companion taken from Instagram (marcbendavid)

Additionally, he travels with them in his possession. His pets are usually his traveling companions.

The Zodiac of Bendavid

Actor Bendavid, who starred in A Rose For Christmas, was born under the sign of Gemini. People born under this star sign are said to be intelligent, devoted, and opinionated. Most of them have an outgoing personality.

In addition, they never hesitate to take calculated risks in order to accomplish their objectives. They enjoy staying engaged and social.

Marc Bendavid on Wikipedia

Marc is the owner of a Wikipedia page. The website includes information on his life, work, filmography, and other things.

His birth facts, nationality, and educational background are all described in full detail.

What are Marc Interests and Hobbies?

Bendavid enjoys gardening and other outdoor activities. He enjoys embellishing and decorating his garden. Even now, whenever he gets a break from his nephew’s giggles, he spends much of his time with his adorable little plants.

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