Marcia Harvey

Facts of Marcia Harvey

Full Name Marcia Harvey
Height 165cm
Nationality American
Date of Birth 1955/1/22
Birth Country USA
Birth Place Cleveland, Ohio
Horoscope Aquarius
Ethnicity African-American
Sexual Orientation Female

Marcia Harvey is an African-American novelist most known for being the first wife of Steve Harvey, a comedy phenomenon and television show. To know more about her keep scrolling down.

Young adulthood and childhood

On January 22, 1955, Marcia Harvey was born in the United States. She will be 67 years old as of the year 2022. She identifies as American and is of African American descent.

The specifics of her parents and siblings are still a mystery.

Marcia Harvey with her daughter Karli (Source: biography)

Marcia hasn’t shared a lot of information regarding her personal life. Her past is largely confidential. As a result, it is unknown where she studied. You may also like to know about Silvia Navarro.

Status of Relationships

In 1980, Marcia was married to renowned television personality Steve Harvey. Brandi and Karli, twin daughters born in 1982, and Broderick Steven Jr., a son born in 1991, were the couple’s three children.

Marcia Harvey with ex-husband Steve Harvey( Source: Pinterest)

Unfortunately, after 14 years of marriage, they filed for divorce in 1994, citing irreconcilable differences. Marcia didn’t appreciate Steve’s decision to resign from his position. As a result, Steve cut off contact with Marcia and his twin daughters.

They formally ended their relationship in 1994.

But Steve also admitted that his bond with his girls had grown distant. He admitted, “I’m married, and I have twins.” I should be able to support them, but I had to take this chance instead. Later on, they remarked to me,

“Dad, we didn’t know why you left us, but we now understand why you had to go,” they said. You weren’t only ours to keep. You were a part of the planet.

He did regret abandoning his wife and girls, despite having left them to pursue his job. However, they reunited in 2015 for the wedding of their daughter, Karli. In June 2016, Karli gave birth to her daughter. Marcia is a grandma as a result.

Professional Life

One of the successful and diligent authors is Marcia Harvey. She began her profession after divorcing Steve. She began her career twenty years after divorcing Steves.

Marcia: Eyes to the Soul, Harvey’s debut book, was released in collaboration with Xlibris Corporation.

Her book has 51 pages and is further broken down into Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow sections. Her life journey is described in the book. In addition, she stated in an interview that she will shortly release her second book.

This independent woman later launched her own fashion brand and enjoyed a prosperous career. As a single mother, she had to work, care for her three young children, and maintain a steady employment.

Mom three children credit her with inspiring them to achieve great achievement in life because of her loving demeanor.

Marcia: Poems From The Heart (2011) and Marcia: Thoughts From My Mind (2012) are two other books that she later produced (2014).

Steve Harvey and Marcia Harvey’s Married Life

Little is known about Marcia Harvey’s early life other than the fact that she was born into an African-American family. But after starting a job at the department shop Saks Fifth Avenue, she eventually ran into Steve Harvey at a friend’s wedding.

Steve and the author were married from 1980 to 1994. Karli and Brandi, the couple’s identical twin girls, were born on August 20, 1982, and Broderick Harvey Jr., their son, was born on April 29, 1991. Marcia raised his three children alone after Steve left them to pursue a career in comedy.

Steve Harvey With His Third Wife, Marjorie Harvey
Source: The Sun

When their divorce was finally finalized in 1994, the court mandated that he pay Marcia $5100 a month in support payments. Steve, however, made no payment at all. Marcia was required to submit an affidavit to the court as a result.

Once more, it was determined that Steve had neglected to pay child support; he now owed her more than $36,000. Further disclosures in the divorce procedure revealed that Steve had started living with Mary Lee Harvey, his second wife, with whom he has one child, Wynton Harvey, even before his divorce from Marcia was officially finalized. He is currently happily married to Marjorie Harvey, his third wife, and they have three children together: Lori Harvey, Morgan Harvey, and Jason Harvey.

Marcia Harvey with twin daughters, Karli, Brandi, and son, Broderick Harvey Jr. Source: Pinterest

Marcia, on the other hand, later wed Larry Greene and now resides in Cleveland. She has never utilized social media and is a very private person.

What is the Net Worth of Marcia Harvey?

Marcia Harvey’s estimated net worth in 2022 will be about $2.45 million. Similarly, Emily Skinner has a $1.3 Million net worth. Her ex-husband Steve Harvey, on the other hand, is thought to be worth $200 million, according to Celebrity Net Worth. He serves as the CEO of a media empire that publishes books, clothing, radio, and television, among other things.

Marcia Harvey’s estimated fortune is around $2.45 million.
Source: Pinterest

Between June 2017 and June 2018, the actor Harvey amassed $45 million from his several endeavors. His hosting responsibilities for Family Feud account for at least $10 million of his almost $45 million yearly income. His radio hosting duties also generate $20 million in additional revenue.

Real Estate owned by Marcia Harvey’s ex-husband

In February 2018, Steve Harvey and Marjorie Harvey, who is now his wife, leased a sizable home in Beverly Park, a guarded community overlooking Beverly Hills, California. The Harveys were able to negotiate a monthly rent reduction for the owners to $110,000 from the previous asking price of $125,000 for the 12,000 square foot, just under 2 acre home. This translates to annual rent of nearly $1.3 million. At one point in 2007, the mansion was listed for sale for $23.5 million.

Marcia Harvey’s Ex-husband Steve Harvey and his now-wife Marjorie Harvey. Source: Pinterest

Steve Harvey has two homes outside of Los Angeles: a 9,000 square foot estate in Atlanta that he purchased in 2010 for $3.4 million, and a mansion on 4 acres outside of Dallas, Texas. Additionally, in 2013, Steve bought a 5,500 square foot residence on the 88th floor of Trump International in Chicago. He sold the house in 2018 for $7.7 million.

Tyler Perry’s previous Atlanta mansion was purchased by Steve for $15 million in May 2020. The guarded, 35,000 square foot home is situated on 17 acres. Tyler purchased the mansion in 2017, spent millions on repairs, and sold it to an evangelist by the name of David Turner in 2016 for $17.5 million. On the property, Turner seems to be losing $2.5 million.

Career of Marcia Harvey

Marcia Harvey gained notoriety while she was married to Steve Harvey and after their divorce. She was undoubtedly carrying their third child at the time of their divorce in 1994, despite the fact that the details of that split are largely unknown. Marcia eventually filed for divorce in 1993.

Due to her unwavering independence, the celebrity’s ex-wife went on to create her own fashion brand and have a successful career. She has kept her family intact and given her kids a safe and happy upbringing, but she has not shared the specifics of how she did it.

Later in life, the 66-year-old released her first collection of poems under the title “Marcia: Eyes to the Soul,” becoming a published author. In April 2011, she published a memoir about her life before and during her divorce from Steve. She published two more books after the failure of her first one, “Marcia: Poems From The Heart” (2011) and “Marcia: Thoughts From My Mind” (2014).

Career of Marcia Harvey’s ex-husband

On August 2, 2012, Steve Harvey’s 27-year career as a stand-up comic came to an end when he performed his final stand-up routine at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas. Harvey began hosting the “Family Feud” game show in 2010 and is highly regarded as a vivacious and entertaining host, maybe more so than as a comedian. The longest tenure of any previous host of the program was likewise held by him as host.

The actor also serves as the host of the “Celebrity Family Feud” spin-off. He has become well-known in the current day because to YouTube and the innumerable viral videos showing his reactions to “Family Feud” competitors and their incorrect or incorrect replies. He was the first host to receive Daytime Emmy nominations for Outstanding Talk Show Host and Outstanding Game Show Host in 2013.

The performer presided over the 2015 Miss Universe pageant in Las Vegas. He went on to host the Miss Universe pageant in 2016, 2017, and 2018 despite his gaffe, where he declared the first runner-up winner and had to explain a few minutes after she was crowned that he had misread the results.


Marcia’s relationship with Steve was like riding on a roller coaster. There is a rumor, though, that Marcia is already wed to Larry Greene. However, there is no supporting evidence.

Body Dimensions

Marcia has led a fairly sedate existence. Flashing news about her personal life bothers her. She is unknown in terms of her height, weight, and body type. She is tall, though, and has a good body. You may also  like to know about Sicily Rose.