Marcus Rashford

Quick Facts

Full Name Marcus Rashford
Birth Date 31 October 1997
Birth Place Manchester, United Kingdom
Current Residence Manchester, United Kingdom
Nick Name The Prince of England
Religion Christianity (Catholic)
Nationality English
Famous for being Philanthropist, footballer
Ethnicity Black
Education Ashton on Mersey School
Horoscope Scorpio
Father’s Name Robert Rashford
Mother’s Name Melanie Maynard
Siblings Two brothers and two sisters
Age 24 years old
Height 5’11”
Weight 152 lbs
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Black
Build Athletic
Hobbies Listening to music, playing video games, and watching movies
Favorite Destination N/A
Profession Footballer
Marital Status Single
Kids None
Net Worth $80 million/ £65 million
Merch Football wearWall Art
Last Updated September, 2022

English football player Marcus Rashford recently made news after accepting the MBE honor directly from Prince Williams.

He is praised for his football prowess as well as his enormous heart and commitment to giving back to the community.

He made his Manchester United debut by scoring twice on the field. In a similar vein, he scored his first goal for England in the opening three minutes of his maiden international game.

The youthful star of Manchester had a change of fate following an injury that kept him off the field for a couple of months.


Dave Horrocks’ Fletcher Moss Rangers served as Rashford’s first football team, and Dave also served as his first football coach. Marcus first joined the club when he was only five years old.

Marcus was one of those youngsters, in Dave’s memory, who would dedicate every ounce of energy to the field each and every day. Additionally, he claimed that Marcus would nod off as soon as he was driven home from training sessions.

Marcus didn’t play football till he woke up after arriving at home like the other eager beaver kids did.

Early Struggle of Marcus Rashford

Marcus said during a BBC Breakfast interview that his mother had to work multiple jobs to provide for her five children. Marcus was the smallest of the five kids.

Even missing meals, Rashford’s mother made sure the kids had enough food.

Rashford decided not to complain about anything because he knew his mother was giving it all she had.

He was aware that she was making every effort to feed the five hungry mouths on her plate and that being a single mother makes it difficult to do so.

Rashford claimed that as a child, if there wasn’t food on the table, he would often go hungry.

I had friends who could relate to my condition, so perhaps I might drop by their house to acquire some food.

But after he enrolled at the Ashton-on-Mersey School, this was about to change. Being a savvy woman, Rashford’s mum called Manchester United to request that her son be admitted to the football academy.

Marcus Rashford leaving his opponents behind.(Source=Instagram)

United has sent its young players who need to attend school to Mersey School.

Rashford received extra consideration from the club because of his talent and the attraction of the single mother.

Rashford was offered the opportunity to join the team at age 11 even though the entry age was 12. One of the reasons his mother appealed was because she was aware that free meals and accommodation were included in the club’s educational benefits.

How did Marcus Rashford Start His Career?

At the young age of 11, Rashford joined the club and started playing cage football with Ravel Morrison, Paul Pogba, and Jesse Lingard.

Rashford was a player who advanced quickly from the start, and practicing with older club players helped him hone his footballing abilities.

He eventually had the opportunity to train with the Red Devils’ official club players after five years of preparation. He was barely 16 years old at the time.

Following an injury crisis, Marcus Rashford made his Manchester United debut in the 2016–17 campaign. The teenage player scored twice against Arsenal in the Europa League, making a remarkable and noteworthy debut.

Since then, the Englishman has played 183 times for Manchester United in the Premier League and has scored 88 goals for the team. In the 2022 season, he scored 22 goals.

Rashford has also scored 12 goals while representing his nation.

How was the Networth Value of Marcus Rashford?

As part of his agreement with Manchester United, Rashford will receive $250k per week until 2023. His annual pay would be in the neighborhood of £10.4 million, or about $14 million.

Additionally, he makes a sizable amount of money from bonuses and incentives.

Additionally, Marcus Rashford is affiliated with the Nike apparel brand from Germany. He has participated in and given his endorsement to Nike’s marketing initiatives.

Rashford is also the McDonald’s Football Ambassador, but that’s not all. Additionally, he has ties to the video game publisher EA Sports.

Marcus collaborated with them to create the football video game environment.

His net worth is thought to be over $80 million (£65 million), according to the British financial magazine Spear’s. He has given away more than he has, thus theoretically, he is far wealthier than $25 million.

Ronaldo, Rashford, and Fernandes, in the same frame, a deadly trio.(Source=Instagram)

Marcus Rashford as a philanthropist

Rashford is a committed philanthropist who has given more than his own personal income; he is a recognized partner of FareShare.

Additionally, he gave £20 million to the UK’s poor, hungry, and underprivileged areas. His achievement propelled him to the top of the Sunday Times Giving list.

The MBE honor was just presented to Marcus Rashford by Prince William, Duke of Cambridge. Rashford has earned the moniker “the prince of England” for his unwavering dedication to the nation’s citizens and local communities.

The free lunch program started by Rashford has benefited about 1.4 million people. Through this program, it is ensured that no children must spend the holidays going to bed hungry.

His effort received backing from a number of prominent local businesspeople and public figures who donated money and food to the program.

Additionally, a lot of neighborhood establishments in Brighton, Wigan, Middlesbrough, Falmouth, Hull, Hackney, Lincoln, and Liverpool gave the less fortunate kids complimentary lunches.

Most crucially, he persuaded UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson to extend the availability of free school lunches to the whole summer, including the holidays. He expressed his gratitude to the British authorities for heeding his plea and assisting the defenseless children.

The well-known Brooklyn rapper Jay-Z was also immensely pleased of Marcus for carrying out such a noble deed.

Kylian Mbappe, a PSG adversary, complimented Marcus for his unwavering commitment to helping the underprivileged children.

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Rashford’s Free Meal Initiative

He apparently got the idea for the free lunch program while he was sidelined for a few months due to a double-stress fracture in his back.

He had trained his entire life, and now that he was unable to continue, he felt out of place and demotivated. But he refrained from allowing the negative to rule him.

Rashford had always intended to give back to the community, but his busy schedule prevented him from finding the time. It was the ideal time for his unfulfilled longing during this downtime.

His childhood worries surfaced during the off-pitch period when he learned that the schools will soon be closing. Marcus replied, “What are the kids going to eat?”.

Marcus asked, “How are they going to eat if they’re not at school and breakfast clubs are closed?

Rashford reflected on his early experiences and imagined what a lockdown might be like while his mother was working numerous jobs.

He established a program to offer meals for Manchester’s young homeless persons in October 2019, but he was dissatisfied with the program’s scope.

With the goal of helping those in need throughout the UK, Rashford conducted extensive research and learned about Fareshare, a nonprofit organization that provides meals to more than 11,000 communities.

Rashford joined Fareshare at that time and has been a contributing member ever since. He is also shown doing work for the business, putting food boxes into a truck.

Rashford’s future goals

He has already given food to the hungry kids, and now he wants to give them books. Rashford is currently concentrating on the estimated 383,000 kids who do not even have one book at home.

At age 17, Rashford began to read accurately for the first time. Since he began reading, he claimed that it has been like an addiction, and he is unable to stop.

Marcus Rashford understands how those less fortunate children feel on the inside because he has been in their position. One of the key reasons he wants to assist the young people having similar issues to him is because of this.

Marcus does not want anybody else to go through the difficulties he did; he wants the other children to experience childhood the way he wishes he had.

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