Margherita Ronchi

Facts of Margherita Ronchi

Full Name Margherita Ronchi
Height 175cm
Nationality Italian
Date of Birth 1966/7/14
Birth Country Italy
Birth Place Venice
Horoscope Cancer
Sexual Orientation Female

Margherita Ronchi is an Italian runway model who is married to prominent American actor Matthew Fox. She was a well-known model in Italy before her relationship with Fox became public. Keep scrolling down to know more about her lifestyle.

Value of Margherita Ronchi

Italian runway model Margherita Ronchi is also the spouse of well-known American actor Matthew Fox. Several reliable sources claim that she has a net worth of up to $5 million. The main source for Ronchi is her work as a model.

Margherita Ronchi’s net worth is reported to be as high as $5 million.
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Matthew Fox, a well-known American actor with a $20 million fortune, is the wife of the model. According to reports, Lost star Matthew Fox has increased his pay by 50% to approximately $225,000 (£121,000) every episode, solidifying his position as the show’s top draw among the ensemble cast. The new arrangement will enhance Fox’s prior episode payment of $150,000 to $225,000, an increase of up to $75,000.

Career of Margherita Ronchi

Currently, Margherita Ronchi owns a fashion company. Her physique and personality, though, made her a good fit for a modeling career. She had numerous modeling assignments early in her career from regional brands and businesses, and she swiftly rose to fame in Italy. Ronchi gained notoriety by performing on the runway.

Margherita Ronchi’s stature and attitude suited her for a career as a model.
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The artist chose to move to the US and try her luck in Hollywood despite having a promising modeling career in Italy. Margherita worked several jobs to support herself, including one as a waiter in a restaurant. While waiting tables, she met Matthew Fox, the man who would become her husband.

Fox finally won Ronchi over despite her initial reluctance, and the two started dating in 1987. She had to put her career on hold in order to support her hubby and be there for him throughout his career. She left Italy to be with Fox and support him in his professional development. You may also like about Kim Munn

Details on Margherita Ronchi’s connections

Currently, Margherita Ronchi is wed to renowned American actor Matthew Fox. They first met in a restaurant in 1987, when Matthew was still a Columbia University student. Before deciding to get married in August 1992, Ronchi and Fox dated for a considerable amount of time. Since their marriage, she has been seen going to her husband’s sets with him and frequently traveling.

Margherita Ronchi is married to Matthew Fox, a well-known American actor. Source: Pinterest

Their two children are Byron Fox (born in 2001) and Kyle Fox (born in 1998). It was a low point in their enduring connection when stripper Stefani Talbott claimed to be having an affair with Fox. However, a Fox spokesman denied the claims, and Ronchi stood behind her husband and offered her support in refuting Talbott’s claims. The couple now leads a straightforward life in Los Angeles.

Information about Margherita Ronchi:

Margherita Ronchi, who of Italian ancestry, was born in Venice, Italy, on July 14, 1966. Growing up in one of Europe’s fashion hubs, where her mother ran a modeling agency, she developed an early interest in modeling.

Margherita Ronchi was born on July 14, 1966, in Venice, Italy.
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The 55-year-old developed her modeling abilities organically at her mother’s studio, developed a passion for design, and enrolled in multiple relevant top-tier universities. She appears to be about 5 feet 9 inches tall in comparison to her husband, who is approximately 6 feet 2 inches tall.