Maria Duus

Quick Facts

Full Name Maria Duus
First Name Maria
Last Name Duus
Profession Celebrity Fiance
Nationality Danish
Birth Country Denmark
Gender Identity Female
Sexual Orientation Straight
Marital Status Relation
Relation With Yussuf Poulsen
No Of Children 1
Siblings Rasmus Lindberg
Social Media Instagram

Danish professional football player Yussuf Poulsen is dating Maria Duus, a famous person. He plays up front for the Danish national team and Bundesliga club RB Leipzig. Maria was born in Denmark. She is of Danish descent. Danish footballer Yussuf is a well-known and skilled athlete. He is renowned for his excellent on-field play and playing style.

He started off young playing football. Although it is unknown when his youth career began, he finished it in 2011 to pursue his senior year. Even before starting his professional career, in 2010, he started playing for the Danish national teams. On the field, he has consistently demonstrated his abilities, and he has no immediate plans to change that.

Education Background

Maria Duus in Italy(Source: Instagram)

Yussuf places equal priority on education and his football career. He thinks his playing days in football are numbered. As a result, he is working toward earning his high school graduation at the very least. He does a good job of juggling his academic work and sports career.

Relationship Status

Although Maria is not yet wed, she will soon be the football star Yussuf’s wife. In 2015, the two started dating, and they have been together ever since. Through all of his highs and lows, she has always stood by his side and offered support.

Maria Duss with her husband(Source: Instagram)

On September 8, 2019, Yussuf proposed to her by getting down on one knee, and she accepted. The couple also has a kid, whose name has not yet been made public. They wish to raise their boy out of the public eye and give him the opportunity to grow up normally without being photographed.

Why did they connect?

Yussuf and Maria met when they were in the fourth grade at their place of birth in Denmark, though it is unclear when their first contact took place. They first got together in 2015. They started getting closer and are still together now. As time passes, their love for one another gets deeper.

The suggestion

Since Yussuf is passionate about Maria, he picked a romantic location for his proposal. He organized a vacation for the two of them in Santorini, one of the world’s most stunning and romantic locations. Little did she realize she was in for the surprise of her life when he got down on one knee and took out a diamond ring with a stunning sunset vista.

Picture of Maria Duss(Source: Instagram)

He made it seem like an ordinary retreat. The pictures showed Maria, who was already expecting their child, and she looked stunning.

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What motivated him to seek a football career?

Shihe Yurary, Yussuf’s father, had a great passion for football and often wished he could have continued his playing career, which was cut short because to shipping duties and family obligations. He wanted his son to succeed because of this. After his passing, Yussuf made the decision to play football in honor of his late father.

Net worth & Source of Income

Maria’s wealth is a mystery. Yussuf has a 10 million euro net worth.