Marika Sila

Marika Sila, a Canadian actress, is progressing steadily in the business. After playing an Inuk Police officer in the film The Twilight Zone, she gained notoriety.

Marika Sila is a well-known dancer and stunt performer in addition to acting. She is a fantastic and courageous stunt performer who excels at fire stunts, hoop dance, and sword fighting.

Quick Facts

Birth Date March 16,1992
Full Name Marika Sila
Birth Name Marika Sila
Profession Actress/ Stunt Performer
Nationality Canadian
Birth City Yellowknife
Birth Country Canada
Gender Identity Female
Horoscope Pisces
Marital Status Single
Height 176 cm
Weight 64 kg
Net worth 25000
Twitter Link Twitter Link
Instagram Link Insta Link


Marika, an actor from The Twilight Zone, was born on March 18, 1992 in Yellowknife, Northwest Territories, Canada. When she was five years old, her family moved to Canmore, Alberta.

Source: Instagram

She had a lifelong passion for dancing and considered making a career out of it and also eventually realized her childhood dream. She also grew up in a joyful and tranquil environment. Jesse Cockney, Marika’s older brother, is another well-known Olympic cross-country skier. She has not, however, disclosed any information about her parents on any of her social media accounts.

Social Media Activity

Marika Sila, a divorced actress who has a sizable fan base on Instagram and Twitter, is highly active on social media like other celebrities. She is the account holder of two Instagram profiles.

Her official account is @marikasila, where she primarily updates about her personal life, charitable activities, dancing videos, and movies. She has 1,688 posts and more than 180k followers on this account.

Additionally, she shares her stunt performance on her company’s Instagram account, where she has 52 posts and 2,809 followers, using the handle @redpat.

Speaking of her Twitter account, she has a verified profile with the handle @marikasili and is frequently active there, where she has amassed more than 153k followers after posting a total of 2 tweets. However, @thetwilightzone, her second Twitter account, has more than 27,900 followers and 1,056 tweets.

Relationship Status

In terms of Marika Sila’s love life, she is currently single and active in the movement. She has not disclosed any details about her previous relationships or extramarital encounters, and she is neither dating nor married to anyone.

Additionally, she may be concentrating on her acting career, which may be the cause of her single status. Don’t worry, though; if she soon discloses any information about her personal life, we’ll let you know.

Body Measurements

Marika Sila is a stunning woman who weighs roughly 65 kg and stands at a respectable height of 5 feet 8 inches (176 cm). She exudes an extremely endearing and seductive personality.

Her sharp nose, dark brown eyes, and dark brown hair all contribute to her attractiveness and good looks. Most people like her gorgeous body, which is why she is popular.

She has kept up a good physical shape despite being a dancer and actress. Also speaking of her physical measurements, her hips are 35 inches, her waist is 26 inches, and her bust is 35 inches.


Speaking of Marika Tiktok, she is a multi-talented lady who has amassed a big 344.7k followers and more than 4.5 million likes on her verified Tiktok account @thatwarriorprincess.

She frequently uploads videos of herself dancing, acting, and pulling off antics on Tiktok. She is also quite outgoing, enjoys spending time with her friends, and spends her free time on Tiktok.

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Animal lover

Among those who have a great affection and care for pets is the well-known Canadian actress Marika. She consistently conveys affectionate feelings and emotions for animals.

Source: Instagram

Along with her, Marika is raising a dog by the name of Qavvik. In her free time, she used to play with her dog. As @Qavvik, Qavvik has a profile on Instagram. According to the dog’s Instagram bio:

Hey, world! My name is Qavvik, which is Inuit for “Wolverine”! @marikasila is my mother.

On Instagram, he has 24 posts and 2349 followers. The majority of his photos feature his mother Marika. A husky that costs between $975 and $2,500 is the bread dog.

Fitness Addict

Marika is a health-conscious someone who participates in all activities related to fitness, including yoga, the gym, and dance. She frequently uploads images of herself dancing and practicing yoga to her social media accounts.

Additionally, dance and yoga are the subjects of the majority of her Instagram posts. She also offers advice to others on how to maintain their health and strength.

Hobbies and Interests

Lucifer actress Marika is a vivacious individual who likes to be outdoors and spend time with her friends and family. She frequently enjoys taking trips to unfamiliar locations and pulling stunts there.

Source: Instagram

She is also quite interested in learning about other people’s cultures, traditions, and ways of life. She has always been interested in acting and dancing, and she has now made those interests a reality.

Professional Life

Sergeant Yuka Mongoyak was the character that Marika played in her acting debut, The Twilight Zone, in 2019. She had a guest appearance as Justine Trueblood in the fourth episode of the TV show Police Procedural in 2020.

After becoming well-known and building a reputation via her acting profession, she started Redpath Radio in 2021, a podcast where she interviews various celebrities about preserving and disseminating cultural information.

Marika is a talented stuntwoman and a prolific TikToker. Her stunt videos have received millions of likes. At the commencement of the COVID pandemic in 2020, she began posting videos to TikTok.

Marika declared in 2022 that she was doing a documentary about elders and local authorities. What’s Next? will be the title of the documentary. On the Redpath to Reconciliation in Canada.

Redpath Talent: Courageous Groups From Marika

Marika works with BRAVE Education to spread awareness about human trafficking. She and James Jones founded this group, and they put on fantastic performances based on their own stories to educate people about goal-setting, self-love, nutrition, anti-bullying, and the strength of sobriety.

The foundation of Redpath is a person who is dedicated to leading a life of sobriety, respect, friendship, love, and empowerment. It is a journey dedicated to letting go of the past and progressing in the direction of realizing one’s full potential.

Marika’s movies

Lucy the Third actress Marika is a superb stuntwoman in addition to being a superb actress. Her acting is adored by all. Her acting abilities and diligence led to her being cast in numerous films. Here are some of her films, their characters, and the dates of release:

S.N     Movies / TV Series Roles Release Date
1 Lucifer Barfing Girl 2016
2 The Twilight Zone Sergeant Yuka Mongoyak 2019
3 Tribal Justine Trueblood 2020
4 Ditched Melina 2021

Gross Value & Source of Income

Marika Sila has earned a sizable sum of money as a result of the extensive effort she has put into developing her careers as an actress, stunt performer, and humanitarian. She is worth $250,000 in total.

Marika’s successful profession as an actress and stunt performer has given her access to a lot of resources. She also enjoys her job a great deal and leads a luxurious lifestyle. As of right moment, Marika has not disclosed her yearly salary.

She doesn’t, however, own a business or do anything else that makes money for her. The public is not aware of anything regarding her cars, house, or property.

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