Mark Henry

Quick Facts

Name Mark Jerrold Henry
Birthplace Silsbee, Texas, U.S
Birthdate June 12, 1971
Age 51 Years Old
Nationality American
Ethnicity Black
Religion Christian
Father’s Name Ernest Henry
Mother’s Name Barbara Jean
Siblings Pat Henry
Education Silsbee High school
Profession Professional Wrestler
  • The King of the Jungle
  • The Silverback
Height 6 ft. 4 inches (1.93m)
Weight 160 kg (360 lbs)
Body Measurements
  • Chest-66 inches
  • Biceps-22 inches
  • Shoulder-30.5 inches
Neck Size 23 inches
Theme Song Some Bodies Gonna Get It
Shoe Size Not Available
Tattoo(s) Yes
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Black
Trained By
  • Leo Burke
  • Tom Prichard
Zodiac Sign Gemini
Net worth $4.5 Million
Salary $900,000
Signature Moves World’s Strongest Slam
Affiliation WWE
Retired April 27, 2018
Debut March 11, 1996
Gold medals 14
Debuted From SmackDown
Sexual Orientation Straight
Marital status Married
Wife Jana Perry
Children’s Name Jacob Henry, Joanna Henry
Merch T-shirt, Hoodie
Social Media Instagram, Twitter
Last Update July, 2022

Mark Henry is an all-rounder, from the world’s most muscular man to an Olympic weightlifter, and a WWE superstar; he is a pro in all.

Mark Henry is usually known for his aggressive nature in WWE. But you will be shocked to learn that Mark is one soft-spoken person and nothing like his WWE character in real life. But there is no doubt that WWE has made Mark a superstar.

In wrestling, he has also made a good name in weight lifting. He has even represented his country in Olympics.

However, Mark’s way to success was not easy at all, and he had to face a lot of troubles to be in the place he is today. To know how a young boy from a small part of the United States achieved it all, stick with us till the end of this article.

Today, not only will we discuss the career of Mark, but we will also learn more about his early life, love life, net worth, and many more. But first, it is time to have an instant glance at the quick facts of the WWE star Marke Henry.

Mark Henry: Childhood and Education

Mark Jerrold Henry was born in Silsbee, Texas, to Ernest Henry (father) and Barbara Jean (mother). He was born on June 12, 1971, and his birthday is on June 12th.

Henry and his older brother Pat were reared by their mother. Barbara was a single mother because her husband died of diabetes when Henry was twelve years old. Early on, Henry was a major wrestling fan, and Andre the Giant was his idol. He used to go to wrestling matches; Mark even tried to touch Andre’s feet but couldn’t because he stumbled into the barrier.

Henry was diagnosed with dyslexia, or a reading disability, when he was fourteen years old. Furthermore, he attended Silsbee High School, where he set a 600-pound squat record.

The Los Angeles Times dubbed him the world’s most muscular teenager at the age of eighteen. Following that, he won a national high school weightlifting competition and set a world record in early 1990 with 832 pound squats and 2033 pound total weight lifts.

Mark used to be a football player in high school. Due to a knee and wrist injury, he was unable to play the final match of his senior year. As a result, Mark decided not to study after obtaining fewer than 700 points on the SATs and instead focused on his career.

Mark Henry’s Powerlifting Career Career

Mark began powerlifting when he was in fourth grade, and his mother encouraged him in all he did. So, when Mark was just ten years old, she purchased a pair of weights for him to train with.

In 1991, he won the junior United States Tournament, and the following year, he finished fourth in the senior championship. Not surprisingly, Mark had smashed twelve American weightlifting records in just one year of weightlifting.

He qualified for the Olympics at the age of nineteen but was unable to compete due to a back injury. But he never gave up hope, and he won three medals in the Pan American Games with regularity.

After winning the NACAC Championship, he became the uncontested champion of North America, Central America, and the Caribbean Islands. It established him as the world’s most muscular man and the greatest weightlifter.

Unfortunately, Mark’s weightlifting career was cut short when he broke his leg in the 1996 Olympics. But Mark was a stubborn man, and he refused to let his leg get in the way of his dreams, so he made a comeback in 1997 and won the Super Heavyweight Title.

WWE Profession

Mark wanted to try something new after achieving so much in powerlifting. Meanwhile, in 1996, he was signed by WWE. In 1996, he made an impressive debut, and Mark slammed a well-known and popular figure, Jerry Lawler. Later, a match between Lawler and Mark was organized; it was Mark’s debut match, and he won.

In a short period of time, Mark will have the opportunity to team up with Windham, Marc Mero, and Rocky Maivia (The Rock) to compete at Survivor Series against the team of Lawler, Goldust, Hunter Hearst Helmsley, and Crush. Unfortunately, Mark was forced to retire from the game due to an injury, and Jake Roberts took his place.

WWE decided to give Mark a new character as a ladies’ guy to make his presence more entertaining. Mark was dubbed “Sexual Chocolate” at the time. Nonetheless, Mark quickly became everyone’s favorite after that, and he soon began dating fellow WWE superstar Mae Young to spice things up.

Even though Mark was doing well at wrestling, he needed to improve his techniques. As a result, WWE sent him to Ohio Valley Wrestling to hone his skills and expand his ability. When Henry’s mother died in 2000, he decided that instead of focusing on wrestling, he should fulfill his mother’s dream of seeing him as a weightlifter, so he trained to compete in the world’s largest weightlifting competition.

WWE Return

Henry returned to WWE from SmackDown in 2002 after demonstrating great performance in strongman competition. Unfortunately, he had to undergo surgery and depart WWE soon after his recovery.

Henry returned to WWE in 2004 for a WWE Tag Team Championship match, but his quadriceps muscle was torn during an OVW practice session, forcing him to miss the rest of the year.

Henry returned to WWE in 2008, however this time he was drafted to ECW. He had to battle the championship contenders to win the event because the ECW championship was vacant. Henry defeated Big Show and Kane to win the ECW title, making him the third African-American to do so.

He was drafted to Raw again in 2011; at the time, he competed in a battle royal; after defeating twenty contenders, he became the number one contender for the championship. Finally, at Night of Champions, he defeated Randy Orton in the championship match. In addition, he becomes the fifth African-American to win the heavyweight title.

Everything was good until 2012, when he had to undergo a career-threatening surgery. Fortunately, everything went well, and he returned to WWE after a nine-month break. After his return, he faced Ryback at WrestleMania and then retired from wrestling.


However, he returned to SmakeDown in 2015, although he did not achieve much because he was only participating in subpar matches. Mark decided to retire from WWE in 2016 after a year of making a comeback.

On RAW’s 25th anniversary in 2018, Henry was inducted into the Hall of Fame. However, he was still a full-time WWE employee until 2019, but he was working backstage at the time. He even became a mentor, assisting new wrestlers in their training.

Mark is currently working for AEW (All Elite Wrestling), but not as a wrestler, but as a commentator.

Body Measurements by Mark Henry

Mark Henry, the world’s strongest man, stands 6 feet 4 inches tall and weighs approximately 160 kg. To keep his hunger, Henry must follow a strict diet.

Furthermore, he is always altering his appearance; when he began his WWE career, he had long black hair. However, he then trimmed it too short, which looked good on him.

His chest measures approximately 66 inches, his biceps 22 inches, and his shoulder 30.5 inches.

Henry’s Salary

Mark has amassed a sizable fortune throughout the course of his work. Mark is anticipated to have a net worth of $4.5 million and to earn $900,000 per year.

We can undoubtedly claim that Mark has an active life. Aside from that, he receives money from endorsements and ads. Furthermore, he lives in an opulent 4,518-square-foot custom home in Austin that costs around $2 million.

Unfortunately, we don’t know anything about his automobile collection or how he spends his millions of dollars. However, we will notify you as soon as we have any new information.

Personal Life of Mark Henry

Mark Henry is happily married to Jana Henry, with whom he has two children, Jacob Henry and Joanna Henry. Mark enjoys spending time with his family when he is not working.

Henry, on the other hand, prefers to keep his personal life private. So no one knows who Jana is, how long Mark has been with her, or how their relationship has progressed. Everything about his love life is a mystery that has yet to be revealed.

According to accounts, Mark met Jana in 2004, and after a year of dating, they married in 2005. Furthermore, there are no rumors of Mark having marital problems, implying that Ark is happily married and living his best life.

Presence on Social Media

Mark spends a lot of time on social media. He has accounts on both Instagram and Twitter. For his fans and well-wishers, Mark’s social media is a joy to watch.

His Instagram account has 392k followers, and he continues to post pictures there. Similarly, he has approximately 1.3 million Twitter followers.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is Mark Henry coming back to WWE?

For now, no, he is not. He has already started working as a commentator for AEW, but after his contract ends in AEW, which is around mid-2024, he might come back to WWE, but for now, Mark is not going back to WWE.

Did Mark Henry win any medals in Olympics?

No, he did not. He represented his country two times in Olympics in the weightlifting category, but he had to withdraw from the match due to injuries.

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