Marquese Chriss

When one has taken vows in the sports industry, they can expect growth, fame, earnings alongside no privacy, criticism, and anti-fans.

Apparently, it doesn’t matter how great of a player you are and who you came through because a point will fetch you the same amount of distrust from people. Even the rising prospect, Marquese Chriss, faced it!

We all know he came through one of the top recruits, starred in major games, and right in the beginning, he had marked his career. However, he did struggle to a point where he had to question his love and passion for the sport.

Having said this, Chriss is still on his journey, poised and confident. To date, Chriss has featured in teams like Phoenix Suns, Houston Rockets, Cleveland Cavaliers, and Golden State Warriors.

Since his 2016 professional debut, he has served in the National Basketball Association (NBA).

Quick Facts

Full Name Marquese De’Shawn Chriss Jr.
Date of Birth July 2, 1997
Birth Place Sacramento, California
Nick Name None
Religion Christianity
Nationality American
Ethnicity African American
Zodiac Sign  Cancer
Age 25 Years Old
Height 6 feet 9 inches (2.06 meters)
Weight 240 lb (109 kg)
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Black
Build Athletic
Father’s Name Michael Wright (Stepfather)
Mother’s Name Shawntae Wright
Siblings Nine siblings
three elder sisters, two younger sisters, and three younger brothers
Education Pleasant Grove (Elk Grove, California)
University of Washington
Marital Status Unmarried
Girlfriend  None
Profession Basketball Player
Position Power forward / Center
Current Team  Golden State Warriors
Affiliations Phoenix Suns
Houston Rockets
Cleveland Cavaliers
Golden State Warriors
Active Years 2016 – present
Net Worth $5 million
Social Media InstagramTwitter
Merch Rookie Basketball CardAutographed Basketball CardFace MaskRookie Card
Last Update August, 2022

Early Life, Family, and Education | Marquese Chriss

Chriss was born on July 2, 1997, with the sun sign of Cancer (full name Marquese De’Shawn Chriss Jr.). Chriss is the fourth-oldest kid in the family and was born in Sacramento, California.

He also has three younger brothers, two younger sisters, and three elder sisters. They have nine siblings in total.


Chriss’s biological parents unfortunately divorced when he was a little child, thus he hasn’t revealed his biological father’s identity to this point. Anyway, Shawntae Wright, who is currently wed to Michael Wright, is his mother.

The reports claim that Chriss and his stepdad have a good father-son bond. In Placer County, California, Chriss’s mother also holds a clinical social worker license.

Mikey, the younger brother

Chriss and his younger brother Mikey appear to be the closest of all the siblings. In fact, Chriss frequently attributes Mikey, his younger brother, with helping him in his own unique way to deal with his professional challenges.

He wants to be a cool big brother for Mikey, as Chriss described. In fact, Chriss frequently spends time with Mikey in his free time, fulfilling his wishes.

Additionally, they frequently communicate via video games when they are unable to connect in person. Mikey appears to have visited his older brother while playing, and it’s common to observe the sibling relationship in popular culture.

For instance, think back to Chriss’ preseason match in 2019, when Mikey attended with his mother. After the games, Chriss grabbed his brother and gave him a big hug before heading to his locker.

“Since he is my younger brother, I don’t think anything can really set us apart. I want to be a role model for him, someone he can emulate. I’m just going to stand by him in support.
Martquese Chriss

Love first, football

Chriss has always had a strong passion for sports, as is evident from his early years. However, he didn’t immediately think of the NBA or basketball. In actuality, football was his first love in sports, and this love wasn’t irrational.

That’s because he did establish himself as deserving of status in that game, as per his fervor and declaration. Chriss also had excellent abilities to play safety, defensive end, and tight end back in the day.

The years that followed, from grades five to eight, were among the most crucial in his life. In fact, those were the exact years when the table turned his games. His teachers frequently criticized Chriss when he was in fifth and sixth grade.

They had already marked Chriss’ alleged “future” with the fact that he would go to jail. Of course, coming from a teacher, that comment is pretty disturbing. As an eighth grader, Chriss gave up on his dream of playing football.

It was a tragic incident that resulted in Chriss’s broken collarbone. To explain, he landed on his shoulder during a game during his season, and it caught a long pass. He additionally struggled with the wound.

Because of his mother, he was eventually prevented from following his dreams of playing football.

High School

California’s Pleasant Grove High School, located in Elk Grove, graduated Marquese Chriss in 2015. Back in his day, his high school only had varsity and junior varsity teams.

To give an example, they only kept a few roster spots for the team, so a select few were chosen. In actuality, those with experience level were always the ones chosen.

Chriss, on the other hand, had no prior competitive experience. Chriss was ultimately chosen, though (thanks to his energy and the amount of effort he portrayed).

Additionally, Chriss began his career as a reserve player as a rookie. Chriss had already taken a place in the starting line before beginning his plays with the varsity teams, though.

Chriss helped his team to a 28-6 record and a state championship during his time as coach. By the time Chriss graduated from high school, he had received numerous offers from nearby colleges.

Chriss averaged 21.9 points, 11.6 rebounds, and 3.1 blocks per game over the course of his high school career.

Not to mention that he was ranked as the No. 60 prospect by ESPN and, No. 55 by Scout, and No. 56 by Rivals.


Chriss devoted himself to the University of Washington after finishing high school. Chriss decided on it for the news because it affected him because his stepfather lived in Tacoma, Washington.

He reportedly recorded a double-double with a season-high 29 points and 10 rebounds right away with the college. After that, though, he struggled to continue the streak because he frequently committed fouls.

He set a record during the 2015 Battle 4 Atlantis when he committed three straight fouls. After his mother suggested it, Chriss was given access to a sports psychologist who taught him defense without foul.

Indeed, it increased his three-point total and had an effect on his stats for his rookie season. Chriss was also named to the Pac-12 All-Freshmen team for his 13.7 points, 5.4 rebounds, and 1.6 blocks per game averages.

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Marquese Chriss | Work Experience

Chriss made the decision to forgo the remaining three years of his undergraduate studies immediately following his first year at the University of Washington. He then registered for the 2016 NBA Draft.

In the mock draft, he was rated as one of the top prospects. In player comparisons, he also won due to his superior skills and statistics.

Chriss was also carefully scrutinized throughout the draft process until the very end, when he was identified as a potential top 3 draft candidate. Chriss was initially selected by the Sacramento Kings as the eighth player overall in the first round.

He was, however, dealt that night and sent to the Phoenix Suns. Chriss rose to the top 50 rankings overall and was selected in the top 10.

Arizona Suns

Chriss only started competing for the team in the 2016 NBA Summer League after signing a rookie scale contract. Due to his injuries at the time, he only made his team debut on October 26, 2016, against the Sacramento Kings.

On November 8 against the Portland Trail Blazers, he made his first start for the team. He also defeated the New York Knicks while recording his first double-double of his career.

Following his selection as the 2017 Rising Stars Challenge winner, he then recorded his first 20-point performance against the Memphis Grizzlies. Chriss had participated in every one of the team’s 82 games by the end of the period.

He was the only player at the time to do this, therefore. He was also named to the NBA All-Rookie Second Team before his time with the team came to an end.

Chriss returned for the 2017 NBA Summer League even after leaving with the team. During the period, he recorded a career-high 13 rebounds against the Memphis Grizzlies.

In the interim, his hip injury caused his 124-game streak of consecutive wins to come to an end. At the age of 20 years and 213 days following his recovery, he had amassed 100 career steals, three-pointers, and blocks.

Behind LeBron James and Kevin Durant, he was the third-youngest player to ever reach 100 of each.

Various Clubs

The Houston Rockets then acquired Chriss from the Phoenix Suns in exchange for Ryan Anderson and De’Anthony Melton. Chriss, however, suffered an injury shortly after signing.

As a result, he later made his NBA debut against the Portland Trail Blazers. Chriss presented a comprehensive contract, but the Rockets declined to sign the $4 million option for the 2019–20 campaign.

Chriss also lost his contract at the end of the season, making him a free agent.

Chriss’s deal with the Cleveland Cavaliers appears to have been a three-team trade deal that also involved the Rockets and Sacramento Kings. However, it didn’t last long.

Golden State Warriors signed Chriss on October 1, 2019, but he was once more released on January 7, 2020. The Warriors then made room for Damion Lee and a week later they signed Chriss.

They did sign a two-way contract, but it was later changed to a two-year rest-of-season agreement. Chriss is currently traveling to receive injury rehabilitation, which could take some time.

The Warriors disclosed that they had dealt Chriss to the Dallas Mavericks in a 2021 interview. Later on, the basketballer signed a two-year contract with the Mavs worth $3,152,449.

Marquese Chriss | Advanced Stats and Career Stats

Career 258 8.0 4.9 1.1 45.5 28.9 66.7 50.0 13.3 5.7


Marquese Chriss: Career Highlights and Success

Chriss is unquestionably a player who exhibits great athleticism. Often his high screen-and-roll and running dribble hand-offs are well-appreciated in his game. Not to mention his ability to turn defense into offense.

To date, Chriss has maintained an average of 19.1 minutes, 7.6 points, 4.5 rebounds, 42.9% field goal, 29.6% 3-point, and 62.8% free throw per game. Furthermore, Chriss has showcased promising abilities with the teams to date.

Cleveland Cavaliers \sMarquese Chriss Showing his Tattoos in his Cleveland Cavaliers Jersey (Source: Instagram)

Some of his achievements to date are presented below.

  • NBA All-Rookie Second Team (2017)
  • 2017 Rising Stars Challenge
  • Western Conference Rookie of the Month (January 2017)

Following it, Chriss had his hip strained on January 7, 2018, which missed him out of the match against the Houston Rockets.

Also, it was the same injury that ended his 124 consecutive games streak. During his tenure, he missed six games in total.

At the same time, he suffered from sprained left ankle; however, it didn’t cause him much trouble. Likewise, he suffered from hip injuries during his trade to the Houston Rockets.

On October 16, 2018, Chriss missed out f

Chriss is on his way to recovery (Instagram as a source)

ive games in total due to his sprained left ankle, which even troubled him later in the year. Later, he had soreness in his leg in October 2019.

Talking about it, recently, on December 26, 2020, he broke his right leg and missed out on the rest of the season.

“When it happened, it was weird. I’ve never got into shock in my life. I was laughing, thinking I was OK. Thus, I thought I just rolled my ankle or whatever.”
Martquese Chriss

Update on Broken Leg

Chriss suffered that injury at Chicago’s Bulls’ practice facility during the team’s practice. To illustrate, he suffered a right syndesmosis ankle injury with a fibular fracture.

Therefore, Chriss underwent surgery at Kaiser Permanente Medical Center in San Francisco. After successful surgery, Chriss is undergoing rehabilitation for his recovery.

Even though he couldn’t play, he is often seen suggesting and helping his teammates out for the time being.

Marquese Chriss | Net Worth, Salary, and Contracts
Marquese Chriss enjoys a net worth of $5 million with an average salary of $1,239,236. Furthermore, his Warriors contract today is worth $2,478,471.

To date, Chriss has been able to mark his spot in the industry and, therefore, endorses many brands.

For instance, he gained a multi-year footwear and apparel endorsement deal with Nike right at the beginning of his professional career.

Later, he was also reported to be endorsing the Chinese sportswear company Anta. As a matter of fact, Chriss also has his custom-made signature crocs. Indeed, Chriss shares much more love for crocs than he does for converse.

Marquese Chriss | Personal Life

Chriss is quite interested in baking and takes it as a hobby. Currently, he is in love with baking pie cookies after discovering it on Snapchat. Apparently, he makes it with cookie dough, forming it into a giant cookie and putting ice cream on it.

Additionally, he is obsessed with pizookies, often suggesting to check out Oreganos, a local pizza chain famous for its pizookies.


Glancing onto his private section of life, Chriss seems to be single as he hasn’t openly talked about his relationships. Furthermore, he also has no uploads that may hint at it.

However, we can’t conclude with just it as Chriss had openly shared his status in the past. Chriss has never been shy to share his life in public; he had even opened up about his tweet about his ex-girlfriend.

Besides, back in the days, he was open about how he wanted to be in a relationship; however, in 2014, he wasn’t into it.

All in all, it won’t be a surprise to know if he is dating anyone. Furthermore, he lives in a beautiful house in California and is enjoying his life.

Marquese Chriss | Social Media Presence

You can check out his social media accounts for a personal touch with the athlete. His Instagram handle goes by his real name Marquese Chriss (@quese), currently having 140k followers.

Similarly, his Twitter handle depicts his real name Marquese Chriss (@quese), which has 30.4k followers.

Marquese Chriss | FAQs

What is the jersey number of Marquese Chriss?

Marquese Chriss features in jersey number 32 for the Golden State Warriors.

What are some of Marquese Chriss’ best dunks?

Some of his best dunks were in a game against the Bucks, where he scored 27 points. You can also find some of his best dunks in a game against the Heats where he dropped 24 points and in a game against the Nets where he scored 23 points.

What draft class is Marquese Chriss?

He is from the 2016 draft class, where he was selected in the first round and was the eighth pick overall.

How many tattoos does Marquese Chriss have?

The basketballer’s body is covered with tattoos. However, we are not sure about the number of tattoos on his body. Nevertheless, the player has revealed that his tattoos are a “reflection of who he is and where he’s been.”

What is the wingspan of Marquese Chriss?

Marquese Chriss has a wingspan of 7′ 0.25″ with a standing reach of 8′ 9″.