Marty Hurney

 Quick Facts

Full Name Marty Hurney
Date Of Birth December 20, 1955
Place Of Birth Wheaton, Maryland
Nick/Pet Name Not known
Religion Not known
Nationality American
Ethnic Belonging Caucasian
Father’s Name Not Known
Mother’s Name Not Known
Number Of Siblings Not known
Education Catholic University
Zodiac Sign Sagittarius
Age 66 years old
Height ‎Not available
Weight Not available
Eye color Blue
Hair color Grey
Shoe Size Unavailable
Body Measurement Not Known
Figure Not Known
Marital Status Divorced
Girlfriend Not Known
Children 1 (Joe Hurney)
Occupation Executive vice president of football
Net worth Two Million Dollars
Salary One Million Dollar
Active Since 1990
Pets Not Available
Current works Washington Football Team
Social Handle TwitterInstagram
Carolina Panthers’ Merch JerseyShoesApparel
Last Update July, 2022

Marty Hurney, an executive for the National Football League’s Washington Football Team, is not a new name in American football (NFL).His journey took several fascinating detours, and he even encountered a significant legal problem.Prior to going deep and learning details about Marty. Let’s take a tour and look at some basic facts.

What is the Marty Hurney age, height, and physical characteristics?

He was born on December 20, 1955, which means that in 2022 he will be 66 years old.Hurney is medium-weight and quite slight in stature compared to the guys he oversees on a daily basis.

Unfortunately, his height and weight are not yet available; but, as soon as they are, we will update.At this age, most people suffer with weight problems, yet Marty has kept himself in excellent shape.He seems to watch what he eats, thus his diet must hold the key to this. However, nutrition alone won’t be effective unless he also exercises.

To be what Marty is today, a healthy sleep pattern, food, and moderate exercise must have been included.

He frequently alters his appearance, going from black to blonde and back again. Even though they both appear to fit equally well, Marty stands out more than the others because to his black hair and outfit.With his sweet grin and lively demeanor, he exudes a really warm personality. Hurney also has a stunning pair of blue eyes.

Is Marty Always on Time in Fashion?

Marty rarely appears in casual clothing; instead, he typically dons strict, clean-cut formal dress. Additionally, he typically wears traditional and distinctive shades.

Hurney, a Sagittarius by birth, exhibits the majority of the characteristics associated with the sign. Some of these include having optimism, valuing freedom, being humorous, open-minded, honest, and intellectual.

Marty on Ground

But as everyone acknowledges, there are some negative aspects among the positive. They are also infamous for being impolite and speaking in a crude manner.

How was  Hurney Childhood?

Hurney was raised in Wheaton, Maryland, where he was born. Unfortunately, there is no information available regarding his parents; but, as soon as we do, we will update this page.

Although Marty’s parents’ identities are unknown, they must be highly devoted to, watchful of, and supportive of him.

Hurney must have enjoyed watching shows like The Magic Cottage, Mickey Mouse, Captain Kangaroo, and The Howdy Doody Show since growing up in the 1950s had an impact on him.

Hurney attended the high school called Our Lady of Good Counsel.It is a coeducational, formal, college-preparatory high school in Olney, Maryland. It is located in the Washington Archdiocese of the Roman Catholic Church.

How is The Professional Career of Marty Hurney?

Hurney began his career as a sports reporter for The Washington Star before the size of the newspaper doubled.After that, he started working for the Redskins and Times of the same publication under Washington as a beat reporter.

Marty gradually took over the San Diego Chargers’ public relations and followed the general manager of the publication there.

He also quickly completed organizational tasks like creating internal divisions and overseeing player contracts and consultations.Hurney made the decision to work as the director of football administration for the Carolina Panthers in 1998. In another season, though, he was promoted to director of player operations.

Marty was given the opportunity to become the Panthers’ general manager in 2002 because of his outstanding administrative skills.Hurney was responsible for actively managing the company for ten long years. But in 2012, the club abruptly let him go.Marty was fired for the reason that he was ‘old school’ and not very logical or data-driven.

He was later rehired by the Panthers to serve as the team’s acting General Manager. His tenure with the Panthers was seriously jeopardized when they once more put him on paid leave to look into his behavior.

How is the Hurney Relationship with the Panthers ?

Whether Hurney violated the league’s private behavior rules was the subject of the investigation. Later on in same month, the club restored him; no sign-off was made.

He was hired by the Panthers as their full-time general manager, but was let go again in 2020. The Panthers let him go before his contract, which was slated to end in June 2021.

His overall record as general manager and director of player operations is 107-133, which includes a 5-3 playoffs record during a period starting in 1998, continuing through 2012, and then again from 2018 to 2020.

Commanders / Washington Football Team

The Washington football team hired Marty as their executive vice president of football for player personnel after long years and ongoing turmoil with the Panthers. He joined the group on January 22, 2021.

Hurney acquired an ESPN radio affiliate after being sacked by the Panthers in 2012. Suddenly, while he was broadcasting a live show, a car crashed.

What is the Salary & Net Worth of  Hurney?

There is no doubt that this individual makes a solid living for himself because he is an experienced employee.Marty also owns a radio office, and his main source of revenue is from all the administrative work he undertakes.

Marty Hurney Working with Panthers

With a salary of more than $1 million, the executive vice president’s net worth is estimated to be around $2 millionHe might also earn money via investments, stocks, and rents, for example. Whatever it is, there is no doubt that this large guy has amassed a fortune over his life.

Personal life and controversy of Marty Hurney

Twenty years ago, Hurney married his wonderful wife Jeanne Hurney. Joe Hurney is the name of their son, who they also share.

These two soul mates got married on January 23, 1988, and Mrs. Hurney changed her name from Ms. Muraco.

In a similar vein, Joe will be 26 years old in 2022. He received his high school diploma from Charlotte Catholic. Since his senior year of high school, Junior Hurney has participated in the sport of football.

Even though he received numerous offers from Ivy League schools, he plays for the University of San Diego. Industrial Engineering is Joe’s second major.

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Hurney Marriage & Divorce life

The Hurneys divorced in 2014, but Marty was accused of harassment and domestic abuse by his ex-wife Jeanne.

Even though Jeanne sought an immediate protective order from the court against her ex-husband, the request was rejected.Ultimately, the Judge ruled that there was no proof Marty had engaged in domestic abuse, but the NFL was still looking into the matter.

Jeanne also claimed that her ex-husband was extremely aggressive and controlling, although she has since withdrew that accusation.NFL also decided not to press charges against Marty because the judge established his innocence.

The social media presence of Marty Hurney

Hurney is not a frequent user of social media. However, we did come across some intriguing hashtags in relation to Hurney.

Marty Hurney | FAQs

Did he put pressure on his wife to withdraw her complaint against him?

There is no known evidence that Marty uses any power or tried blackmailing his ex-wife Jeanne to remove her allegations against him.

On the contrary, the judicial system proved his innocence by investigating all the matters thoroughly.

Does Hurney smoke or drink?

It is not clear whether Hurney is a smoker or not, but as a self-aware person himself, it must be that he limits these intakes.

Similarly Marty might drink a few times depending upon the event, as everyone seems to enjoy drinking, but there is no proof that Hurney is a chain smoker or a heavy drinker.

Who was Hurney replaced after being fired by the Panthers?

After Hurney was fired from the Panthers, four candidates were selected for the replacement. The Panther selected Scott Fitterer as the general manager on January 14, 2021.