Max Crumm

Max Crumm is a famous American versatile actor. He is well known for his role as David in the TV series Emergence. Crumm is also famous for performing on the Broadway stage.

Max Crumm was born on October 8, 1985, in Pasadena, California, The United States of America. He is very famous for his other role as a Stevie in the TV series Deception. He is also a famous director and writer.

Quick Facts

Birth Date October 8,1985
Full Name Max Crumm
Profession Actor
Nationality American
Birth City Pasadena, California


Crumm grew up in his hometown, where he was raised and lived with his family. He grew up with a lot of love and care under his parents’ supervision.

Furthermore, he dislikes sharing personal information on social media platforms. He also hasn’t shared any information about his parents or their occupations on any social media platforms. He has also avoided disclosing any information about his siblings.

Crumm grew up in his hometown, where he was born and lived with his family and brothers. On any social media platforms, the composer Crumm has not shared any information about his early life or his childhood lifestyle.

Since his boyhood, he has been a hardworking individual who has always had a passion for performing and singing.

What is Max  height and Weight?

Max Crumm is a physically fit actor who is quite beautiful. With his brown eyes and black hair, he has a really handsome appearance.

(Image courtesy of Max Crumm’s Instagram account, @maxcrumm)

He stands roughly 5’11” (180cm) tall and weighs around 70kg (154 lbs). He is quite concerned about his health. As an actor, he is very conscious of his physical appearance. He goes to the gym on a daily basis for his health.

What is Max Education Level?

It Could Be Worse actor Aedimac Qualification Crumm is a dedicated, well-educated, and well-trained individual. He is a regular participant in several of his college’s events and theatrical plays.

His lower schooling, on the other hand, is unknown. But, when it comes to his high school education, he graduated from Desert Vista High School, a public high school in the Ahwatukee neighborhood of Phoenix, Arizona.

He also enrolled in the American Academy of Dramatic Arts, a private performing arts academy, after graduating from high school. Crumm then finished his schooling and training and began his professional career.

What is Max Relationship Status?

Max Crumm is a happily married man who lives with his parents and siblings. He is solely focused on his job and has never been married or engaged.

He had a connection with a gorgeous girl in the past, but her identity was never released on any of his social media accounts. Crumm, like other celebrities, prefers to keep his personal and romantic lives secret.

Who is Max Close friend?

Laura Osnes is a well-known American actress and vocalist who has performed on Broadway. She was born in Burnsville, Minnesota, in the United States of America, on November 19, 1985.

Max Crumm with a friend (photo courtesy of @maxcrumm on Instagram).

Crumm and Laura Osnes met on the Broadway stage while performing their shows. They were excellent buddies after a while. And they have always performed performances together, and as a result, many people have assumed that they are dating. They later clarify that they are merely excellent friends and not lovers.

Crumm rose to prominence after collaborating with actress Laura on the Broadway stage. They win the show Grease and appear together on the Broadway stage as the winners.

How much money did Langston make?

As we all know, Max Crumm is a successful TV and movie actor, therefore acting is his main source of income. His acting profession has brought him a lot of money.

However, finding Langston’s monthly income or contracts with some of the producing firms is a little tough. Crumm’s entire net worth, however, is believed to be around $1.5 million at the age of 37. He appears to live in a nice home based on his entire net worth.

Crumm, who starred in the film Putting Pillows on the Bed, has also appeared in a number of short films. White Wine Couple, A Fuchsia Elephant, Green Tea, Did You Have Some of My Peanut Butter?, A Fuchsia Elephant, and more. He puts in a lot of effort at work.

In addition, as an actor, he has played a variety of parts in many television series. Emergence, Ray Donovan, Deception, Wallflowers, It Could Be Worse, and others are just a few examples. In addition to performing, he also produced some of the short films and television programs in which he appeared.

Green Tea!, Putting Pillows on the Bed, Did You Have Some of My Peanut Butter, Zen Jen, and other short films were written and directed by him.

As a Composer

Crumm is a notable music composer as well as a writer, actor, and director from the United States. During his acting career, he composed a lot of music and sung a lot of songs for the films he was in.

Crumm wrote the original soundtrack for the short film Putting Pillows on the Bed, in which he played Jeremiah Jumpsalot to tremendous success. He also composed a soundtrack for the television show The 62nd Annual Tony Awards.

What are  Max Hobbies and interests?

Crumm is a person who enjoys being active and spending time outside. He cherishes the time he spends with his friends and family. He enjoys going on vacations. Badminton and football are his favorite outdoor sports.

In addition, he enjoys watching movies and TV shows in the evenings. Crumm has also volunteered at a number of animal shelters because he is a big animal lover. He enjoys taking photographs of nature.

Lover of Animals

Crumm, who plays A Fuchsia Elephant, is one of those people who adores and cares deeply for pets. He always expresses nice feelings and emotions toward animals.

Max Crumm with his adorable puppy (photo courtesy of @maxcrumm on Instagram).

With him, Max is also rearing a male dog. It has a chocolate body that makes it look extremely attractive. Max used to spend his free time playing with his dog because he is not married and has no children. However, he has yet to announce the name of his dog.

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Profile on IMDb

Parker Crumm, the character played by Ray Donovan, has an IMDb page with eighteen acting credits. He also has four credits as a writer and one as a Soundtrack composer.

His page also includes a brief biography, achievements, nominations, and other personal information. He is credited as a director, editor, music department, self, and composer for the remaining credits.


Crumm has never been involved in any rumors or scandals. He prefers to avoid all unnecessary attention, which is why there are now no rumors about him.

Crumm likewise maintains his personal life private, with few facts about his family and personal life revealed. He is also naturally humble, making him a rumor-free personality.

Social Media Presence

Max Crumm can be found on a variety of social media channels. On Instagram and Twitter, he is more active. On Facebook, there is no recognized official user account with his name.

However, there are other accounts with his name on Facebook, which may have been made by his supporters.

Crumm has a large Instagram following, with over 9.5 thousand followers. @maxcrumm is his Twitter handle. The majority of his posts are from his film sets and personal life. He enjoys posting images of his group to his Instagram account.

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