Max Fried

A young, motivated, ambitious, and visionary man who knew what he wanted from his life. He knew you have to struggle to achieve success in your life, and he did.

Max Fried is a professional American baseball player. At a very early age, he has managed to gain a lot of fame. As it is said, “It always seems impossible until it’s done.” Likewise, Max Fried never thought he would be popular someday.

He kept on dreaming; he used to practice really hard every day. From his early childhood, he was very interested in sports.

That love for sports he had back then made him a great athlete today. Max Fried has become an inspiration to a lot of young people.

Despite having a normal family background and average childhood, he managed to have his own identity. This is why he is considered an inspiration and a role model.

Indeed, “You have to fight through some bad days to earn the best days of your life.” Max also might have faced a lot of troubles in the beginning.

But what is important is that he overcome them all and made his own path to success. Now, we dive into the life of Max Fried.

Likewise, we will discuss his childhood, education, career, net worth, and relationship status. For now, let us have a glance at quick facts.

Quick Facts:

Full Name Max Dorian Fried
Birth Place Santa Monica, California, U.S.
Birth Date January 18, 1994
Nick Name Max Fried
Religion Jewish
Nationality American
Ethnicity White
Education Montclair College Pre-School, Harvard Westland School
Horoscope Capricorn
Father’s Name Jonathan Fried
Mother’s Name Carrie Fried
Siblings 2
Age 28 years old
Height 6 ft. 4 inches
Weight 86 kg
Hair Colour Dark Brown
Eye Colour Dark Brown
Annual Salary $565,000
Marital Status Unmarried
Children No
Profession Baseball Player (MLB)
Net Worth $9 million
Current Team Atlanta Braves
Position Pitcher
Jersey number #54 (Atlanta Braves)
Affiliations MLB
MLB debut 8 August 2017
Win-loss record 26-11
Earned run average 3.52
Strike Outs 289
Social Media Instagram, Twitter
Merch Baseball Card, Autographs
Last Update July, 2022

Wiki bio of Max Fried: Childhood, Parents, and Education

Max Dorias Fried was born in Santa Monica, California, on January 18, 1994. His parents are Carrie Fried and Jonathan Fried (mother).

Max is his parents’ middle kid. Baseball pitcher Jack Fried, his youngest sibling, was born after him. Additionally, he was born an American citizen. In addition, his birth chart indicates that he is a Capricorn.

Likewise, according to his horoscope, he is devoted, driven, and unwavering. He truly has a strong commitment to his work and is driven to give each game his all.

According to his horoscope, he is an intelligent, devoted, and ambitious Capricorn. He embodies pragmatism, extreme modesty, and self-love.

Because athletes must maintain physically fit and healthy bodies, self-love is essential. He did attend Montclair College Preparatory School, though, as far as we know. Also, He participated in football, basketball, and baseball while still in high school.

He also competed for the Maccabiah Games team that won gold in junior baseball in 2009. At Encino Little League, Max and his brother Jake participated in Little League Baseball.

Max Fried | Height, Weight, and Age

Max Fried is 28 years old at the time this is being written. He is still single despite leading the life of his dreams. His birthday is on January 18, right after the start of the new year.

Likewise, we would like to emphasize that he has a strong sense of purpose. He is aware of what he wants out of life. Max is aware of his life goals for the next ten years. He already has plans in place for everything.

Max is the MLB’s most eligible bachelor because he is just under 30 years old. He is gentle spoken and endearing in personality.

Everyone in MLB admires him for his modesty and charity. Speaking of heights, pitcher is an astounding 6 feet 4 inches tall, which is regarded as a great height for a player.

He must constantly take care of his body because he has a strong personality and a physically fit body. He weighs about 86 kg and follows a strict diet to maintain a fit and healthy body.

His lovely dark brown eyes and dark brown hair would complete his physical image.

Baseball pitcher Max Fried Carrer

His upbringing was straightforward, and he and his Jewish parents led an ordinary life. and had a lifelong passion with athletics. He has always been a Dodgers supporter.

He recalls his father telling him many tales as a child about the Dodgers. Then, when Max was 4 years old, he first met Reggie Smith, who later served as his mentor.

“I was able to kind of gain…. my baseball knowledge from Reggie from an early age,” Because he is a left-hand pitcher, famous Koufax was Fried’s idol growing up. As a result, Max found it simple to relate to him.

Fried discussed the renowned Jewish athlete in a news interview.

He claimed that the more success he experienced as a child, the more the Jewish community talked about Sandy Koufax. Being left-handed and raised in Los Angeles, I ultimately began to look up to him. He was obviously older than me. But I made an effort to always follow him. And rather than being a fantastic pitcher, all I ever heard about him was about how wonderful a person he was.

Max also admired the fact that in addition to being a good player, Koufax was also a wonderful person. Max always aspired to be like Koufax for this reason. When Max was a child and in high school, he developed a love for Clayton Kershaw (Current Dodgers pitcher).

He started his career in this way because he was motivated by other players and aspired to be like them.

Padres of San Diego

He was chosen by the San Diego Padres with the seventh overall pick in the first round of the 2012 Major League Baseball Draft. Fried joined the Arizona League Padres in 2012 and played there the entire season. Max was one of the top left-handed pitchers available in the high school drafts, according to Baseball America. In 2014, he was regarded as the Padres’ best pitching prospect.

In the first half of the game, Max tosses the ball at 93-94 mph, and by the second half, he is throwing the ball at 96-97 mph. MLB placed him eighth among Braves players.

Max had an injury afterwards and couldn’t begin the season until July. He underwent surgery in August, which caused him to miss the rest of the 2014 campaign.

Georgia Braves

In 2017, Max Fried signed with the Atlanta Braves, and he is still playing for them now. On August 8, 2017, he made his MLB debut for the Atlanta Braves.

There, he has a stellar playing history. Fried has a run average of 3.52 and 26 victories. He competed against the Dodgers as well.

And He describes it as a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. He has made significant professional advancements after signing with the Atlanta Braves.

He won 17 games in 2019, which was second-most in the National League, and 7 games in 2020, which was also second-most.

The regular seasons, however, were cut short as a result of COVID. Despite having an ailing ankle, he only allowed 2 home runs.

Everyone has had a difficult year in 2020, even Max Fried. The second-lowest number of home runs in his career are his two.

The lowest batting average (0.209), lowest line drive percentage (19.5%), and lowest fly ball percentage were also provided by him (27.5 percent ).

But the reason is that no games are being played. Max has started practicing again after a lengthy hiatus caused by COVID. He is taking all necessary safety measures.

Additionally, he is attempting to adjust to the new normal. He is putting up his best effort and practicing a lot to establish himself. and take back his place.

Not to mention, Fried became the first pitcher for the Braves since 2003 to win the Gold Glove. Mike Hampton won it in 2003. In its 28-year history, Atlanta Pitcher has won 12 Gold Globes.

On the MLB website, you can find the most recent news, fantasy information, splits, postseason data, and a lot more on Max Fried.

Max Fried | Career Stats and Scouting Reports

Career Stats


Max Fried’s earnings and net worth

Baseball pitcher Fried is a well-known player. The pitcher has been able to build up a sizeable net worth despite just being in the sports industry for a short while.

He makes most of his money playing baseball. As of 2022, “It is estimated that Max Fried is worth $9 million.” According to his one-year deal, he makes $2 million every year. It is expected that he earns $565,000 each year.

Unfortunately, there is currently no information available regarding the size of his contract with his baseball team. There are no costs to Max’s family because he is not married. He is working hard and earning a lot of money.

Likewise, he is currently content with his life and is frequently spotted traveling with his buddies. He keeps his pay a secret and doesn’t reveal much about how he uses it.

On the Fangraphs website, you can find the most recent news, career statistics, game logs, play logs, season data, and a lot more details on Max Fried.

Personal Life of Max Fried: Girlfriend and Children

Regarding Max’s personal life, many people were curious as to whether the gifted baseball player was in a relationship or was still single.

Guys, we’re here to let you know that Max is not wed and is content with his alleged girlfriend Rose Lavelle. Due to his annual income of millions, he lives a luxury lifestyle.

Max doesn’t want his personal life to be made public because he is a celebrity and everyone wants to flaunt themselves in front of the world. He is a reserved individual.

Max loves collecting cars, though, and he owns a wide range of vehicles, according to a number of sources. In addition, he enjoys traveling and has visited many locations.

Use of social media:

Max Fried is unquestionably active on social media. He frequently writes about his daily activities. He posts more frequently about his games than about his personal life.

Max frequently posts images of his playground and his fraternity pals. Additionally, he writes about social issues and expresses his views on significant developments in society.

In addition to this, he also shares his emotions in the posts. Fried occasionally posts strange quotes to his Instagram.

This blatantly demonstrates his attempt to express his present circumstances and moods through writings. He wants everyone to understand his feelings and the state of his professional life.

He undoubtedly has a large following of admirers. Beyond his game, they adore him. He is the MLB’s most eligible bachelor, though.

Instagram (@maxfried) : 60.5k Followers

Twitter (@maxfried32) : 15.5k Followers

Lastly, Max Fried has gained a lot of fame, and he is just 28 years. There is a lot he can do, and he has a lot of plans for his future.

We want Max to share his personal life more often because his fans who love him would love to hear about his life. Without a doubt, he is one of the best left-hand baseball pitchers.

Some FAQS:

What’s the Jersey Number of Max?

Max wears the Jersey Number #54 as the pitcher for Atlanta Braves.

Is Max Fried Injured?

Ma Fried suffered from a muscle spasm in his lumbar spine in September 2020. After that, he was placed on the injured list by the Braves.

What is Max Fried’s win-loss record?

Max Fried has a professional record of 40 wins and 18 losses as of 2022.

Who drafted Max Fried?

Max Fried was drafted by the professional baseball team San Diego Padres in the first round, seventh overall, in the 2012 Major League Baseball draft.

How much is Max Fried’s rookie card worth?

Max Fried’s rookie card price ranges from $1.99-$4.95.

Who did the Padres trade Max Fried for?

According to sources, San Diego Padres traded Max Fried for Justin Upton.

What is the average velocity of Max Fried?

Max throws an average of 83.1 MPH and topping out at 86.3 MPH. Likewise, he has 11.7 revolutions (1546 RPM) from hand to the plate.

What is the Most Expensive Max Fried Baseball Rookie Card?

The most expensive Max Fried Baseball Rookie Card was sold for $345.50.

How did Max Fried become a Free Agent?

Max became a free agent after Carl Edwards Jr. opted out of his minor-league deal.

What is Max Fried’s best pitch?

Max Fried’s best pitch is a tight downer curveball in the 74-78 range, which rates minimalistically as a plus pitch and flashes plus-plus.