Meisha Johnson

Meisha Johnson is a very famous American film, TV show, and web series Actress. She was born on 24 June 1981 in Minnesota, the United States of America. Her birth name is Meisha Phoebe Jean Johnson.

Although Meisha Johnson is an actress, she is very famous as a reporter and anchor. She is a full-time reporter and anchor at “Eyewitness News on CBS”. She is also very famous for her nickname Meisha.

Quick Facts

Birth Date June 24,1981
Full Name Meisha Johnson
Birth Name Meisha Phoebe Jean Johnson
Profession Reporter and Anchor
Nationality American


Speaking of Johnson’s parents, Dian Johnson is her mother and Dwaine Johnson is her father. Her father was a boxer, while her mother was a ballet dancer. Her father is also an actor and a member of the theater.

What is Johnson Height and Weight?

Meisha Johnson is a stunning actress with a seductive and sexy demeanor. She stands at 165 cm (5 feet 5 inches) tall and weighs approximately 55 kg. With her light brown hair and gorgeous light green eyes, she is quite appealing.

She goes to the gym frequently and appears incredibly fit for an actor. She is highly concerned about her appearance and her health.

Who is Johnson Fther?

Dwaine Johnson, Meisha’s father, is sometimes referred to by his stage name, “The Rock.” He is a well-known American wrestler, businessperson, and actor.

He began his professional career as a boxer before switching to wrestling and also entered the film industry after his wrestling career and has since been in numerous films in a variety of roles.

Johnson has a second profession as a voice actor in addition to his acting career. He provided a lot of the voices for the various cartoon characters. He is well known for his work as the voice of Captain Charles T. Baker, Cliffjumper, and Maui.

How much is Johnson Father Net Worth?

In terms of wealth, he is a millionaire. His estimated $320 million net worth includes all of his assets.

How was Johnson Early Years?

Leaving Bequeath Johnson, who played Betty Benn, was a young woman who put forth a lot of effort. Since she was young, she has taken her work extremely seriously.

Meisha Johnson took a photo of herself and a friend (Meisha Johnson’s Instagram)

Her father, The Rock, is a highly wealthy man, speaking of her upbringing. So, it’s safe to say that she had a fantastic childhood. She doesn’t struggle with money or other issues.

She now has everything she needs. Her parents showed her a lot of love and concern.

What is Johnson Education Level?

Johnson, the actress from Fall In To Me, is a smart woman. Since she was a young child, she has been extremely intelligent.

When it comes to her education, she received her diploma from Bethel University. She also holds a master’s degree. She earned a master’s degree in Sacred Theology from Saint Joseph’s College.

What is Johnson relationships status?

Meisha Johnson has never been married and is now unmarried, so that tells you something about her relationship status.

Meisha Johnson’s image (Source: Instagram, Meisha Johnson)

She previously dated a great person, but she hasn’t shared his identity on any of her social media. She prefers to keep her romantic life a secret.

Movies and TV shows

Johnson has a wide range of acting experience and has appeared in numerous films. Her performances in films like “Fall In To Me,” “Cold Feet Carol Deering,” and “13 Hours in a Warehouse Jennifer Wilkins” have made her quite well-known.

She also acted in numerous more films, including “Known For The Control Group Nurse Lee (2014),” “Actress Ultimate Redemption Dave’s Girl 2 (2016),” “The Control Group Nurse Lee,” “The Bequeather Betty Benn,” and “Skinned Dr. Nicole Ridley (2011),” among others.

Anchor and Journalist

Meisha Johnson is a well-known actress in addition to a well-known reporter and anchor. She initially took on the role of the snowmobile TV show’s anchor. She was then appointed as the host of the weekly program “Sledhead 24/7” on the Fox Sports television network.

Later, she worked as a host for a variety of media outlets, including Yokal Sports, Verus, and Speed channel. She presented numerous sports shows during this period, including Yamana DVD, Trial Nation, and Softball 360.

Johnson, Meisha (Source: Instagram, Meisha Johnson)

In 2013, she also participated in anchoring in numerous motorcycle competitions, including ATV and supercross. She spent two years reporting on traffic for the television station KMSP.

Although she was employed by KMSP TV station, she has additionally hosted the Dream Drive Segment.

CBS Philly

In July 2015, CBS hired Johnson as a traffic reporter after she had anchored numerous shows and events on various TV stations. Several news outlets, including Philly Mag, broke the news.

The three-year contract was made. After her contract with CBS expired in July 2018, she didn’t appear on any other TV programs.

Life of Johnson Following CBS

Johnson began her new life after leaving CBS, and she also began to discuss Christianity. She discovered some devoted Christians nearby during that period. She learned through her conversation that the audience does not enjoy her Instagram photos. They warned her that she was flaunting her possessions.

They also advised Johnson that the way she dressed and lived was not the best way to attract others’ attention. She deleted all of the images from her social media account and tried to stay as far away from social media as she could after that occurred.

After leaving CBS, she continued with her professional strategy, nevertheless. She has a condo in the Delaware River beachfront Residences at Dockside. She returned to her hometown and enrolled in the University of St. Thomas in St. Paul to pursue degrees in both law and theology.

A Master of Sacred Theology after having no religion

Johnson did not engage in any religious activity or promote any religions during the first 29 years of his life. However, she had previously worked for the Church Mission as its director.

She picked up a lot of knowledge about religion, religious practices, and Sacred Theology in church. Her interest in many religions and Sacred Theology grew steadily.

She began investigating the topics that piqued her interest. And she thus assumes the roles of co-founder and CEO of Psalm 91. She finally earned her Master’s degree in sacred theology.

How much is Johnson Net Worth?

Meisha Johnson makes her living mostly from reporting and anchoring despite being an actor and a full-time reporter. Her annual pay is pegged at $45,000.

Her estimated $1.5 million net worth includes all of her assets. Even though her salary is insufficient, we might infer from her father’s wealth that she is leading a luxury life.

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Director of “Psalm 91”

Co-founder and CEO of is Meisha Johnson. She is a Christian minister as well. A very reliable and well-known passage from the bible is Psalm 91. It is a request. Psalm 91’s key theme is “how the god protects us and delivers us from perils.”

For people to read the Bible online and pray to God, Meisha Johnson and her team built the website

Several verses from Psalm 91

Whoever resides under the protection of the Most High will rest under the wing of the Most High. You won’t be afraid of the arrow that flies in the daytime or the terror of the night.

Is Johnson active on social media?

Meisha Johnson appears to be active on sites like Facebook and Instagram. She routinely publishes content on her job and hobbies. On Instagram, she has more than 18K followers, and on Facebook, she has more than 29K.

On her Facebook page, which receives a lot of views, she appears to post inspirational and spiritual films with biblical inspiration on subjects like prosperity, forgiveness, and dispute resolution.


Speaking of Johnson’s life on social media, she is also a YouTuber with more than 2.2K subscribers to her “Meisha Johnson” channel.

She also has a LinkedIn professional account. She seemed to be really involved in it. On LinkedIn, she is connected to more than 500 people.

Some Interesting Facts

  • Meisha Johnson loves reptiles and one day would like to own an animal rescue or sanctuary.
  • Apart from Johnson’s anchoring and journalism career, she also loves boxing.
  • According to Johnson, she would be a zoologist if she has not followed her career in TV shows.

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