Melanee Raney

Facts of Melanee Raney

Full Name Melanee Raney
Nationality American
Birth Country United State Of America
Ethnicity American
Father Name Marty Raney
Mother Name Mollee Roestel

Marty Raney has a daughter named Melanee Raney. Marty is the program Homestead Rescue presenter, which is where he first became known. Aside from that, his popularity expanded even more after releasing songs like Alaska Tattooed Lady, Him & the Mountains, and I’ve Been Everywhere.

Melanee Raney: Is She Married? or a date?

Melanee Raney grew up in the highlands where she now lives and works. She naturally gravitates toward them and even found the love of her life on one. Melanee Raney and Ari Stiassny first met on Cornbiscuit Mountain in the Chugach Range, where they currently reside.

Their precise date of meeting and getting married is unknown, but it must have been a long time ago because they already had Mia, Col Dov, and Taz, three adventurous kids.


Children of Melanee Raney.

Chugach Adventures employs Melanee Stiassny and her husband as guides. Along with her father, younger brother, and sister, Stiassny also had the opportunity to work on “Homestead Rescue.”

Melanee Raney’s Father’s Marital Status.

Melanee’s father, Marty Raney, wed Mollee Roestel, the love of his life, and moved to Alaska with her soon after. The charming pair dated for many years before saying their vows in front of family and close friends.

Mollee Roestel and Marty Raney.
picture sourced from celebsuburb

Raney and Mollee’s nuptials were intimate and private. The couple moved to an area with a significant number of Alaskan Brown Bears after getting married. His wife and he are having a wonderful marriage.

The wife of Marty is not a participant in the program Homestead Rescue. Together, they have been fighting the tough Alaskan environment for more than 40 years. The experience now includes Marty’s kids as well.

Who are the offspring of Marty Raney?

The decision to travel to Alaska was made while Mollee Raney was expecting a child. The daughter of action star Raney, Melanee Raney, was born later. She wasn’t the only one; the couple also had three more kids.

Marty and Mollee had three children: Misty Raney, Miles Raney, and Matthew Raney. The kids grew raised in Alaska’s harsh, arid climate, just like their parents did. In addition, Marty did a good job of raising his kids and gave them a once-in-a-lifetime chance to see Alaska.

When they were ten years old, they hiked the Chilkoot Pass with their father. The family safely passed across the dangerous Chilkoot Pass.

In Alaska, there is no running water, no plumbing, and no power, which encourages creativity and increases family time. The Raneys’ life lessons will surely help the kids become difficult adults.

What is the net worth of Melanee Raney?

Melanee Raney has amassed a sizeable wealth throughout the course of her professional life. She leads a healthy lifestyle and makes do with the money she makes from her profession. Her estimated net worth is $100,000. Melanee Raney, who has seven years of experience as a raft and ski guide in Girdwood, inherited her father’s musical prowess.

The oldest Raney child has been instructing since she was 15 years old, in addition to playing the guitar and piano. She was a woman who had grown up in the Talkeetna Mountains; she ruled the Hatcher Pass and its surroundings as though it were her garden.

Melanee Raney and her son
Facebook page of Ari Ben Stiassny, the image’s source.

The explorer’s riches has been accumulated with the aid of Spirit of Alaska, Han Denali, and Surviving Denali. According to sources, Marty Raney has a $1 million net worth.

Marty allegedly earns $82,000 a year from his Discovery Channel show, Homestead Rescue. We all know that reality television can be quite lucrative. Due to the show, he has gained notoriety, which has increased his net worth and enhanced his reputation as an adventurer.

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What Year Was Melanee Raney Born?

October 1976 marked the birth of Melanee Raney. She will be 46 years old in 2022. She was born and raised in Haines, Alaska. Raney’s mother, Mollee, experienced some issues during the birth, necessitating a flight to Whitehorse, Yukon. She is thus a citizen of both Canada and the United States.


Melanee is the owner and operator of a rafting operation in Anchorage, Alaska, as already mentioned. She has been a hiker in the past. Her father undoubtedly had an impact on her. Her father, Marty Raney, used to be a mountain guide in Denali. He was an Alaskan Survivalist for the duration of his life. In addition, he has served as host of programs including Raney Ranch and Discovery’s Homestead Rescue. Melanee has been teaching piano and guitar since she was 15 years old.

Misty Raney, her sister, is well recognized for her roles on many television programs, including Homestead Rescue, Homestead Rescue: Deconstructed, Homestead Rescue: Building a Legacy, and Homestead Rescue: Hacks Revealed.