Micah Sloat

Quick Facts:

Name Micah Sloat
Nickname None
Gender Male
Date of Birth 8-May-1981
Age in 2022 41
Birth Place Westport, Connecticut, U.S.
Country United States
Nationality American
Height None (m)
Weight Unknown (KGs)
Profession American Theatre Actor

Micah Sloat is an American actor who is worldwide famous as a cast of the supernatural thriller horror show Paranormal activity. Besides this, he has also appeared as Elder Lantern in The Death and Return of the superman.

Sloat was born to his parents on the 8th of May, 1981 in Westport, Connecticut, the United States. He holds a zodiac sign Taurus. The Paranormal Activity actor was interested in acting and music from an early age which paved his career path.

Sloat graduated from Skidmore College in 2004 with a degree in philosophy. For his physical stats, the actor stands tall with a height of 5 ft and 8 inches and weighs around 75 kg.

History of the Family and Siblings

Micah Sloat was born the oldest child of Robert Sloat and Victoria Sloat. Less is known about his parents because the actor hasn’t yet made them public.

Similar to this, Micah was raised with his six siblings despite being Robert and Victoria’s only child. Each sibling gets along well with the others and spent a lot of time together as children. All of his siblings have received the care, love, and necessities from his parents. You may also like to know about Jocelyn Hudon.

What is the Net Worth of Micah Sloat?

The estimated $500k net worth of Micah Sloat is the result of his successful professional career. His acting job is his main source of income.

He contributed to the successful film “Paranormal Activity” and its sequel, which brought in a sizable sum at the box office. He also made an appearance in The Death and Return of Superman, a DC film.

With his considerable fortune, he is living comfortably.

Status of Relationships

Micah Sloat is most likely single at the moment and is only concerned with his career. He hasn’t yet met a woman who could be his lifelong companion. However, since the actor is a very private guy, it is unknown if he will make his relationship public.

Micah Sloat and his partner from Paranormal Activity Katie Featherston
source: Backstage

He has not been known to be romantically involved with anyone, but rumors about his connection have surfaced, which he has refuted.

Who is the Girlfriend of Micah Sloat?

Working together on the horror-thriller series Paranormal Activity are Micah and Katie Featherston. People misconstrued the fact that they were both good friends and close to one another, leading to the rumor that they were dating.

Micah was said to be dating his co-star, but the actor disputed this, stating there was no such thing as a co-star relationship and that this notion was merely idle chatter.

2022 A.C.E. Eddie Award-Winning Pamela Martin Is His Cousin

Pamela Martin won the A.C.E. Eddie Award for best dramatic feature film in 2022. She edits movies. King Richard, Battle of the Sexes, Life of the Party, and more films are among her works.

Micah Sloat and his cousin Pamela Martin
source: Instagram @micahsloat

She has accumulated 30 credits as a film editor throughout the course of her career, along with 6 credits in the editorial division. One of Micah’s many cousins is Pamela.

Officiated The Marriage Of His Cousin Asha Shapiro And His Good Friend Lane Aikin

Asha Shapiro, a cousin of Micah Sloat, is wed to Lake Aikin, a close friend of Micah Sloat. On August 14, 2022, the pair took their first steps down the aisle.

Micah had the honor of performing the ceremony and had also attended the wedding. He was delighted to officiate their wedding and honored to do so.

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Was A Musician Prior To Entering Into The Acting Field

Sloat enjoys music and plays the guitar expertly. He is a talented musician. On his guitar, he has performed both blues and rock. He also performed in the Westminster barbershop chorus, a world champion group.

He improved his poetic expertise at Musician Institute after relocating to Los Angeles in 2005. Along with learning acting, he was also discovering his enthusiasm for performing.

Has Been To Many Concerts

Micah enjoys listening to music a lot, as was already said. He has also attended numerous concerts where he has enjoyed the live music.

Additionally, the actor shared a photo of himself taking in a Guns N Roses concert. Micah claimed he was astounded by their performance to the fullest.

Micah Sloat In The Paranormal Activity

The American suspense thriller and horror program Paranormal Activity is directed and written by Oren Peli. This television series has been a great hit, earning $193.4 million at the box office. The following films in the series are titled Paranormal Activity 2, Paranormal Activity: The Marked Ones, and Paranormal Activity: Beyond Rituals.

Paranormal activity poster
source: amazon

A young couple, played by Katie Featherston and Micah Sloat, discovers the presence of a supernatural entity in their home, which is the focus of the plot. The cameras were set up to capture the paranormal activity.

In the series, Sloat portrays Micah, and he has appeared in each of its prequels. When he was taking acting classes in Los Angeles, he first saw the series’ advertisement. He possessed the adaptability and versatility required of an actor.

Played a role in Superman: The Death and Rebirth

In the DC film based on the superman book The Death and Return of the superman, Micah Sloat also makes an appearance.

The Earth in the movie is shown sans Man of Steel after he gives his life to defend the planet. In the film, Micah performed the part of Elder Lantern.

showed up on Jimmy Kimmel Live!

On the Jimmy Kimmel Show, an American program where various celebrities appear to share their experiences, Micah made an appearance. He appeared in episode 927 of the program.

The actor from the television series Paranormal Activity spoke there about both his personal life and his career. Along with all the entertaining things they did on the show, he also talked about his role in the series.

Attended the Burning Man event

The Burning Man event was held on the Saturday night before Labor Day, which was the penultimate night of Burning Man. In 1991, this event took place in the Black Rock Desert, northwest of the state of Nevada, at Black Rock City.

Micah attended the occasion in 2019 and had a great time. He claims that the event is quite chaotic and full of fun.

Used To Play Baseball Back In The Days

Sloat used to play baseball and was a member of the bears squad in the past. He misses the times when he used to dash for the run and hit a ball with a bat.

Micah Sloat’s baseball team
source: Instagram @micahsloat

He published a snapshot of his baseball team that had been taken following a 9-run defeat. He hit two home runs in the game.

Pet Lover

Like other people, Sloat enjoys having pets, and he prefers to have a dog as a companion. On August 25, 2021, he warmly welcomed his pet dog Samwise, whom he affectionately refers to as Sammy.

Micah Sloat’s pet dog
source: Instagram @micahsloat

Black and white Bluetick Coonhound Sammy is one of the breed. Micah enjoys visiting and having fun with Sammy.

Additionally, the actor from The Death and Return of Superman has set up a dog’s Instagram account with the username @dog.samwise, which now has 41 followers and 5 posts.

Social Media

The famous person, Micah, is a frequent social media user who frequently posts about both his personal and professional lives.

He is available on Instagram with the username @micahsloat which has more than 2k followers. Similarly, Micah has more than 5k followers on Twitter where he tweets under the username @micahsloat.   You may also like to know about Martin Sensmeier.