Michael Miccoli

Facts of Michael Miccoli

Full Name Michael Miccoli
Height 127cm
Nationality American
Date of Birth 2010/3/15
Birth Country United States
Birth Place Los Angeles, California, USA
Horoscope Pisces
Ethnicity Caucasian
Father Name Justin Miccoli
Mother Name Irina Miccoli
Sexual Orientation Straight
Chest Size 28 inches
Waist Size 24 inches
Hips Size 29 inches

Michael Miccoli popularly known for his character Noah Flynn in the Netflix hit series The Kissing Booth is a talented American actor who has also been enlisted in the list of the World’s most famous celebrities.

Miccoli’s parents were blessed with his arrival on 15th March 2010 in Los Angelos, California, the United States of America.

According to Best Toppers, he received his primary education at home, and is also revealed that he is enrolled in some acting courses.

What is the height and Weight of Miccoli?

Miccoli, who plays the kissing booth actor, is 128 cm (4 feet) tall and weighs about 27 kg (59 pounds). Similarly, the actor’s body is 28-24-29 inches long. He wears shoes that are a size four. This young celebrity, who belongs to the Caucasian racial group, has blonde hair and a stunning set of uncommonly blue eyes. He has a look that is similar to his mother. He will undoubtedly attract women in the future.

Family Background

Miccoli has not formally revealed any information about his family. It is known that his father Justin Miccoli and mother Irina Miccoli make up his family. In 2018, his mother included him in the message, wishing their fan great news.

The Miccoli family, including Michael.
Source: @irinamicoli on Instagram

According to an Instagram post by Irina, she is a fashion model, actress, and artist. She is connected to 3d Model Agency, De Sweden Model Agency, and Most Wanted Models. She has excellent fashion sense for a model.

Speaking of his father, Justin has ties to Micaffe in addition to the 3D model agency. He does Taichi, Yoga, and Zhineng Qi Gong at the Isha Center as a volunteer because he prefers to maintain physical health.

What are the Favorites  Michael Miccoli?

Actor Miccoli of Euphoria has listed some of his favorite media items. Paris is his favorite travel destination, thus he enjoys visiting there. He also enjoys eating Italian cuisine. The performer exudes a strong sense of loyalty toward Europe.

Miccoli enjoys watching movies in his free time, and his favorite actors and actresses are Mila Kunis and Hugh Jackman, respectively. In addition, the actor who played Noah Flynn enjoys dancing, singing, playing football, and other activities.

Michael Miccoli And Jacob Elordi

Miccoli and Elordi get along well. Together, they appeared in the films Euphoria, The Kissing Booth 3, and The Kissing Booth. On the set of The Kissing Booth, they met for the first time. Miccoli portrayed the younger version of Noah Flynn while Elordi played the role of Noah Flynn.

Many of their fans speculated that they had ties to one another or were related to one another after the release of their debut film together in 2018. They shared a similar face structure as well. Later, it was made clear that they are coworkers rather than related.

The majority of people aren’t sure if they are the same person or someone distinct.

Has Name Enlisted On The World’s Most Famous Celebrities List

Michael Miccoli made an impressive entrance into the entertainment industry. He gained recognition and popularity right away after making his debut as Young Noah Flynn in the Netflix smash series The Kissing Booth in 2018. His acting abilities were recognized, and he developed a sizable fan base.

Miccoli was able to establish himself as one of the most well-known figures in the world as a result of all of this. He accomplished this feat on his own at this young age. He will now have more career options thanks to this.

Is Associated With Different Brands And Model Agency

Michael Miccoli works for a 3D model agency just like his parents and mother do. He frequently participated in picture assignments with this modeling firm. This organization was started in 2002 and has its headquarters in Capetown, South Africa. Miccoli’s face is one of the numerous that the agency has showcased.

A Local Kickz hat is being worn by Michael Miccoli.
Source: @michaelmiccoli on Instagram

Similar to this, he supports several companies, such as the clothing company local kickz. Miccoli can be spotted sporting their goods.

Is Joey Courtney dating Miccoli?

Joey Courtney and Michael Miccoli are not dating, and this is simply one of the many rumors around him. He is currently concentrating on his work and education and is too young to be in a relationship.

He acknowledged Joey as his crush, and if their ages were comparable, he would consider dating her. This is what started the relationship rumor to propagate.

Michael Miccoli’s Debut Movie Kissing Booth

Miccoli made his debut in the movie business by taking part in The Kissing Booth. In this movie, the young performer portrayed Noah Flynn. Despite having no prior professional acting experience before playing this role, his performance was well received, and he became famous.

The Cuddling Corner
Reference: IMDb

Vince Marcello, who directed The Kissing Booth, was inspired by Beth Reekles’ 2012 novel. The Kissing Booth 2 and 3 were produced as a result of the Netflix film’s success and popularity with viewers. Additionally, Miccoli showed up in the third follow-up.

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A teenage girl named Elle stars in the American teen film series The Kissing Booth and has a crush on Noah, the most attractive and well-liked student at her high school and the brother of his closest friend. After Elle and Noah share their first kiss, their friendship suffers.

Does Miccoli Loves to Travel?

Miccoli is one of those individuals that enjoys traveling and taking part in many enjoyable activities. Due to his youth, he experiments with various dangerous activities, such as deep sea diving and jet skiing.

The actor and his friends and families have visited various places.

What is the Net Worth of Miccoli?

Michael Miccoli is among the most well-known celebrities who contributed to the success of the Netflix original series The Kissing Booth. Even so, the actor hasn’t formally declared his wealth or possessions. Miccoli has net  worth of $60,000 overall.

Miccoli’s acting career is his main source of income. In addition to this, he also participates in brand endorsements and poses for several modeling agencies, where he makes a sizable profit that helps his bank account.

Is Miccoli active on Social Media?

Miccoli is an outgoing person who uses the Instagram handle @michaelmiccol. He continually updates his supporters and those closest to him with information about himself.

Miccoli has amassed more over 10,000 followers and 14 posts as of the time of writing. He frequently updates his Instagram story, yet he rarely publishes anything to his Instagram wall.