Michele Gisoni

Maggie Ziegler, a popular figure on the internet, has a stepsister named Michele Gisoni. Greg Gisoni is her father; her mother’s name remains unknown. Kurt Ziegler serves as her father figure, and she resides with Michele, her stepmother.

Kurt now has a total of 4 kids from his first unsuccessful marriage. Michele Gisoni and Matthew Gisoni are his children from his first marriage. Additionally, he is presently the stepfather to Maddie and Mackenzie Ziegler. Michele also has 3 additional siblings in addition to this. They go by the names of Tyler, Ryan, and Mackenzie Ziegler.

Quick Facts

Who is Michele Gisoni?

Although Michele’s precise birthdate is unknown, based only on appearance, she appears to be a young American teenager between the ages of 14 and 15. As a result, Michele is not much older than Maddie Ziegler, her stepsister.

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Michele attends an elementary school in her hometown even if the name of the institution is lacking since she is too young to enroll in high school or a university. She is already well-known whether she works in the entertainment industry or not. She now has the choice of continuing in the spotlight or not.

What does Michele do for work?

Michele Gisoni has not yet begun her working life because she is still in school. However, there is no assurance that she won’t be engaged in the future given the commotion around her. Given that she is already well-known due to her family’s involvement in the entertainment business, she may decide to follow her step-path. sister’s In addition, while speaking of her sister Maddie, it was her outstanding performance on Dance Moms that made her famous. When the dancing competition took place, she was just eight years old. Maddie, her stepsister, is an actress and model.

One of the most fascinating dances is her duel with Chloe. She also models for various agencies, in addition. She also has a positive attitude about the movie and television industry by acting in a few of them.

How is the private life of Michele Gisoni?

The aspiring young actress is too young to be in a relationship. Michele Gisoni could start dating soon, but as of 2022, she is single. She therefore appreciates spending time with her family the most. But before this marriage, her father had already been married.

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There is no information on the first wife on that account. Melisa Gisoni, a television personality, is his wife. 2013 saw the marriage of this pair. It turns out that the rumor that they were expecting a child was untrue. The pair resides in a lavish home that costs $279,000. They reside with their kids in a 7,500 square foot home.

Is Michele a social media user?

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There are no social media accounts associated with Michele Gisoni. Although it is a little early for her right now, she may someday join the social internet connection. Mellisa and Maddie, on the other hand, use Instagram. There are photos of Michele within Mellisa’s Instagram account (@melissagisoni).

How much money is Michele Gisoni worth?

In the entertainment industry, Michele Gisoni has yet to make any money. Michele’s net worth is not clearly established, perhaps because she is still too young. Her father, on the other hand, earns between $108k and $163 as the acting vice president of Westinghouse Energy Centre. Her stepmother’s net worth is $2 million, and she has been a Dance Moms employee since 2011. Additionally, Maddie, her stepsister, earned $400k from Dance Moms, earning around $2,000 every episode. The dancer earns $550,000 to $700,000.

How does Gisoni look physically?

Dark brown eyes and straight brown hair are features of Michele Gisoni. She is currently 4 feet 5 inches tall. Other measures of her physique, however, are not yet known. She appears to be in her late teens based on her looks.

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