Modesto Lacen

Quick Facts

Full Name Modesto Lacen
Nationality Puerto Rican
Date of Birth 1976/12/20
Birth Country Puerto Rico
Birth Place San Juan
Horoscope Sagittarius
Ethnicity White
Profession Actor
Sexual Orientation Straight
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A well-known actor named Modesto Lacen was born in San Juan, Puerto Rico, on December 20, 1976.

Modesto Lacen is a Puerto Rican actor who has been in both Hollywood and many Latino films with his artwork on display. He has appeared in a number of films and TV shows, including The Texture of Light, Celia, 3000, and others.

Can you guess the Modestro Lacen’s age, a fascinating personality?

On December 20, 1976, Lacen’s parents brought Modestro Lacen into the world. In his native Puerto Rican city of San Juan, where he grew up, he learned a great deal. Sagittarius is his zodiac sign.

The Celia actor has not yet disclosed his early life or family history due to his secretive nature. But it is known that he started acting in his teen years while attending the Drama University of Puerto Rico, where he graduated with honors in drama.

Lacen excelled in classical theater, physical theater, and dancing throughout his time at the institute. He stands tall at 5 feet 10 inches (177 cm) and weighs a respectable amount.

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Who is the wife of Modesto Lacen?

Modesto Lacen and his life partner Anna Teressa Toro enjoy a beautiful marriage. The couple’s introduction to one another has not yet been made public, but they have been dating for quite some time.

The couple made the decision to advance their relationship after dating for a while. On September 3, 2018, Lacen and Teressa exchange vows and enter the marriage bed. Their close friends and relatives attended the wedding ceremony.

The couple has not yet made their wedding venue or personal details public. Teressa and Lacen are a couple, and neither has caused any controversies or rumors.

Toro’s wife is Anna Teressa,

Anna Teressa, the wife of Modesto Lacen, is a journalist and writer from Puerto Rico who is a member in good standing of numerous international media organizations. Numerous books and novels have her name on them as the author or co-author. Her novels include To give birth is to part, Grandma’s body suit, messages to the water, the nose of dogs, and many more.

Wife of Modesto Lacens(Source: Agora)

Teressa has connections to The New York Times, El Nuevo Da, El Pas from Spain, ECOS from Germany, Distintas Latitudes from Mexico, Internazionale from Italy, Global from the Dominican Republic, and Anfibia from Argentina.

She has also researched a wide range of other topics. Along with Pedro Riana and Silverio Perez, Lacen co-hosts the podcast and has led workshops for Colombia. The author most recently served as the Institute of Puerto Rican Culture’s Magazine’s coordination and manager. Anna’s dedication has been recognized in 2018 with the Residential Research Fellowship Award from the center of Latin America.

Anna served as one of the judges during the preliminary competition for Miss Universe Puerto 2022,

The renowned Teatro Tapia in San Juan recently hosted the Miss Universe Pageant’s preliminary phase. The 28 contestants faced off against one another while wearing both evening gowns and bathing suits.

One of the numerous judges for this competition is Anna Teressa, who is well-known for her journal writing and for being Modesto Lacen’s wife. Germán Legarreta, Eli Cay, and Vivian Santiago are the other prominent individuals sitting in the judge’s chair.

The Godmother for two,

Anna’s Instagram account states that she is the godmother of two kids. Nestito and Mia are her godsons.

Modesto Lacen’s wife with their god children(Source: Instagram)

By meeting all of their essential requirements, she has assumed responsibility for their upbringing. She adores them dearly and regards them as the apple of her eye, and the same is true of the kids.

Happy to Have A Child

Nicanor Lacen, the handsome son of Modesto, is a lucky boy. Together with his wife Anna, they have a child. The parents cherish the child dearly and do their best to give him all he needs to be happy.

Modesto Lacen with his wife and kid(Source: Instagram)

Two years after getting married, on March 23, 2020, the couple had a son. The family can be seen having a good time together. Along with having a busy schedule, Modesto and Anna also spend time with their child and are frequently seen together in public.

Keeps a Pet

A mixed-colored brown and white cat that belongs to Lacen is her pet. The animal is adored and loved by both couples. They interact with it for a long time.

Pet of Modesto Lacen(Source: Instagram)

Mambroo is the name of the cat. Even though Lacen hasn’t made the cat’s photos public, his wife Anna frequently posts them on her Instagram account.

Do you know the performing career of Modesto?

Blindfolds and headphones are provided for the visually challenged audience members of the show “Odd Man Out.” With the aid of aural stimuli, tactile items, and richer odors, they could all sense the weather and smell their surroundings.

Since the show has returned, Modesto has joined Holly Connor, Andrés Montejo, Carmen Borla, and many other actors in the cast.

As An Acting Coach,

The actor Modesto, who plays Celia, not only performs but also instructs a lot of aspiring actors. Ja Rule, an actor and rapper, received acting coaching from him for the film Back of the Day.

Similar to this, he recently provided interested individuals with a workshop on acting for the camera in Mayaguez. In this class, Lacen gave the attendees an introduction to the world of acting, the ins and outs of the industry, as well as how to sell yourself abroad.

All of them received personal mentoring from him, and he shared some of his challenges and solutions.

Career as Actor

After enrolling in the Drama university as a youth, Modesto Lacen started his performing career. He was a master of both classical and physical theater. In the 1996 film Heroes of the Other Land, he made his acting debut.

After that, Lacen appeared in a lot of films and TV shows. He made a favorable impact on viewers and reviewers in the film Animal, and he quickly gained notoriety after appearing on 3000 and El Don. Numerous well-known personalities, including Terrence Howard, an Oscar nominee, have collaborated with him.

On his IMDb page, Lacen has 57 acting credits from his career. He has significantly impacted the Puerto Rican cinema sector.

Lacen Is A Person Of Many Talents

The Aroma Of Pig is a short film that Lacen wrote and directed. When an experimental dance company seeks to pay respect to Botero’s work in their most recent show, “More of you to love,” they ask their overweight artists to perform a nude dance. This causes the movie’s protagonist Omy to struggle with her poor self-esteem.

The perfume of the pig alludes to the body’s search and its close-knit spiritual harmony. Lacen shown his versatility by making contributions to the film business as both a writer and a director.

In addition to this, Modesto’s proficiency in several languages is another indication of his multifaceted abilities. He is fluent in English, French, Spanish, and Portuguese.

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Would you like to know how much the renowned An Actor makes?

A $3 million estimate for Modesto Lacen’s net worth has been made. He is a seasoned performer who has been acting professionally for a very long time and has significantly influenced the Puerto Rican film industry. It is clear that he makes a respectable income.

Anna, Lacen’s wife, also makes a good living from her profession. She is connected to various worldwide media outlets and earns money from a variety of sources. So, it’s safe to say that the family is leading an opulent and convenient existence.

On Social Media

Currently, Modesto is not accessible on the social media site since it appears he has deleted his accounts. He doesn’t spend much time on social media and would rather enjoy life to the fullest in the here and now. But his wife has more than 6,000 followers on Instagram under the moniker @altisidora.

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