Mollie Birney

Facts of Mollie Birney

Full Name Mollie Birney
Nationality American
Date of Birth 1987/6/4
Birth Country United States
Birth Place Los Angelos,California
Father Name David Birney
Mother Name Meredith Baxter
Sexual Orientation straight

Mollie Birney is a private counselor and public health speaker by profession who is in the limelight because of her father late David Birney.

Early Years

On June 4, 1987, Birney blessed her parents with her birth. Despite coming from a well-known family, she struggled to find comfort as she grew. She had to keep her posture and body language in line with her rank.

Birney put on weight as a result of her eating condition. Her mother would frequently question her food, and her father would make sarcastic comments about her appearance. You may also like to know about Luca Manfe.

Educational Qualification

Birney had the good fortune to grow up in a stable environment and obtain an excellent education. She received a Bachelor of Arts from Tufts University in 2008.

Additionally, she graduated from Cal State LA with a Master’s degree in Clinical Psychology. Additionally, Birney has created her own teaching methodology after spending more than eight years working closely with her coach Breck Costin.

What is the Net Worth of Mollie Birney?

One million dollars is thought to be in Mollie Birney’s hands as her net worth. She has amassed this sum as a result of her prosperous professional career. She is a private counselor and health coach, which in the US earns an average of $50,000.

Additionally, it is reported that David Birney, the father of Mollie, had a net worth of $5 million before to his passing. At the moment, Birney is enjoying family life in the Wasatch Mountains.

Who is the Husband of Mollie Birney?

Clinton Johnson and Mollie Birney were married in the past. Although she has not concealed her significant other, she has kept her dating history private.

Mollie Birney and her husband
Source: Instagram @ClintonJohnsonmft

The facts of the couple’s first meeting and marriage have not yet been made public. They appeared to have been together for a very long time. Clint has shared images of them on hikes and in exotic locations.

Other than this, Birney has never been married or engaged. She has no romantic relationships with anyone else.

Left Vocal Performance And Choral Conducting Due To Her Bulimia

Mollie took vocal performance and choral conducting classes while in college. She had a strong interest in this area.

She had to leave this area, though, because her excessive eating disorder caused her to lose her voice. And She gave up looking at it more.

Husband- Clinton Johnson

Clinton, Birney’s husband, is a therapist just like her. They have similar interests and opinions regarding mental health. His areas of expertise are psychedelic integration, mindfulness, and anxiety.

Mollie Birney’s husband Clinton Johnson
Source: Clintonjohnsonmft

Clinton holds an MA in Clinical Psychology from Antioch University Los Angeles and a BA in Psychology from UC Berkeley. He utilizes Instagram with the account @clintonjohnsonmft and maintains a personal webpage under his name.

In addition, he and his wife Birney co-founded Catch Your Breath Retreats.

Happy to Have A Child

Birney, a co-founder of Catch Your Breath Retreats, is a proud mother of a son. She and her spouse Clint have a child together. The boy’s parents gave him the name Wesley.

Mollie Birney and her son Wesley
Source: Instagram @ClintonJohnsonmft

The image of Wesley has been distributed by her spouse. The couple is doing everything they can to provide for their son’s upbringing and quality of life.

siblings – brother is a twin

The late David Birney and his ex-wife Meredith Baxter had several children together, including Birney. She was born alongside her identical twin brother Peter Birney, David’s sole child.

She also has a sister who is older than her, Kate Birney. They all shared wonderful memories and special experiences as they grew up together.

Who is the Father of Mollie Birney?

David Birney, Mollie’s father, is a well-known stage and television actor with a background in classical training. He is best known for the sitcom Bridget loves Bernie.

Mollie Birney’s father David Birney
source: IMDb

At the University of California, Birney majored in theatre before starting his career and becoming successful in television. The actor later made his stage debut and appeared in seven Broadway musicals by 1985, according to Deadline.

On his IMDb page, he has 73 acting credits from throughout his career. His works include The Comedy of Error, Sliders, The Naked Truth, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, and others.

At the age of 83, he went away as a result of Alzheimer’s disease.

Who is the Mother of Mollie Birney?

David Birney, who co-starred with Meredith Birney in the film Bridget Loves Birney, was married to Meredith. She was Whitney Blake’s (an actress and producer) daughter. She and David were wed till 1989.

Mollie Birney’s mother Meredith Baxter
Source: Wikipedia

She was married to Robert Lewis Bush before she wed David, with whom she had two children. She joined the entertainment world, following in her mother’s footsteps.

Meredith has 111 acting credits to her name over the course of her career, including roles in shows like Undateable John, Code black, Becoming Santa, and others. She is currently seeing Nancy Locke, who is also of the same gender.

Noted Meghan Markle’s Fake Smile

Body language expert Mollie has observed Meghan Markle’s forced smile during the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee.

She saw that Meghan always maintains the same forced smile, no matter what she is doing.

Birney: Counselor for Mental Health Birney

Birney, a private mental health counselor, had an eating disorder that nearly destroyed her life. She began receiving treatment for this disease after going through a lot of pain to the point where she was almost depressed.

It took her nine years to fully recover and to increase her knowledge of mental health. Although she began as a therapist, she was more interested in coaching. She now works as a private coach and mental therapist, providing lots of guidance and pointers for better mental health.

Mollie is a counselor who works in the field of addiction rehabilitation. She gives presentations at conferences, treatment center groups, and schools all throughout America. She has participated in various organization-hosted workshops and made countless appearances at events.

Also she has spoken at gatherings like the 2019 North Carolina TIDE Annual Conference on Behavioral Health and the 2018 National Conference for the National Council on Addiction and Drug Dependence.

Retreats to Catch Your Breath

Birney and her therapist husband Clint had the idea for Catch Your Breath Retreats. With the tagline “Relax, Play, and Grow,” they provide all-inclusive trips that are clinically supervised.

It has a @catchyourbreathretreats Instagram account, which has just 168 followers as of this writing. The pair has published a sample vacation schedule.

They will participate in an intense retreat for a week that will include group discussions, outdoor activities, private couple’s counseling sessions, and lots of opportunities for relaxation.

Pet Lovers

Birney has a deep affection and concern for animals. She cares a great deal about them. She claims to have a pig, two cats, and other animals.

The health counselor adores them a lot, despite the fact that she rarely talks about it.

Social Media

On popular social media sites including Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook, Mollie has accounts. She doesn’t appear to be particularly involved in them, though. Instead of sharing about her personal life, she uses these platforms to give her professional advice and life.

She has more than 44k followers on Instagram with the handle  @molliebirney. On her Instagram wall, she has posted a lot of inspirational advice and tricks.

Similarly, Birney has a Twitter account with the handle @MollieBirney, which has 34 followers. Her  Facebook Account, which has 42 followers, is far less popular than her Instagram account. You may also like to know about J.R. Ramirez.