Myrka Dellanos

Quick Facts

We may already be aware of a number of famous journalists and news reporters. However, Myrka Dellanos is special, which is why we advise you to read this biography as well. She is another well-known news reporter, host of a radio show, and author from the United States.

Myrka Dellanos, 57, has written and most people have purchased books like “Succeed” and “Be Happy,” earning her the label of successful “Author.” She also performs ballet and plays the piano professionally. We informed her that due to her multiple successful careers, she is exceptional. Whatever career Dellanos pursued, whether modeling, news reporting, or politics, she was successful.

How old is Myrka Dellanos?

On May 27, 1965, Myrka Dellanos was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The woman hasn’t disclosed the names or the type of family she originally came from, though. Myrka’s father, however, divorced her mother when she was quite little, therefore she was reared by her single mother.

American model and journalist Dellanos, Myrka

Myrka had a birthday in 2022 and was 57 years old. Additionally, we cannot discover any information on her siblings or other family members. Dellanos is of Hispanic descent and is a citizen of the United States.

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What educational institution did Myrka attend?

Throughout her time in high school and college, Myrka was a model student. She began her education at a neighborhood high school in Philadelphia. Myrka, however, decided to pursue more education and graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Journalism from the University of Miami in 1986.

Myrka career began in what manner?

Due to her achievement in various fields of endeavor, Myrka Dellanos is well-known. When she began co-hosting the Univision News Program “Primer Impacto” in 1992, people began to become familiar with her. Up until 2004, Dellanos continued to co-host, gaining enormous popularity and respect across the country. She was named the magazine People en Espaol’s “Star of the Year” by readers.

Myrka was also assigned by US President George W. Bush to a company called “Freedom Corps.” She gave her 25-person team a selfless service to promote philanthropy. Myrka, who had taken an extended vacation for eight years, has now returned as a television host for the Hispanic network Estrella TV. In addition to this, the woman performs professionally as a pianist, ballet dancer, and cover model.

Who is the spouse of Myrka Dellanos?

Without a question, Myrka Dellanos is a stunning and alluring woman. When they see her grin and charisma, many people experience butterflies. Alfredo Adame, a well-known actor, publicly confessed his love for the journalist. But regrettably, the co-host and sexy author are still single and unmarried as of this writing.

She has, however, been in a number of partnerships and gone through numerous breakups and divorces. Myrka lost her love and wed Dr. Alejandro Loynas in 1991. After several years of courtship, the couple has exchanged wedding vows. However, their union did not endure, and in 1998 they got divorced.

Is Myrka Dellanos daughter alive?

Alexa Carolina, Myrka Dellanos’ only child, was born in December 1993. Following that, Myrka Dellanos got engaged to newscaster David Matthews, whom she later married in 2000. But once more, Sarah and David were unable to preserve their love and separated in 2002 after only two years. The woman and David never had a kid together.

What kind of relationship status has Myrka Dellanos?

Later, around the middle of 2002, Dellanos started dating Mexican music star Luis Miguel. At the time, her name was frequently mentioned in news articles. The couple went one step further in their relationship by exchanging engagement rings. But in June 2005, Myrka took center stage as the catalyst for their breakup.

There were reports that the Journalist abandoned her love because she could not handle the fame-filled lifestyle. Finally, Dellanos modifies her preferences towards guys. In April 2008, the woman, then 56, wed Ulyses Daniel Alonso, a young man who was 16 years her junior.

Dell, Myrka

The relationship, however, barely lasted three months despite the fact that she appeared to enjoy and accept her romantic life. However, the couple filed for divorce on March 18, 2009. She explained why the Journalist was a victim of domestic violence in an interview.

What is the net worth of Myrka Dellanos?

As of 2022, Myrka Dellanos’s net worth was a staggering $16 million. She is one of the wealthiest journalists and works in a number of lucrative industries. In addition to her wealth, the woman has a $3 million salary each year from her endorsements, book sales, magazine sales, and personal investments. Myrka has also possessed a number of expensive vehicles, many of which she flaunts on Instagram.

Does Myrka have a social media presence?

Myrka Dellanos is active on social media, particularly Facebook and Instagram. She now has over 2.5 million Instagram followers (@myrkadellanos) and over 1.1 million Facebook fans (@Myrka Dellanos). Additionally, the woman has over 94.1K followers on Twitter under the handle “@Myrka Dellanos.” A YouTube account under her name and more than 7.78K subscribers is run by Dellanos.

How tall is Myrka Dellanos?

The Journalist and Host are both 5 feet 9 inches tall and 65 kg in weight. Myrka also has dark brown hair and brown eyes. Her physique is well-maintained, in good health, and her dimensions are 35-25-37 inches.