Necar Zadegan

Have you seen Elena Undone on film? You must already be aware of Necar Zadegan and the rumors if you have. Necar is a gorgeous actress who has appeared in over 30 films and television programs. Rake, Here are Now, Star Trek: Picard, Mayor of Kingstown, and other of her best works are only a few examples.

Necar is an American actress of German descent. Her parents were born in Iran. Her parents’ identities are still a secret. She is also said to be dating Armin Amiri, according to rumors. But as of yet, there has been no confirmation.

Necar Zadegan picture.(Source=Instagram)


American actress Necar Zadegan was born on June 20, 1982. Her age as of right now is 40. Necar was reared in the United States while being from Heidelberg, Germany. She was born in June under the sign of Gemini. She is an American citizen and hails from an Iranian tribe.


Necar comes from a really unusual family. Her parents were born in Iran. They did, however, give birth to Necar in Germany before relocating to the USA. She is, regrettably, a private person. She hasn’t yet made her family’s identity public as a result.


Necar appears to be an intelligent woman. Necar finished her basic education at a neighborhood school close to her home. She also graduated from the University of California, Santa Barbara, with a BA and with honors. She also submitted an application to the Sorbonne University, where she spent a semester studying.

How do Necar Start Her Actress Career?

Necar has been interested in entering the entertainment industry ever since she finished her education. In 2005, she moved forward from the television program The Bernie Mac. After doing bit parts for five years, she was eventually given the chance to play Scarlet Leon in the 2014 production of Rake. Similarly, she became well-known after portraying Delia in the four-year television series Girlfriends Guide to Divorce. Here are Now, Star Trek: Picard, Mayor of Kingstowne, The Event, 24, and other TV programs are among her other offerings.

In terms of movies, she has only appeared in a very small number. Necar produced The Touch, her debut short film, in 2007. She also appeared in the films In Another Life, Unthinkable, The Deal, and Meth Head. She has additionally made appearances in The Shield, How I Met Your Mother, and other films.

Necar Zadegan with Delhi kids.(Source=Instagram)

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Is Necar Zadegan a lesbian?

The lesbian story movie Elena Undone served as the inspiration for the gay rumor against Necar Zadegan. Necar Zadegan is kissing and having sex with Traci Dinwiddie, a female actor, in this movie. Necar hasn’t made her sexual preference known in public. Currently, there is widespread speculation regarding her.

Who is the husband of Necar Zadegan?

The gorgeous actress has kept her love life a very private matter. Her admirers think she is dating actor and filmmaker Armin Amiri. They have also appeared in public on occasion.

She had previously communicated with Gadi Erel as well. Even better, they were married soon after getting engaged. Unfortunately, their engagement was broken off since things did not turn out as expected. They haven’t made public the cause for their breakup yet.

Does she have an Instagram account?

Necar is adept at using social media platforms. Necar enjoys a fair amount of popularity on Twitter and Instagram. She has amassed more than 46k followers on Instagram and has shared about 99 images. Necar frequently publishes blog postings on her films and photography.

Necar Zadegan on Instagram

What is the Networth of Necar Zadegan?

The gorgeous actress makes enough money to support herself. It is estimated that she is worth around $2 million in US dollars. Her main sources of income are from movies and television programs. Up to this point, she has appeared in over twenty well-received movies and television shows.

Physical Appereance

Necar is a beautiful actress who is 5 feet 8 inches tall. Her physical weight is approximately 57 kg as well. She follows a healthy diet and exercise regimen to keep her physique in good shape. Her physical dimensions aren’t available right now, which is unfortunate.

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