Nichi Hodgson

Quick Facts

Full Name Nichi Hodgson
Age 39
Date of Birth September 9, 1983.
Gender Female
Profession Journalist, Broadcaster, Author
Place of Birth Wakefield, England
Nationality British
Horoscope Virgo
Marital Status Married
Husband Name Ferdie Ahmed
Net Worth $1.5 Million
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Nichi Hodgson is a well-known journalist, broadcaster, and author from the United Kingdom. Nichi Hodgson was the first British journalist to tweet from a courtroom, covering the R v Peacock obscenity trial in 2012.


Nichi Hodgson was born in Wakefield, West Yorkshire, England on September 9, 1983. Her real name is Nichi Hodgson, and she is 39 years old. She prefers to be addressed by her given name.

There is no information available about Nichi Hodgson’s parents, siblings, or professions. Nichi has not made her family members public. However, the photos are available, and based on them, we can conclude that Nichi is very happy with her family members and enjoys spending quality time with them.

Nichi Hodgson with her dad (Source Instagram)

There is no information available on any websites or in the media about Nichi Hodgson’s interactions with her family and friends. She has never disclosed any information to the public and does not want others to know about them. Her nationality is British, and her zodiac sign is Virgo. If she gives details about her childhood in the media or in interviews in the future, we will keep you updated.

Education Background

She went to Wakefield Girls’ High School, a private school. She graduated from the University of York with first-class honors in English and Related Literature in 2006. Following that, Hodgson attended Essex’s Harlow College to earn a National Council for the Training of Journalists diploma in magazine journalism.

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Height & Weight

Nichi’s true height is unknown, and her weight is also unknown. Her hair is blonde and silky, and her eyes are attractive and blue, according to her images. Her body type and other measurements such as hips, chest, waist, and so on are also unknown. She is concerned about her body and follows a healthy diet, drinks plenty of water, and has clear and fair skin.

Relationship Status

Nichi Hodgson with her husband(Source: Instagram)

Ferdie Ahmed, the owner of a pub chain, was hired by Hodgson in January 2019. They married on November 4, 2020, at Marylebone Town Hall. She is also bisexual. There is no information about their children or any other aspect of their relationship. Everything is kept hidden.


Nichi Hodgson’s professional life, as well as any information about her, is kept private. She also has the ability to manage both his personal and professional lives, and she has never revealed any information to the public.

Furthermore, Nichi Hodgson, a well-known British journalist, broadcaster, and author, has never been the subject of any controversies or speculations.

Professional life

Nichi regularly contributes to the Guardian, the Telegraph, and the BBC with articles on sexual politics, technology, health, and relationships. She also works as a dating consultant and coach. Nichi, one of the first British journalists to use Twitter to report on court proceedings, including the 2012 obscenity trial R v Peacock, was one of the first. Nichi has written and presented for BBC radio, and she is a regular commentator on BBC radio and television.

She frequently takes part in debates and documentaries about relationships and technology, and she provides news analysis for Sky News. Her most recent book, The Curious History of Dating: From Jane Austen to Tinder, is available from Little, Brown.

Endorsements for Brands

There is no information available regarding Nichi Hodgson’s brand endorsements. It is not stated that Nichi Hodgson has endorsed certain brands and products. In the future, Nichi may reveal information about the companies he has recommended.

We searched Nichi Hodgson’s social media sites but couldn’t find any information on brand endorsements. She does not want anyone to learn more about her or her personal or professional life because she values her privacy.

Net worth & Source of Income

The net worth of Nichi Hodgson is estimated to be $1.5 million. Her primary source of income is her work as a British journalist, broadcaster, and author. She now lives a luxurious lifestyle and drives a variety of expensive vehicles as a result of her excellent sales performance. She is one of Britain’s most powerful journalists, broadcasters, and authors.


There is no information available about Nichi Hodgson’s awards and nominations. She is a gifted journalist, but he has yet to receive any awards or nominations. Nichi has a bright future ahead of her, with numerous opportunities to win awards and nominations.

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On Social Media

Nichi is present on social media. Nichi has 9716 followers on Instagram, has followed 5168 people, and has posted 806 times. She has 13.9K Twitter followers and has followed 8027 people. Twitter has given her account a blue checkmark, and she joined Twitter in June 2011.

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