Nick Kingham

Nick Kingham | Quick Facts

Full Name Nicholas Gordon Kingham
Date Of Birth November 8, 1991
Place Of Birth Houston, Texas
Nick/Pet Name Nick
Religion Christian
Nationality American
Ethnic Belonging Caucasian
Father’s Name Don Kingham
Mother’s Name Roxane Kingham
Number Of Siblings 1(Nolan)
Education University of Oregon
Zodiac Sign Scorpio
Age 30 years old
Height ‎1.96 m/6’5″
Weight 106 kg/235 lb
Eye color Blue
Hair color Brown
Shoe Size Not available
Body Measurement Not known
Figure Athletic
Marital Status Married
Girlfriend No
Children Not known
Occupation Pitcher
Net worth $500K
Salary $575K
Active Since 2010
Pets Not Known
Current Team Hanwha Eagles
Position Pitcher
Social Handle InstagramTwitter
Merch MLB JerseyAutographed BaseballRookie Card
Last Update July, 2022

American professional baseball player Nick plays the game. He competes as a pitcher for the KBO League team Hanwha Eagles.

In a similar vein, he has already made his Major League Baseball debut (MLB).This article focuses on taking a close look at this player’s life, including his profession, wealth, relationships, and other aspects.

Age, height, and body measurements of Nick Kingham

Kingham, who was born on November 8, 1991, will turn 30 in 2022. Worldwide, November 8 is observed as National Cappuccino Day.

Nick is taller than the average American male at 1.96 meters (6 feet 5 inches), which is also higher than average. It wouldn’t be incorrect to state that Kingham is gorgeous, as height is frequently associated with attractiveness.

Nick weights about 102 kg, which goes along with height.

He has a normal BMI, which indicates that he is neither underweight nor overweight.

Kingham certainly has a fantastically lean and chiseled figure. He has good physical stature thanks to his noticeable abs and toned chest and biceps.

Nick Kingham on the field.

Nick must have a tight diet, tough gym regimen, and regular sleep pattern in order to keep such equilibrium. To accomplish something like that, desire and discipline are definitely needed.

Similar to Kingham, who is Caucasian and has light blue eyes that his followers frequently misidentify as green but are actually sky blue. When he dons the eyewear, he appears prepared to save “Louis Lane.”

Look like “The Boy Next Door”

Nick has light brown hair that beautifully complements his fair skin, and his stunning eyes are the icing on the cake.

Not to mention the player’s smile, which has the power to illuminate a whole space.

Additionally, “The Boy Next Door” is the greatest way to characterize his sense of style. This guy is drop-dead hot in formal attire and incredibly hot in informal attire.

However, his exceptional pitching and gaming won him supporters and fans; his good looks were just a bonus!

This Scorpio man seems intimidating, but as their zodiac sign suggests, they are deeply sentimental. They have a reliable staff, which motivates them to put in more effort each time.

Nick Kingham | Education and Childhood

Don Kingham, a proud father, and Roxane Kingham, a loving mother, were thrilled to bring their first child into this wonderful world.

The family went to Vegas after leaving Texas, where they raised Nick and Nolan Kingham.

Although Texas is regarded as the world’s live music capital, Vegas offers the finest nightlife. It is a popular tourist destination for both Americans and people from other countries.

Las Vegas, however infamous for many things, also boasts kid parks, museums, natural recreation areas, and opportunities in the service industry.

Additionally, it offers a variety of fun activities for kids and is an excellent environment to grow children.

Nick has loved baseball since he was a young boy.

From a very young age, Nick was extremely drawn to baseball. He attended training camps and practice sessions because he loved baseball. His parents also gave him a lot of encouragement.

Nick was inspired by former professional baseball players as a child. He always aspired to achieve the same level of fame as his heroes.

Kingman attended Sierra Vista High School, which is situated in Las Vegas, Nevada. He made a significant contribution to the school baseball team.

He had fantastic stats his senior year of high school, going 8-3 with a 2.01 ERA in all 13 games.

Because of his talent, the Pittsburgh Pirates selected him in the fourth round of the 2010 MLB Draft. The young prodigy received a $480,000 incentive, which encouraged him even more to enter the baseball scene.

MLB and Nick Kingha Career

Kingham enrolled at the University of Oregon, but since he had already signed on with the pirates, he did not participate in the school’s baseball team.

In 2010, Nick made his major league baseball debut with the Gulf Coast League Pirates. The next two seasons, he played for the State College Spikes and the West Virginia Power.

In addition, players can only make their Major League debut after excelling and showcasing their abilities in the Minor Leagues. He began playing in 2013 for the High-A Bradenton Marauders.

His promotion to Double-A Altoona Curve for the entire season came about as a result of the organization recognizing his abilities.

The unfortunate event in this player’s life, though, was that he needed elbow surgery. He kicked off the season with a bang after taking a whole year off for rehab!

But he missed the MLB because of a second ankle ailment sustained during training.

A MLB debut

2018 finally turned into his year. He won Pitcher of the Week honors in the International League and made his MLB debut.

As everyone had predicted, his pivotal play helped the Pirates win the championship in his inaugural game against the St. Louis Cardinals.

After some time, the Pirates transferred him for cash to the Toronto Blue Jays for a designated assignment. Kingman joined SK Wyverns in the KBO league for a season in 2019.

But because it didn’t work out, he decided to support the Hanwha Eagles in 2020. The Eagles offered him a signing bonus of $250K and another $100K, thus he earned excellent money in the process.

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Nick Kingham | Income and net worth

This player’s baseball playing is his main source of revenue. Although some clubs choose not to display the cash or salaries they distribute, others enjoy doing so.

Similar to this, Nick has changed clubs a lot over his career. He is also worth more as he improves and has more experience.


But it isn’t even stopping here. This gamer has only just begun, therefore there is still a lot to come for him.

His side income may come from investments, endorsements, investments, and brand promotions.

The few brand promotions that we have seen on his Instagram account are also quite expensive

Who is the wife of Nick Kingham?

For some who may believe Kingman is unmarried, he is actually fully committed to his stunning wife, Logan Justice Kingham.

They are both the cutest and one of the hottest couples in the baseball line.Although it’s unclear how and when they met, the two of them are heartbreaking enough to bring any “Single” person to tears.

Additionally, Logan Kingman describes herself as a novice travel blogger. She seemed to have a penchant for wine tasting, in fact. Men make beer, God makes wine, they say.

Logan was formally asked to become Nick’s legally married wife on January 25, 2018. On November 11, 2019, in Onyx Punta Cana, the couple exchanged vows.

Mrs. Kingham always follows Kingham about like a shadow. She also never misses a game and is a constant supporter of him in the crowd.

Logan is Nick’s wife and best friend in addition to that. They have a fantastic affection for one another.

Social media profiles of Nick Kingham

When it comes to his life on Instagram, Kingham is a real “Flexer.” In fact, just by looking at his feed, we are able to observe a lot of the events in his life.

Nick has a comfortable lifestyle, which not everyone can afford.

In the same way, he frequently travels, which may be due to his games or just because he is in the “Vacation Mood.”

Instagram and Twitter accounts for Kingman are verified. His Instagram and Twitter both have close to 7,000 followers.

The same is true for the photos of him and his wife that appear on his stream. Looking at the stunning photos alone can convey how deeply in love they are.

They are very close because his younger brother works in the same industry as him. They have numerous images of one another.

The couple’s seaside wedding photos will also melt your heart. Every festival has something enjoyable going on. Such a joyful and lively couple!Additionally, his game stills draw a lot of interest.

When it comes to his Twitter account, he mainly tweets and retweets articles on baseball and sports.

You can find Kingman on Instagram and Twitter because he uses both regularly.