Nicole Johnson

Nicole Johnson is best known for being Miss California 2010. She is also widely known as the wife of the Olympian Swimmer, Michael Phelps.

However, there is more to her life than just that. She is a proud mother and an inspiring figure to everyone.

Nicole is highly passionate about mental health and often advocates for it through her social media.

Today, we will talk in detail about Nicole Johnson, her life, and her family. But, before that, some quick facts.

Quick Facts

Full Name Nicole Johnson
Birth Name Nicole
Date of Birth July 12, 1985
Religion Christian
Sexuality Straight
Father’s Name Richard Johnson
Mother’s Name Annette Johnson
Marital Status Married
Birthplace Colorado Springs, Colorado, U.S.
Age 37
Nationality American
Gender Female
Profession Model, Beauty Queen
  • Moorpark College, Moorpark, California, USA
  • University of Southern California, USA
School Westlake High School
Height 5’7″ (170.2 cm)
Eye color Dark Brown
Hair color Dark Brown
Weight 45 kg (143 lbs)
Birth Sign Cancer
Residence Paradise Valley, Arizona, USA
Husband Michael Phelps
Children Three
Pets Dogs (@msjunoandlegend)
Net Worth $4-$7 million
Social Media Instagram
Merch Nicole Johnson Books
Last Update July, 2022

Education and Early Life, by Nicole Johnson

On July 12, 1985, in Colorado Springs, Nicole was born. Richard is her father’s name, while Annette is her mother.

Her father managed a pharmaceutical sales team, while her mother taught science.

The majority of Nicole’s childhood was spent in Pennsylvania. Before beginning middle school, she later moved to Westlake, California, with her parents.

Johnson graduated from Westlake High School in 2003.

She signed up for Moorpark College after graduating from high school. Then, when Nicole was 17 years old, she saw a notice for Miss California Teenager in the Thousand Oaks Acorn.

In order to attend the University of Southern California, Nicole wanted to transfer. She was drawn to the competition because she believed the scholarship would enable her to fund her education.

Nicole entered the pageant and finished among the top 304 participants as the first runner-up.

She then enrolled at the University of Southern California as a result. She finished her schooling there and earned a bachelor’s degree in communication. Her primary interests were in sports and entertainment.

In 2007, she received her university diploma.

Nicole Johnson: Career as a professor

Nicole’s participation in the Miss California Teenager pageant changed her life. She was more self-assured after the competition and was inspired to take part in more similar activities.

Nicole’s mother was initially dubious about her pageant ambitions. Annette, however, could not help but be pleased of her daughter when she realized how much she had grown as a result of her numerous participations.

Nicole’s participation in beauty pageants had a greater impact than anyone could have predicted. Nicole gained confidence in addition to receiving her college scholarship, which assisted her in getting into USC.

Additionally, she forged several relationships early on, which have benefited her to this day. Nicole competed in six pageants before entering the Miss USA competition, winning several of them.

2010 Miss California

However, the brunette’s most notable victory came at the Miss California 2010 pageant, which was held in November 2009.

Nicole stated in an interview that she was most interested in becoming Miss California. She continued by saying that she had never worked out more in her life.

She trained for Miss California two days a week with a personal trainer, two days a week she practiced yoga, and three days a week she ran.

Nicole also altered her eating habits and adhered to a tight routine that included eating egg whites for breakfast, a handful of almonds or an apple for a snack, brown rice with chicken for dinner, and broccoli for lunch.

She typically chose foods that were minimal in sodium and sugar.

Nicole worked with the residents of Casa Pacifica in Camarillo, which helped mistreated, neglected, and emotionally disturbed children, after she was named Miss California.


Nicole changed her direction in 2010 and continued to compete in the Miss USA pageant. Las Vegas hosted the pageant.

She was unable to claim the title there, though. Nicole, who is stunning, however, took ninth place.

Nicole received many possibilities while competing in the Miss USA pageant. For instance, the retreat hosted in Virginia for the participants included various exercises for boosting self-esteem, advice on how to interview and perform on stage, riding horses, rock climbing, etc.

Nicole Johnson’s age, height, weight, and other information

Nicole Johnson is a tall woman, standing at 5 feet 7 inches (170 cm). She is approximately 45 kilograms (143 lbs). The sign of Nicole is cancer. She has not yet had any tattoos placed on her body.

The attractive model has a great figure with chest, waist, and hip measurements of 32, 28, and 34, respectively.

Nicole is not a quitter, to put it simply in terms of personality. When she makes a decision, she sticks with it until she completes the task at hand.

Nicole concurs that confidence comes from talent and understanding. In order to prepare for a pageant or any other activity, she reads and studies as much as she can.

Nicole enjoys spending time with her family and friends, hiking, swimming, dancing, and reading outside of beauty pageants.

Speaking about her exercise regimen, Nicole performs spin, swim, or yoga twice a week in addition to lifting weights three times per week.

Husband and Marriage

Nicole claims that she and Michael met in 2007 at the ESPYs. Nicole was given “A swimmer” to work with Nicole on production, who ended up being none other than Michael.

Michael and Nicole were wed twice! Yes, on June 13, 2016, the couple was married for the first time in their Arizona garden. There weren’t many people in attendance because it was a small ceremony.

To make travel simple, the wedding was held right before the Olympics. There was paperwork involved, and only family members were aware of the wedding.

The couple remarried on October 29, 2016, after conducting the covert ceremony.

Around 50 of their closest friends and family members attended the celebration in Mexico. It was the ideal setting for a wedding.

The pair has been together for 14 years and has seen many highs and lows. Despite having experienced many highs and lows, Nicole says she is appreciative for everything she has learned during their 14 years of being together and apart.

Speaking on their time apart, Nicole and Michael revealed that they had split up before reconciling.

How did Michael Phelps ask Nicole to marry him?

Michael proposed to Nicole as they were at a stoplight returning to the Olympic center in Colorado Springs, as Nicole herself stated in one of her Instagram “Ask me anything” series.

Snow was falling as their song, “All of me,” played on the radio. Michael got down on one knee and proposed to her right then by removing the ring from the center console.

Allison Schmitt, who was also present in the rear seat, saw everything that happened.

a succinct Michael Phelps wiki

The most successful Olympian of all time is Michael Phelps. The 28 medals he holds are all gold.

Michael also holds the record for the longest time in the men’s 400-meter individual medley. In addition, he previously held the 100-meter butterfly, 200-meter butterfly, and other world records for a very long time.

Michael was born on June 30, 1985, in Baltimore, to talk about his early life. He was raised in the Rodgers Forge neighborhood.

Deborah Sue Phelps is his mother, while Michael Fred Phelps is his father. Michael is the youngest of three siblings and the middle child.

Michael attended Dumbarton Middle School and Rodgers Forge Elementary School. He eventually went to Towson High School.

Michael stands at a height of 6 ft 4 in and weighs about 194 lb (88 kg). He has also received “The Baltimore Bullet” and “Flying Fish” for being a champion swimmer.

Michael’s Instagram username is @m phelps00. He tweets under the handle @Michael Phelps.

Children, Nicole Johnson

Michael Phelps and Nicole Johnson have three sons, all of which are boys. Boomer Robert Phelps, their first child, was born on May 6, 2016. Micheal went live on Facebook after announcing the birth of their first kid to give an explanation of why they named him Boomer.

They always wanted “something new and cool,” and Boomer felt like the ideal match, he claimed.

As an additional tribute to his mentor Bob Bowman and his grandmother Roberta, the name “Robert” was added.

Beckett Richard Phelps, their second child, was born on February 12th, 2018. Maverick Nicolas Phelps, their third child, was born on September 9, 2019.

The three kids each have a separate Instagram account. To learn more about the Phelps kids, you can follow them. The URL is provided below.

Boomer Robert Phelps: @boomerrphelps

Beckett Richard Phelps: @beckettrphelps

Maverick Nicolas Phelps: @mavericknphelps

Nicole is happy to be the mother of 3 children. According to her, she does not need/want a girl. She admits that girls are very adorable; however, it wasn’t in the store for her.

Michael and Nicole had always talked to each other about having three children, and that is what they are blessed with.

According to Nicole, she knew after having Maverick that her family was complete and that the thought hasn’t changed till today.

Nicole Johnson: Net Worth

Nicole Johnson is most known for being the wife of the Olympic Swimmer, Michael Phelps.

According to various sources, she has an estimated net worth of $4-7 million. However, she also shares her husband’s net worth, which is about $80 Million.

With all the money that the pair have accumulated, they spend quite a lavish life.

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Nicole Johnson: Social Media

At present, the Miss California 2010 winner is on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. She has millions of followers altogether.

Nicole usually shares information related to her personal as well and professional life on her social media. She also often interacts with her followers and answers their questions.

Nicole is also passionate about Mental Health and often posts content related to mental health.

If you guys are curious about Nicole and her lifestyle, feel free to follow her on her following account.

Instagram: @mrs.nicolephelps.

Additionally, she also has a page dedicated to her dogs, @msjunoandlegend.

Nicole Johnson: Frequently Asked Questions

What is Nicole Johnson’s biggest passion?

In addition to mental health and parenting, learning is another thing that Nicole is passionate about.

In her own words: “There is so much to learn about….to name a few, animals, healing, dinosaurs, the brain, depths of the ocean, different cultures……”