Nikane Madeira

Quick Facts

Birth Date March 2
Full Name Nikane Madeira
Birth Name Nikane Madeira
Other Name Efflo Tu
Profession Rapper
Nationality Canadian
Ethnicity Mixed
Birth City Toronto
Birth Country Canada
Gender Identity Male
Horoscope Pisces
Marital Status Single
Net worth 50000
Siblings Kiana Maderia, Kyla Madeira
Religion Christianity
Social Media Facebook

Nikane Madeira is a rapper from Canada. He was born in an unknown year, but he celebrates his birthday on March 2. He has yet to make a significant contribution to the rap game. As a result, many people recognize him as Kiana Madeira’s brother.

Kiana, his sister, also works in the entertainment industry, but in a different capacity than him. She works as an actress. Her most well-known works include The Flash, Fear Street, and She Never Died. Let’s get to know Nikane a little better.


Nikane Madeira is Canadian, but his ethnicity is diverse. His ancestors come from all over the world. So, what exactly is Nikane made of? He is half Portuguese, half First Nations, half Irish, and half African-American. His Portuguese comes from his father, while his First Nations, Irish, and Black come from his mother.

There isn’t much information available about his parents. As a result, their names, occupations, and whereabouts are unknown. However, in an interview with L’Officiel, Kiana discussed what it was like growing up with her parents, which gives us an idea of how Nikane’s parents are. When asked why she decided to become an actress, she stated:

I come from a family of storytellers; I’ve grown up in a household where we are constantly cracking jokes, sharing stories, and brainstorming ways to create. Being surrounded by humans who are not afraid to feel deeply and outwardly express those feelings had a huge influence on my desire to pursue a career as an actor. I have always admired truthful, bold expression of emotion and since I was a child I have been very curious to learn more about how and why we feel things as people.

Nikane Has Another Sister Who Is Also An Actress

Kiana is the only member of the Madeira family who can act. Kyla Madeira, Nikane’s other sister, has also decided to pursue a career in the film industry.

Kyla Madeira’s career may not be as accomplished as her sister’s, but it is on the rise. She, like Nikane, leads a private life, and very little is known about her.

Nikane Madeira’s sister Kyla Madeira (Source: IMDb)

Her filmography is small in comparison to her sister’s, according to her IMDb page. Her most notable role is as Felicia Mazur in the fourth season of the critically acclaimed The Expanse. Yo Fam! is also in her filmography. and The Case Files.

About His Sister

Kiana Madeira is an actress best known for her work on television. The Canadian beauty was born on November 4, 1992, in Toronto. She may be short in stature, standing at 5 feet and 5 inches.

That, however, did not deter her from pursuing her dream of becoming an actor. She has wanted to be an actor since she was a child after seeing Grease.

According to her IMDb page, she began giving auditions at the age of ten. Fast forward to today, and she is a well-known television actress, having appeared in shows such as The Flash (which has a large cast, including actress Candice Patton). Fear Street, After Ever Happy, Level 16, and She Never Died are among her other works.

His Relationship With Sister Kiana

The brother and sister are twins, in case you didn’t know. They were not, however, born on the same day. Kiana Madeira was born on November 4th, while Nikane Madeira was born on March 2nd. Although his age is unknown, he is the older of the two.

Nikane Madeira recording himself rapping (Source: Instagram)

They are deeply in love and respect for one another. Kiana, in particular, has stated that his brother always motivates her to do better, and she reciprocates. Kiana wrote on her Instagram on October 7, 2020, while promoting her brother’s new music:

My brother has taught me the importance of mastering my craft. Since day 1, he has been setting the bar high and we continue to rise together. @nikaneisefflo new music coming this month I LOVE YOU BIG BRO

Relationship Status

I’m afraid I have some bad news about Nikane Madeira’s relationship status. His current relationship status is unknown. He has not given the media any information about his personal life.

His sister, on the other hand, is very open about her relationship in public. She is fine with sharing her love with the rest of the world. Lovell Adams-Gray is her true love. He is no longer her boyfriend because the two are now engaged.

Lovell Adams-Gray with Kiana Madeira (Source: Instagram)

Her fiancée, like her, is an actor. He is best known for his role as Dru Tejada in Power Book II: Ghost. He’s also a Canadian, like her. She frequently posts about Lovell on Instagram. Also She expressed her love for her man in one of her posts. She stated:

Four years ago this handsome angel asked me to be his girlfriend. I have since been promoted to fiancée; one of my dearest promotions to this day I hope everyone is experiencing love and light today and everyday this year. “The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness can never extinguish it.” (John 1:5) 

Where Is Nikane Today? 

Nikane has been silent for some time. In 2021, he was still working. However, the same cannot be said for this year. This has sparked some speculation. He could be taking a break from music and returning later, or he could have given up on making music entirely.

Nikane hasn’t made music in a long time. In addition, he has deleted his Instagram account. This is the main reason for the speculations. He has distanced himself from the media, so no one knows what he is up to these days.

Professional life

Nikane, as previously stated, is a rapper. He may not have much clout among hip-hop fans yet, but his career is on the rise. In the hip-hop community, he is known as Efflo Tu.

Nikane Madeira recording his song Big Responsibility (Source: Instagram)

Kiana, his sister, is arguably his biggest fan. She has also praised her brother’s work on her Instagram account. She took to Instagram to wish her brother a happy birthday, writing:

Nikane, it’s your birthday. What better day to share some more of your amazing light and talent with the world? Happy birthday to my twin Big Responsibility is out now on all platforms  @nikaneisefflo ft. @twobitofficial 

Net worth & Source of Income

Nikane Madeira is a rapper who has been making music for quite some time. He is still in the early stages, and making big money will take time. His net worth is far lower than that of some of the most famous rappers. His current net worth is estimated to be in the $50,000 range.

Kiana Madeira, the younger sister, has already begun to make a good living as an actress. She has amassed a net worth of $1.5 million through her acting career. The success of films such as Bad Hair Day, The Swap, and Fear Street has contributed significantly to her net worth.

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