Nikita Mankad

Nikita Mankad is a famous celebrity girl. She is the daughter of the famous American actress Aarti Mujdar well known as Arti Mann. Mankad’s mother is Writer and Director apart from her career as an actress.

Nikita Mankad mother has starred in many famous movies like The Big Bang Theory, Never Have I Ever, Today’s Special, The Memsahib, and many more others.

Quick Facts

Birth Date 2005
Full Name Nikita Mankad
Birth Name Nikita
Nationality American
Ethnicity American

How was Arti Mann Early Years?

Actress Arti from The Big Bang Theory was born on March 3, 1978, in Connecticut, a state in southern New England with a mix of coastal cities and rural areas with scattered small towns.

In her native Connecticut, a U.S. state in southern New England, she had grown up and been raised. In the same city as her, her daughter was also born in 2005.

Family Information

Mankad is the daughter of Purvesh Mankad and renowned actress Aarti Mankad. The family’s lone daughter is named Mankad. Although her mother is an Indian native, she has chosen to pursue a profession here. Being the only child of her parents, she has a close relationship with both of them.

Nikita Mankad with her father Purvesh Mankad and mother Aarti Mankad posing for a photo. Photo source: Lennox


Vasanti Majumdar, a well-known gynecologist in the United States, has a maternal granddaughter named Mankad. The identity of her maternal grandfather has not yet been made public. Mankad and her grandmother have a close relationship.

Aarti Mann, Nishad Majmudar, and Kruti Majmudar are the three children that Vasanti, the mother of Nikita Mankad, has given birth to.

What is Arti Education Level?

Regarding Mankad’s scholastic history, she finished her secondary education in a private school in her own California community. She graduated from South Pasadena High School in California, the United States, after completing her high school education.

Mankad used to perform community service during the summers off from school. Evidently, she raised awareness of menstruation hygiene. She was also an active participant in Period Product Drive.

Who is the father of Nikita Mankad?

One of the successful businessmen who demonstrated that knowledge is only a piece of information without experience is Purvesh Mankad. With the help of his financial securities company, CTA Exchange, he was able to raise more than $80 million in assets for CTAs.

Nikita Mankad posing for a picture with her parents, Aarti and Purvesh Mankad. Lennox Mankad is currently serving as an interim chief financial officer for Cover Technologies Inc., a modern technology business, and working on specific initiatives for them. In addition, he has a track record of success in the real estate industry, trading derivatives, and providing digital healthcare services. He is a flexible financial professional.

Purvesh Mankad’s education

Purvesh, the spouse of Aarti Mann, an actress, attended Rutgers University with the class of 1998, together with American actor Christian Navarro.

From the Old Queen’s, he earned a Bachelor of Science (B.S.) in Applied Mathematics.

Parent’s Marriage

In a small and private wedding ceremony, former Briangem founder and CEO Purvesh married The Big Bang Theory actress Aarti Mann (née Majmudar). Their marriage was performed in accordance with customary Christian rites.

After dating for a few years, the charming pair decided to get married. Since their wedding date up until this point, the charming pair has been taking pleasure in one another’s presence as husband and wife.

The couple keeps their relationship private because they are not used to the media’s attention. They currently reside in Santa Monica, a seaside community in California.

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What is Nikita Height and Weight?

The actress from Never Have I Ever has a very endearing and seductive attitude. She is a decent height as well. She is 185 cm (6 feet 1 inches) tall and 60 kg.

Her sharp nose, dark black hair, and brown eyes only serve to enhance how attractive and dashing she already is. Despite not being in a glamorous sector, she has a well-maintained, athletic body type.

Instagram of Nikita

Arti Mann’s daughter doesn’t use social media any more. Her Instagram account, @nikita.mankad, has 1.3K followers. Only seventeen posts are on her Instagram. She doesn’t have a profile on any other social networks and favors keeping it understated.

What is Nikita Nikita Relationship Status?

According to social media, Aarti Mujdar’s daughter is now legally single. On any social media platform, she has not yet disclosed any details about her relationships or affairs.

Additionally, she has not disclosed any details about her previous relationships, affairs, or use of social media. However, there is no guarantee that the stunning Mankad is unmarried.

Kruti Majmudar’s nephew

The renowned American cinema director Kruti Majmudar’s nephew is the famous daughter Mankad.

The Memsahib and mommy’s residence are two of her well-known directions. Through the helming of well-known films, she has consistently made contributions to the American film industry.

Mother of Mankad’s films

Through her extraordinary acting abilities and aptitude, the actress Aarti Mann has starred in numerous well-known films.

Danny Collins, The Memsahib, Love Sonia, I’ll See You in My Dreams, Monsoon, The Punching Dummy, and numerous other films are among her blockbusters.

Mankad’s Mother: A TV Series

Through her incredible acting abilities and talent, American actress Aarti Mann has acted in numerous TV series. She has been able to amass a large following because to her acting and incredible abilities.

Among her well-known television programs are The Big Bang Theory, Sharon 1.2.3, Never Have I Ever, and NCIS: New Orleans.

What are her Hobbies ?

Hobbies According to Mankad’s Instagram posts, she enjoys dancing, going swimming with her closest friend, reading books, taking pictures, going out with her friends, and hanging out with them during her leisure time.

Posing for a picture with her puppy is Nikita Mankad.(Source: Instagram)

A photo of Nikita Mankad and her dog showing the dog was taken. Source of the image: nikita.mankad on Instagram
She also enjoys visiting new locations and taking in the natural beauty. On her days off, she also enjoys spending time with her loved ones.

How much is Nikita Net Worth?

Nikita Mankad is still developing her profession; she hasn’t yet built it up. So her mother Arti Mann is well-known in the US as an actress. Her mother is worth $4 million in total.

Because of her excellent acting profession, he has access to a lot of money. Other than her work, she does not have any other personal businesses or other sources of income. With his financial securities company, CTA Exchange, her father has a total net worth of $80 million in CTAs.

Social media posts by Mankad’s mother

Like other celebrities, the American actress Mankad is highly active on social media. She uses Instagram more frequently than other social media platforms.

Her Instagram account, @aartimanncan, has 421k followers. On her official Instagram account, she updates both her personal and professional life. On her official Instagram account, she publishes artistic photographs that she took herself.

Active on Twitter and Facebook as well

Mankad, an American actress, is also highly active on Twitter and Facebook. On her official Facebook page, Aarti Mann, she has 13k fans. On her official Facebook and Twitter profiles, she publishes a snapshot of herself having fun and traveling with a buddy.

And on her official Twitter account @aartiman, she has 2.8K followers. On her official Twitter account, she shares her thoughts and opinions.

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