Nikolas Cruz

An American gunman named Nikolas Cruz attracted global attention in 2018 by shooting 14 kids and three adults at a high school in Parkland, Florida.

Quick Facts

Full Name: Nikolas Cruz
Birth Date: September 24, 1998
Age: 23 years
Gender: Male
Profession: Perpetrator
Country: United States
Horoscope: Libra
Height: 5 feet 7 inches (1.70m)
Eye Color Light Brown
Hair Color Brown
Birth Place Margate, Florida
Nationality American
Ethnicity White
Religion Christianity
Education Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School
Father Roger Cruz
Mother Lynda Cruz
Siblings Zachary Cruz

Which country is Nikolas Cruz from?

On September 24, 1998, Nikolas Cruz had his eyes opened to the wonders of the world. He was born in the American state of Florida’s Margate. He will be 23 years old in 2022, and the sign of his zodiac is Libra. Cruz typically celebrates his birthday on September 24.

Childhood Image of Nikolas Cruz with his family(Source: Facty News)

Roger Cruz (the father) and Lynda Cruz were his parents (mother). He grew up with his brother as well. Zachary Cruz is the name of Cruz’s brother. Similar to this, he is an American citizen with a white ethnic heritage. He also practices Christianity as a religion.

Are the parents of Nikolas Cruz still alive?

Both Nikolas Cruz’s parents have passed away. On August 11, 2004, his father died at the age of 67, and on November 1, 2017, his mother passed away at the age of 68. Cruz’s parents passed away when he was just six years old and 19 years old, respectively. He stayed at his friends’ and family’s homes when his parents passed away.

Where did Nikolas Cruz attend high school?

Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School was where Nikolas Cruz finished his high school education. It can be found in Parkland, Florida, in the US. High school Douglas is a public institution.

What time did Nikolas Cruz fire?

Nikolas Cruz opens fire at Parkland, Florida’s Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School on February 14, 2018.

What is Nikolas Cruz guilty of?

At a high school in 2018, Nikolas killed 14 kids and three adults

Nikolas Cruz was reportedly carrying a bag and a weapon case on that particular day, according to police officers. He was also recognized by a staff member, who radioed a fellow employee to say that he was purposefully walking in the direction of Building 12.

Nikolas Cruz at court(Source: The New York Times)

He began by shooting the three pupils in the hallway, then moved on to four closed classroom doors, shooting through the windows, killing six more students and injured thirteen more. In Holocaust History with Ivy Schamis, he murdered two students.

An armed school resource officer from the Broward County Sheriff’s Office was present on campus when the shooting started, and he stayed outside between Building 12 and the neighboring Building 7 at the time. Cruz entered the second level after killing two employees close to a stairwell and missing everyone while firing into two further classes.

He opened fire, killing five students and one staff member who were in the third-floor hallway at the time. Four additional students were also hurt. While aiming for employees and children who were running downstairs, he missed the teacher’s lounge.

What is Nikolas Cruz’s height?

Nikolas weighs 59 kg and has a height of 5 feet 7 inches. In a similar vein, he has brown hair and attractive light brown eyes.

What transpired following the shooting?

Nikolas Cruz dropped his firearm on the third floor of the building and stooped to shoot after missing his target of faculty and students. Then, by blending in with the crowd, he was able to escape with the aid of running students. According to reports, he stopped at a mall on his way to a fast-food restaurant to get a Coke.

Who were the shooting’s many victims?

14 pupils and 3 staff members were among the 17 fatalities, and more than 17 more were hurt but survived. The day following the shooting, three people were in serious condition, and one person was still there the next day.

The names of the killed staff members were Scott Beigel, Aaron Feis, and Chris Hixon, while the names of the killed students were Alyssa Alhadeff, Martin Duque, Nicholas Dworet, Jaime Guttenberg, Luke Hoyer, Cara Loughran, Gina Montalto, Joaquin Oliver, Alaina Petty, Meadow Pollack, Helena Ramsay, Alex Schachter, Carmen Schentrup, and Peter Wang.

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Nikolas Cruz received a payout from the life insurance policy?

It’s true that Nikolas Cruz received half of a life insurance payout totaling roughly $865,000.

What form of punishment does Nikolas Cruz receive?

Nikolas Cruz has received a death sentence and continues to be eligible for execution. From not guilty to guilty for the 17 killings, he altered his plea. The case will proceed to the punishment phase because, according to the Broward State Attorney’s Office, the plea was not a condition of a deal with their office. He added that a jury of 12 people will decide whether he should be given the death penalty or life in prison.

Professional Life

Nikolas is an offender. At the time of the incident, he was attending a GED program while also working at a neighboring Dollar Tree. Cruz participated in the Junior Reserve Officers’ Training Corps.

He has also received a number of accolades, such as academic success for maintaining an A in JROTC. He has also participated in competitions for his school’s varsity air rifle team.

How much money does Nikolas Cruz make?

An employee at Dollar Tree may make an average of $10.65 per hour, according to various web resources. Before the mass shooting, he used to receive the same income.

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