Nile Wilson

Former British artistic gymnast Nile Michael Wilson has medals from the Olympics, the Commonwealth Games, and the World Artistic Gymnastics Championships. Nile Wilson is well-known for dedicating more than 12 years of his life to the sport he enjoys.

Quick Facts

Full Name Nile Michael Wilson
Birth Date January 17, 1996 
Birth Place Leeds, West Yorkshire, England
Nick Name Wilsonator
Religion Christianity
Nationality British
Ethnicity Caucasian
Education Pudsey Grangefield School
Horoscope Capricorn
Father’s Name Neil Wilson
Mother’s Name Sally Wilson
Siblings One Sister: Joanna
Age  26
Height 166 cm (5 ft 5 in)
Weight 62kg
Discipline Men’s artistic gymnastics
Hair Color Light brown
Eye Color Dark brown
Body Type Athletic
Profession Artistic Gymnast
Team British Men’s Gymnastics team
Started Career 2014
Competitions Played
  • 2014 Commonwealth Games
  • 2015 World Championships
  • 2016 Summer Olympics
  • 2017 World Championships
  • 2018 Commonwealth Games
Active Years in Gymnastics 2014-2021
Sexual Orientation Straight
Marital Status Unmarried
Girlfriend Gabrielle Paige
Kids Not any
Net Worth $500K – $750K
Club Manchester Academy of Gymnastics
Level Senior international elite
Social Media Facebook, InstagramYouTubeTiktok
YouTube Content Genre Vlogs and Gymnastics Video
Years Active on YouTube 2009–present
YouTube Subscribers 1.52 Million
Total views 340 Million +
Retirement January 14, 2021
Merch My Story (Hardcover), Raising The Bar (Paperback)
Last Update August, 2022

What is the Net Worth of Nile Wilson?

Nile Wilson has amassed wealth through performing on some of the most magnificent platforms and by developing a career in sports and social media.

Wilson has multiple sources of income. He publishes sponsored and compensated content on Tiktok and Instagram, which brings in a sizeable income from brands and businesses.

In a similar vein, he earns a ton of money from his Youtube channel, including earnings from views and ad income.

The sportsman also participates in numerous brand collaborations, which fill his wallet. We can estimate that Nile Wilson has a substantial net worth after taking into account all of his potential sources of income.

Nile Wilson, an Olympic medalist and popular figure on Tiktok and Youtube, has a staggering net worth of $500K-$750K.   You may also like to read about 12 Best Gymnasts In The World Right Now!

Early Life, Family, and Education | Nile Wilson

On January 17, 1996, the Olympian was born as Nile Michael Wilson. Nile’s parents, Neil and Sally Wilson, also reside in Leeds, West Yorkshire, England, where he was born.

Regarding his education, Wilson received his fundamental education at Farsley Farfield Primary School. In the same way, he later finished high school at Pudsey Grangefield School.

In his family, Nile is not the only child. Together with his younger sister Joanna, he was raised.

It’s interesting to note that his sister is a national-level gymnast and a fan of the sport.

The family of Nile Wilson also includes a famous person. He is Charles Duncan Fearnley’s great-nephew, a cricket player.

Inept as a Child

The medal-winning athlete’s early years were filled with ups and downs, making for a fascinating childhood. When he was younger, Nile wasn’t a big sports fan.

He even admitted that he was an awkward child whose parents were concerned about his future.

His clumsiness had caused him to sustain numerous wounds, some of which left permanent scars on his body.

In order to help their child deal with the awkwardness and prepare for what life has in store, the worried parents decided to enrol their child in gymnastics.

Nile Wilson competing in a championship in his early days (Source: Instagram)

Nile Wilson’s extraordinary adventure began at this point, marking the beginning of everything.

A clumsy child who was engaged in gymnastics as a way to deal with his clumsiness eventually had a successful career in the sport.

That is wonderful to hear, just. Yes, it is. The adage that “your childhood molds your life” is true.

As his parents had trained him to do, Nile has now equipped himself to deal with any challenge that may come his way. His mentality has been moulded by this formative experience, and nothing can bring him down.

Height, weight, and age

Nile Wilson will be 26 years old in 2022. The artistic gymnast is 166 cm (5 ft 5 in) height and over 62 kg in weight.

Career of Nile Wilson

Nile Wilson has gone a long way to reach his current position in the sports community after initially disliking sports as a child.

He gradually became quite interested in gymnastics when his parents enrolled him.

Similarly, Nile drew the attention of the gym trainers, who began intensively working with him. To prepare for the 2004 Olympics, his trainers put him through countless hours of training.

Unfortunately, he hurt himself and had to take some time off, which made him stressed out and miserable.

But his perseverance got him back on track, and in March 2014, after his comeback, he won the British Junior Championship.

Wilson won the competition’s title of Male Young Sportsman. In the course of his gymnastics career, Nile won numerous other awards after this one.

He participated in the 2014 European Championships in Sofia in May and came away with five gold medals. Nile became the first British gymnast to ever win five gold medals at the championships because to this accomplishment.

International Competitions

Nile participated in the 2014 Commonwealth Championship and was a part of the British team’s gold-medal victory.

He also took home three individual medals in the competition: a gold in the horizontal bar, a silver in the parallel bars, and a bronze in the individual all-round. Furthermore, his squad won a silver medal at the Glasgow 2015 World Championships.

The 2016 Summer Olympics’ first British gymnast to win a bronze medal in the horizontal bar competition was Nile Wilson, who took home the medal in the event.

Wilson had a left ankle ligament injury during training for the 2017 World Championships. He participated in the 2017 World Championships of Artistic Gymnastics but came in sixth place.

Nile Wilson showing off a stunt competing for his team in the 2016 Olympics (Source: Daily Express)

The 2018 Commonwealth Games were his career’s most fruitful competition. Three gold medals were won by him: one with the British team and two more in the horizontal bars and solo all-around events.

He still had more medals to earn at this championship, though. In the rings and parallel bars, he took home two silver medals.

Nile Wilson | Gymnastics Career Ends

For an athlete, retirement is undoubtedly an emotional and difficult time. Every athlete aspires to devote their entire lives to the activity they cherish.

however, when you are forced to retire at a young age because of a situation. Nobody desires that to occur.

However, Nile Wilson’s life took a hit when he was forced to give up a sport in which he had excelled owing to health issues. Wilson made a retirement announcement on his Youtube channel.

On January 14, 2021, he posted a video titled “I’ve Retired from Gymnastics” to his YouTube page, outlining his reasons for doing so. Nike interrupts his professional gymnastics to speak out against cultural slurs in the arena itself.

Speaking to BBC Sport, he asserted that he was “without a doubt” mistreated throughout his training. He was also subjected to emotional manipulation and made to live in constant terror of his coaches.

Wilson also disclosed to BBC Sport that he postponed speaking out about wrongdoing until after his retirement because of fear of losing his job, possibly being cut from the British Olympic team.

A YouTube and Tiktok star is Nile Wilson.

He has a distinct life and career in the video streaming platforms YouTube and Tiktok in addition to competing in several world championships and winning medals for his nation.

On YouTube, Nile has a channel called Nile Wilson where he posts vlogs about his daily life as well as gymnastics-related videos.

His channel description on YouTube reads, “Olympic Gymnast trying to show you how amazing this sport is! Join the Wilsonators.

On YouTube, Nile has over 1.65 Million fans that adore watching his videos. In addition, his channel has received more than 322 million views overall.

Wilson is also well-liked by users of the well-known video app Tiktok. More than 1M people follow him on Tiktok under the handle @nilewilsonator.

He posts entertaining videos, such as dances and videos on hot issues, as well as videos displaying his talent and love for the sport of gymnastics.

Nile has lived his life as an athlete, influencer, and content creator, making him an all-arounder.

Instagram presence

Nile Wilson is a social media user and a YouTube, TikToker, and athlete. He enjoys sharing updates about his life with his followers on numerous social media sites.

Nile is active on  Instagram, where he frequently shares updates on his photoshoots, life updates, paid advertisements, and gymnastics (obviously).

Nile Wilson is well known among his followers on the network, having amassed over 495K followers.

Wilson enjoys using his  Twitter account to interact with his followers. On Twitter, he has over 54K followers as well.

Wilson has a  Facebook profile as well, where he is also rather active.

Nile Wilson | Girlfriend

Being well-known, Nile Wilson undoubtedly has a large following, and it goes without saying that they are interested in learning about his romantic and personal relationships.

For the fans’ benefit, Nile Wilson has made it quite apparent. He is dating blogger Gabriella Paige, who has been on Nile’s social media pages multiple times.

The couple has been dating for a while, but they haven’t yet tied the knot. Additionally, the couple is not yet parents.

Questions and Answers (FAQs)

What does the father of Nile Wilson do?

Neil Wilson, the father of the British gymnast, has now formally transitioned into a full-time YouTube vlogger with his son. The Neil and Nile Vlogs channel belongs to the father-and-son team.

Neil allegedly quit his job to start a YouTube channel. We don’t quite know what he did before to that though.

What’s Nile Wilson up to these days?

Despite having given up professional gymnastics, Nile Wilson regularly posts videos of himself performing various tricks on YouTube.

Has Nile Wilson ever owned a gym?

In Dinnington, Rotherham, he does really own a gymnastics facility with 12,000 square feet.