Oksana Bazilevich

Oksana Bazilevich is a Russian actress who has been in numerous television shows and films. She is most known for her parts in the TV series “Such Work,” “Short Stories,” “Knife in the Clouds,” and other works in current Russian film.

Quick Facts

Full Name Oksana Bazilevich
Height 178cm
Nationality Russian
Date of Birth 1969/2/26
Birth Country Russia
Birth Place Ryazan


Oksana Bazilevich (born February 26, 1969 in Ryazan, Russia) is a Russian actress who has appeared in theater and on television. On the other hand, she hasn’t shared any information about her family or early life to the public. Her current age is 52, and she stands 5ft 8inches tall.

What is Oksana Education Level?

In 1990, she graduated from the Leningrad State Institute of Theater, Music, and Cinematography with a bachelor’s degree in theater, music, and cinematography. From 1992 through 2008, she was a member of the Farsy Theater.

Oksana performed at the State Drama Theater on Liteiny, the Leningrad City Council Theater, and the V.F. Komissarzhevskaya Theater. She appeared on the television shows “Fatherland and Fate” and “Not Long Stories.”

What Is Oksana Bazilevich’s Married Life Status & Love Affair?

Oksana Bazilevich met Ivan Voropayev through common friends when she was a second-year Theatre Institute student. Both of them attended the same theater school. She fell in love at first sight, and the young couple married soon after after dating for a while.

Oksana Bazilevich Husband Ivan Nikolaev was a businessman Source: many good tips

Unfortunately, Oksana Bazilevich’s husband died of intestinal hemorrhage unexpectedly. She didn’t even have time to say goodbye to her loved ones because she died so quickly. Perhaps this is why a widowed woman claims to see a man in her nightmares.

Denis Voropayev is their only child. All of the actress Okasana’s acquaintances assisted in the raising of the boy, who attended school, a music studio, and artistic circles.

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The Acting Career of Oksana Bazilevich

Oksana Bazilevich made her acting debut in the historical film Rin: The Legend of the Icon and the social drama Chekist in 1992.

Meanwhile, Oksana returned to filmmaking after a long hiatus that coincided with theatrical activities, including work on the American production of Anna Karenina, which featured Sophie Marceau.

In the twenty-first century, she was a regular on v

Russian theater and tv actress Oksana Bazilevich Source: gstatic

arious domestic television series. Despite the fact that she mostly used her skills to create images of secondary characters, the actress did not vanish from television screens.

It is vital to bring such films to the public’s attention. In the melodrama Double Last Name, duologue, Oksana Bazilevich plays investigator The Knife in the Clouds, an action Chess player. One for all, with a lengthy criminal record. All of the films featured the actress in the starring role.

How much is Oksana Net Worth?

Oksana Bazilevich has amassed a considerable net worth in the entertainment industry as a result of her job. Her whole estimated net worth as of 2023, on the other hand, is $1 million. With the money she gets from her job, she maintains a healthy lifestyle.

The actress’ talents aren’t restricted to her industry. Poem writing and painting are two of her favorite pastimes. Despite having worked on several well-known films, the actual amount of her annual compensation has yet to be exposed in the media.

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