Paddy Fisher

Quick Facts

Full Name Paddy Fisher
Birthplace Houston, Texas
Birthday Jan 23, 1998
Nationality American
Parents Steven Fisher
Kathiann Fisher
Sibling Jonathon, Josef, and Alex
Body type Athletic
Height 6’4″(1.93 m)
Weight  246 lb(112 kg)
Eye color Black
Hair color Dark
Skin Fair
Education Katy High School
Northwestern University
Major Learning and Organizational change
Commit date June 30, 2015
Profession Football player
Position Linebacker
Class Senior
Bowl games 2017 Music City Bowl
2018 Holiday Bowl
2021 Senior Bowl
2021 Citrus Bowl
Affiliated teams Katy Tigers
Northwestern Wildcats
Marital Status Unmarried
Girlfriend Not available
Awards Two times First-team All-Big Ten (2018, 2020)
Butkus-Fitzgerald Linebacker of the year (2020)
Two times second-team All-Big Ten (2017, 2019)
Social Media Instagram
Net Worth $5 million
Wildcats’ Merch TshirtHoodieJersey
Last Update September, 2022

Sports rookies are frequently in the news. The audience adores their immaculate fire and their desire to achieve their individual aims. Paddy Fisher is one such diligent athlete.

Whoever doesn’t know, Paddy Fisher plays American football. He performs linebacker duties for the Northwestern Wildcats.

Fisher is also highly renowned for his magic shows from his high school and college years.

His impressive passing percentages and stats won over both his critics and many of his peers.

Childhood,Family And Education

Fisher is a native of the 14,102-person Katy Town in Texas, a small town. Paddy and his three siblings were all born and raised in the city.

The NFL great was also conceived by his parents, Kathiann Fisher and Steven Fisher. He enjoyed playing football with his brother Jonathan, Josef, and Alex.

Additionally, as a youngster, Fisher played the majority of his games in the organized youth league. Since the third grade, he has laced up his pads and committed himself to the game.

Paddy fisher with his siblings.(Source=Instagram)

So, because he enjoyed playing football, it became a way of life for him.

Paddy Fisher was also born into a football household. Like him, his uncle and relatives were football players.

Additionally, Fisher’s older siblings played for the Katy Tigers club.

Fisher’s father served as his role model as a child. Paddy Fisher’s father, Steven Fisher, played fullback in Division II for Bloomsburg University in Pennsylvania.

His father also trained his older brothers and urged them all to play football. Fisher also wore the No. 35 shirt that his father wore in high school during his middle school years.

What is the Physical Measurement of Paddy Fisher?

Fisher is a talented athlete with a huge physical presence. He is renowned for maintaining a stringent diet and exercise schedule.

Fisher adds that maintaining his physical fitness is beneficial. The athlete’s current height of 6 feet 4 inches is astounding. In addition, he measures 112 kg.

How did Paddy Fisher Start Football Career?

One of the most exciting young prospects in Northwestern’s football program was Fisher. He also had a ton of experience, which increased his prospective production.

Soon after, he began to improve as a player and pushed the boundaries of his dedication. Fisher was also known to place a high priority on collaboration.

He also plays a big part in the team because he is a leader and commands respect from the other players.

Fisher’s coach also appreciates his ability to communicate intelligently and his throwing and tackling skills.

High School Career

In Katy, Texas, Paddy Fisher attended Katy High School. He also received All-State and All-District recognition in 2015 as a senior.

He was given the award after guiding Katy to the Class 6A Division II State Championship and No. 2 rankings in the country.

Paddy Fisher also recorded 350 tackles, 8 forced fumbles, 8 sacks, and 25 tackles for loss.


Consensus three-star recruit Paddy Fisher. Moreover, he received scholarship offers from Northwestern, Wisconsin, Baylor, Houston, and many others.

Fisher committed to Northwestern on June 30, 2015, turning down offers from other schools.

He enrolled in June after signing the letter of intent in February 2016, which was also National Signing Day.

College Career

Fisher redshirted the 2016 season to mark the beginning of his collegiate career. Nevertheless, he received the FWAA’s Freshman All-America Honors for the 2017 campaign.

Fisher was also named the Big Ten Freshman Defensive Player of the Year by “The Big Ten Network.” After compiling four forced falls, 113 tackles, nine tackles for loss, and one interception, he was given the appropriate prize.

Paddy Fisher also finished his sophomore year of football in 2018 with an interception, 116 tackles, five tackles for loss, and four forced fumbles.

He was also nominated for the Big Ten First Team and the Third Team of the Associated Press All-America.

Paddy Fisher played in 12 games in 2019 and had 88 tackles, one forced fumble, one interception, and six tackles for loss.

A friend, brother, and compatriot

Travis Whillock and Paddy Fisher both grew up in the same area. At age five, the pair began playing football together, and they have continued to do so ever since.

Fisher and his mother, Kathiann, have a special closeness that makes them practically inseparable.

Whillock also provided Fisher with the most assistance following the death of his father. He was crucial in providing Fisher with a diversion from his bad thoughts.

In addition, according to Paddy Fisher’s family, the pair grew closer as a result of the sad event. The two of them would then carry on their journey to Katy.

Whillock and Fisher were instantly identified as prospects by the Katy coaching staff. Fisher’s instincts and consistency further impressed Coach Joseph.

In addition, the pair put in a lot of effort alongside their teammates to accomplish their objectives. The two performed admirably during their freshman year and advanced to the varsity team as sophomores.

Paddy Fisher and Travis Whillock with their teammate at Katy.(Source=Instagram)

Brotherhood on the pitch

Fisher and Whillock’s performance started to attract college coaches from across the country to Katy. Furthermore, Kansas extended an offer to the pair after their loss in the 2014 final as juniors.

In addition, the Wisconsin offer came a month after the April offer from Northwestern. Whillock and Fisher wished to carry on playing for their institution.

However, after they went to Evanston, it started to seem more likely. The players from Northwestern impressed the pair and made them think of Katy.

Furthermore, Fisher and Whillock then competed against one another for an opening in Evanston for the year 2018.

The two played football together for thirteen straight seasons, so it was a reunion or brief.

Since they won a state championship in 2015, the two have not collaborated on a game. Fisher and Whillock will also never be far from playing together on a football field.

Paddy Fisher ‘The Face of Northwestern’s Defense’

Fisher and Whillock witnessed the state championship game of the Katy Tigers with their family before beginning their careers as football players.

The guys are seated side by side, admiring the incredible beauty of the game and dreaming of one day winning.

The pair was greeted by a sea of crimson in December 2015 as Katy supporters clapped for them as they won another state championship.

Fisher and Whillock were in charge of the defense, and the team was assured. Out of a victory over Lake Travis of 27 points, the two only gave up seven.

The two brothers have finally realized their childhood aim of becoming state champions.

Furthermore, Katy has a 16-0 season record after shutting out its opponents ten times. Additionally, USA Today ranked them as the top team in the nation.

Additionally, after realizing their dream as Fisher and Whillock, the two decided to enroll as Northwestern Wildcats.

In addition, Fisher continued to flourish in Evanston as well.

In addition, Fisher’s 113 tackles as a redshirt freshman helped the Wildcats win a national championship in 2017.

Paddy Fisher was also named the week’s top defensive player nationally. He wins the award for making 19 tackles in a victory over Michigan State.

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Northwestern Star and College Stats

In the winter of the NFL, Fisher would have been eligible. He made the decision to stay in Evanston, nevertheless. Aside from that, if the Wildcats ended the season above.500, he might have been remembered in the annals of the program.

In addition, he was the second Wildcat to enter the pro ranks prior to Fisher, who quit the program and turned pro.

In addition, he accomplished a lot while playing for the Wildcats. His play on the field was astounding. The combination of Paddy Fisher’s bulk and speed terrified the opposition.

Fisher also had a huge influence in 2017 despite being redshirted at the start of 2016. He showed outstanding talent and improved his on-pitch performance for a rookie.

He also made the most of his wingspan because to his long arms and exceptional senses.

This unique skill allowed him to use his enormous bulk to assault linemen and get off blockers.

He also put a lot of effort into honing his pass-coverage and interception abilities.

Fisher’s journey to NFL prospect

The six-footer is a 2021 NFL draft prospect. The coaches know him well as the ideal inside linebacker. He is also contrasted with players like Urlacher and Lewis.

Fisher led his team to the No. 1 national ranking and an unbeaten state championship in 2015 while he was a student at Katy.

Fisher also recorded 250 tackles, eight forced fumbles, and eight sacks over the course of three years. Also, he was a three-star recruit during his high school days.

Fisher was also chosen for the third team of the 2018 Associated Press All-America at Northwestern.

Additionally, he received the Butkus-Fitzgerald Linebacker of the Year award in 2020. Here is a list of his academic high points.

Fisher started honing his craft in Chicago after the 2020 season kicked off. Additionally, he has visited with groups like the New York Jets, Minnesota, New Orleans, Philadelphia, and others.

Paddy Fisher said when asked what he was most anticipating in the NFL.

Just my general impressions and football-specific nose.

Then he discussed his instinct and how he was able to locate the ball’s positioning.

“My capacity to locate the ball and position myself to make plays. At the next level, that’s crucial, and I possess the instinct and football IQ to be aware of what’s happening in front of me and behind me, to comprehend offense and defense, and to make plays.

How was the Networth Value of Paddy Fisher?

The player lately made a splash in the American football world. Fisher has made an impression on the supporters of his side despite being a newcomer to the main league.

Fisher therefore leads a modest life with his family despite the riches he has amassed over the course of his career.

He is thought to be worth $5 million.

His guaranteed pay under the terms of his contract with the Panthers was $15,000. He also received $9,200 from the Chargers.

Social Media

Fans love to follow Fisher on social media sites from all around the nation and the world.

3.5k Followers on Instagram

Tweets: 2,000 Followers

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