Pat Mcafee

Quick Facts

Birth Date May 2,1987
Full Name Patrick Justin McAfee
Profession Player
Nationality American
Ethnicity white
Birth City Pittsburgh
Birth Country America
Gender Identity Male
Sexual Orientation Straight
Horoscope Taurus
Marital Status Relation
Height 185 cm
Weight 106 kg
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Pat Mcafee, full name Patrick Justin McAfee is a former NFL player who used to play for Indianapolis Colts. In February 2017 he retired from NFL and started work with Barstool Sports, Fox Sports, ESPN, as a sports analyst. He is also an entrepreneur, comedian, and business owner.

Born on May 2, 1987, in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Pat has been with Indianapolis Colts from 2009 to 2016 where he considered as the two times winner of the Pro Bowl. The former NFL player is in love, who is the girlfriend? Let’s explore more into his relationship status.

Early Life and Education 

Patrick Justin McAfee was born on May 2, 1987. As of 2022, he is 35 years of age. The former punter was born to his father, Tim McAfee, and mother, Sally McAfee.

Besides, Pat grew up with his brother Jason McAfee. But not much is known about him. 

Likewise, McAfee attended Plum High School in his hometown of Pennsylvania. As a teenager, he enjoyed playing football and soccer. 

Who is the wife of Pat McAfee?

Pat, a former NFL player, is happily married to Samantha Ludy, who was his girlfriend before they got married. Internet star Pat’s spouse has more than 40.000 followers on her official Instagram account.

Pictured are Pat McAfee and Samantha Ludy.
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Samantha and Pat exchanged vows on August 1, 2020. In front of their loved ones, the outdoor wedding ceremony took place at Coxhall Gardens in Carmel, Indiana.

The bride donned a stunning Kleinfeld Bridal floor-length sleeveless embroidered gown on her wedding day. On the other hand, the groom shatters the traditional wedding ensemble by donning a black coat, half-pant, and bordered black shirt.

Since their wedding, Mr. and Mrs. McAfee have been an ideal married couple, enjoying a strong bond. On their social media accounts, the married couple frequently posted love images. Although Pat and Samantha aren’t parents, they do have two pet dogs.

Pat Struggle To Purpose Samantha

On February 10, 2019, McAfee reserved a plane and traveled with his girlfriend to a remote island. Pat intended to talk to Samantha, his girlfriend, there by the waterfall. Before trying to reach her, he encountered a variety of adorable challenges.

First off, Pat had planned to propose to his fiancée on April 1, 2018, but his mother dissuaded him and advised him to pick a different day. He afterwards got active with his NFL leagues.

Samantha Ludy, who Pat McAfee is pursuing, is depicted in the caption.
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Pat made the decision to propose to his wife on Christmas. And for whatever reason, he was unable to fulfill his wish on Christmas as well.

Finally, he traveled to Hawaii with his girlfriend Samantha towards the tail end of 2018. He hired a pricey chopper in Hawaii to fly them to the uncharted island. And he set his girlfriend up on the island beneath the ostensibly lovely waterfall. These days, the duo is frequently spotted at various conferences. Pat recently brought his partner to the Super Bowl. However, the couple hasn’t made an official wedding announcement.

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Financial Portfolio Of Pat Mcafee

Pat, an NFL player, is a wealthy individual. His estimated net worth is about $8 million, while Peyton Manning, another Indiana player, makes about $48 million over the course of six years.

He is currently retired from the sport, but on March 7, 2014, he signed his final career contract with Indianapolis, earning $14.5 million.

Caption: Pat Mcafee And His Car
Sources: motor speedway

The team paid him $400,000 a year, but once he signed a contract on March 1, 2013, he made $2.977 million. He had an annual income of roughly $300,000 at the time, compared to Justin Ryan Simpson’s $200,000 salary.

Of course, the NFL athlete also lives a luxury life thanks to his salary. He enjoys driving luxury vehicles and resides in a beautiful home close to Indiana. In addition, he and his partner work with their foundation to aid abandoned animals. Pat also provides assistance to the military families through his organization.

What is the Height & Weight of Pat?

As an athlete, McAfee has a tall build and a muscular body. He stands at 6 feet 1 inch and weighs around 233 lb. 

Social Media Presence

He has over 890k followers on Instagram. You can find him on the platform under the user name @patmcafeeshow.


In addition, with over 1.9 million followers on Twitter. You can follow him under the Twitter handle @PatMcAfeeShow.

Common Queries on Pat McAfee

Is Pat a professional wrestler?

No, Pat is not a professional wrestler. However, he has made an appearance on NXT.

Is Pat McAfee in the Hall of Fame?

No, the player has not been inducted into the Hall of Fame. However, David Baker, the former President and CEO of the Pro Football Hall of Fame, revealed that Pat had an archive there in The Pat McAfee Show.

McAfee even made a video titled “Pat McAfee Learns He’s In The NFL Hall Of Fame…

Is Pat McAfee a free agent?

No, the punter retired from the game of football in February of 2017.

Does Pat McAfee have any children?

No, he does not have any children, but the couple is looking forward to starting a family.

Is Pat McAfee on Twitch?

No, he is not on Twitch.