Pat Mcnamara

Quick Facts of Pat Mcnamara:

Full Name Pat Mcnamara
Height 5.11cm
Nationality American
Birth Place New York
Ethnicity White

Many soldiers who devoted their lives to the nation go on to live a low profile life after retirement, but not Pat Mcnamara. After a twenty-two year-long career, the DELTA commando attempted something new as he worked with Joe Rogen in his podcast. Although he wasn’t known to many during military service, today’s charming personality is a social media influencer. So, without wasting much time, let us take a look at his personal life, married life, and net worth.

Early Years

In 1965, Pat McNamara was born. His precise date of birth is unclear. As of 2022, Pat is 57 years old. In terms of his private life, Pat McNamara is quite guarded. There are other specifics regarding his parents, siblings, friends, and early years. He needed to have completed high school because it is a prerequisite for joining the army.

Caption: Young Pat during his service in Army Source: Soldier Systems

Occupational Life

Pat McNamara served in the military for the most of his life. He served in the Special Operations Delta for his first 13 years of his career. Officers in Special Operations Delta earn an average yearly salary between $64,342 and $73,983. McNamara left the top hostage rescue team as a Sergeant Major. Pat must have made a respectable sum of money considering he served in the Army for 22 years.

In addition, McNamara was a guest on Joe Rogan’s podcast. Pat started his own training and fitness company, TMACS, after leaving the army (Tactics-Marksmanship-Adventure-Concepts-Security). Additionally, he created a first-rate training program and has instructed tactical applications courses. Martha McSally and Tammy Duckworth are two well-known US military veterans.

Caption: Pat demonstrating in TMACS Source: AR Build Junkie

Pat has written two books in addition to Army. His debut book was released in 2008. T. A. P. S., or Tactical Application of Practical Shooting, was the name of the first book. The following year, in 2012, he released his second book, Sentinel: Become the Agent in Charge of Your Own Protection Detail. Pat also has a 200k subscriber YouTube channel called Pat Mac where he shares his expertise on guns and other weaponry. Along with other things, he teaches combat strength training, fighting strategies, and basic survival skills.

Net Worth

Pat became wealthy as a result of his military service. Additionally, he has his own training and fitness business. Pat has also authored novels. He makes money from YouTube as well. The overall net worth of McNamara is thought to be $3 million.

Individual Life

Pat McNamara is a husband and father. Rebecca McNamara is his wife. The union took place on May 14, 2016. They have been wed for six years. There are no children between the pair. In addition to becoming a hairstylist, Rebecca enjoys playing pool. In Southern Pines, North Carolina, at the Bamboo Boutique salon, Rebecca does hair.

Caption: Pat and his Wife Rebecca Source: MarriedCeleb

Rebecca, though, is Pat’s second wife. He also has kids from a prior marriage, however he hasn’t revealed who they are. The age difference between Pat and Rebecca is frequently brought up on social media, but the couple is unaffected by it. You may also like to know about Broc Rutter

Body Dimensions

Pat, who served in the Army for 22 years, continues to work out even after retirement. Pat stands 5 feet 11 inches tall and weighs 93 kilograms. Brown hair and blue eyes are both features of McNamara.

Pat Mcnamara: T.M.A.C.S. to the military.

After leaving the military, Pat Mcnamara became well-known and decided to impart his knowledge to the online community. He thought that tactical marksmanship is more than merely hitting the target. It’s interesting that he came up with a training technique that is reliable, efficient, and combat-relevant. He imparts the knowledge necessary to ensure safety at all times and selects objectives that compel standards and accountability.

Pat McNamara worked for Special Operations for 22 years. Source: Ballistic Magazine

Mcnamara spent 22 years working with Special Operations, 13 of which were spent in SFOD-D. In the Middle East and Eastern Europe, he had previously worked in hostile fire and battle zones. He learned how to shoot accurately and effectively from that point on. After retiring, he founded T.M.A.C.S. with his own business ideas and valuable combat survival knowledge.

How Pat Mcnamara Married

Pat Mcnamara tries to keep his home life under wraps in contrast to his outspoken business life. The married former military employee is one. He has been married for more than ten years to his longtime lover Rebecca Mcnamara. Unfortunately, they withheld any information regarding their romance and how the couple originally met. They will commemorate their wedding anniversary on May 14th, 2020, while the COVID-19 epidemic is ongoing.

Pat McNamara and Rebecca Mcnamara are happily married. Source: Wikinetworth

Mcnamara has a special bond with his loving wife because they like playing pool together. The two are still very busy, however, as they each work seven days a week. They only have a few hours together, but they make the most of it since they are there for one another through thick and thin.

Initially, Pat and his wife Rebecca intended to take a Wednesday off every week, but they were unable to make that arrangement work in the end. Mcnamara enjoys calligraphy, fishing, woodworking, art, photography, birding, cooking, playing the guitar, golf, and drums in his own time.