Pat Riley

Quick Facts

Full Name Patrick James Riley
Birth Date March 20, 1945
Birth Place Rome, New York, the United States
Nick Name The Godfather
Religion Roman Catholicism
Nationality American
Ethnicity White
Education University of Kentucky
Horoscope Pisces
Father’s Name Leon Riley
Mother’s Name Mary Riley
Siblings Five; Leon, Leonard, Dennis, Elizabeth, and Mary Riley
Age 77 Years Old
Height 6 feet 4 inches
Weight 205 lb (93 kg)
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Brown
Build Athletic
Profession Executive President, Former NBA Player, and Coach
Current Team Miami Heats
NBA Championships Nine
Active Years 1967 – Present
Marital Status Married
Wife Christine Rodstrom
Kids Two; Elisabeth and James Riley
Net Worth $80 million
Social Media None

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Last Update August, 2022

Former NBA coach Pat Riley played basketball and coached in the National Basketball Association. He currently serves as the Miami Heat’s executive president.

He has also won the NBA championship nine times. While playing for the Los Angeles Lakers, the former basketball player earned his first NBA championship.

As the Lakers’ assistant coach after that, he captured his second NBA title. And finally, while coaching in the NBA, he won five championships.

Early Life, Family, and Education | Pat Riley

American city of Rome, New York, is home to Patrick James Riley’s birthplace. Leon Riley and Mary Riley are his parents.

The former NBA coach also hails from an extremely athletic family. Baseball was his father’s sport, and he was a pro who played for the Philadelphia Blue Jays.

He continued to work for the Blue Jays as their manager even after he retired from playing. As a result, he always pushed his kids to engage in sports and other physical activities.

Executive President Pat Riley

Additionally, Pat has five siblings: Leon Riley Jr., Leonard Riley, Dennis Riley, Elizabeth Riley, and Mary Riley. His older sister had a rare skin condition that caused her death as an infant.

The majority of the Riley children have a history in sports. Leon Jr. also participated in National Football League professional football.

The oldest Riley played defensive back for the New York Giants, Detroit Lions, Philadelphia Eagles, and New York Titans. But regrettably, he passed away in 2011.

Leonard played basketball at a college before an injury halted his career. Liz was a superb gymnast, whereas Mary was a great bowler.

Like his siblings, Pat participated in a variety of sports. He also did well in basketball and baseball in high school.Linton High School was attended by the former NBA coach. After graduating from high school, he decided to enroll at the University of Kentucky.

The Kentucky Wildcats were where The Godfather played basketball and football in college. As a result of his remarkable play, he received numerous accolades.

Pat Riley height, weight, and age

As of March 20, 2022, the former basketball player will be 77 years old. He takes excellent care of his diet and health as a former athlete and coach

And He is therefore physically fit and active for a man in his 70s. He also has a height of 6 feet 4 inches and a weight of 205 lb, or 93 kg.

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Career in Basketball for Pat Riley

Sports Career

The Godfather attended Linton High School and participated in basketball there. Additionally, he gained notoriety for his triumph against the Power Memorial in New York City alongside Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, a future hall of famer.

Pat attended the University of Kentucky after finishing high school. Likewise, the former basketball player excelled for the Kentucky Wildcats as a basketball player.

He was the NCAA Regional Player of the Year, First Team All-SEC, and All-NCAA Tournament Team as a junior. In addition, he was an AP Third Team All-American and the SEC Player of the Year.

Not to mention, in 1966, he guided Kentucky to the NCAA championship game. However, Texas Western defeated the Wildcats.

The former athlete entered the 1967 NBA and NFL Draft after graduating from college. The San Diego Rockets selected Riley with the seventh overall choice in the first round.

On the other hand, the NFL franchise Dallas Cowboys chose him as their wide receiver in the eleventh round. The athlete kept playing with the Rockets.

He spent three years with the Rockets before being selected by the Portland Trail Blazers in the 1970 NBA expansion draft. But the Blazers dealt him to the Lakers right away.

The Godfather contributed to the Laker’s 1972 NBA victory as a member of the squad. Following that, he spent one season with the Phoenix Suns before calling it quits in 1976.

Career in Coaching

Lakers of Los Angeles

In 1977, Patrick first worked for the Lakers as a broadcaster. But after the Lakers’ head coach suffered an injury, he was named Paul Westhead’s assistant coach.

Once the Lakers defeated the Philadelphia 76ers in 1980, Pat won his second NBA title. The club at the time had both renowned player Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and rookie Magic Johnson.

After Johnson voiced his displeasure with Paul, Westhead was sacked by former Lakers owner Jerry Buss. Additionally, in 1981, Buss replaced him with Riley.

The Lakers, who won the 1982 NBA Finals, found the replacement to be highly beneficial. Riley also rose to fame for his fashion sense, styled hair, and Armani suits.

He also made the Lakers’ defense fairly formidable and took them to their next championship in 1985. The Lakers won straight from 1987 to 1988 after that.

In 1988, the ex-basketball player promised Lakers supporters a victory and promptly delivered it. He was unable to help the Lakers win any more games the next year, though.He stepped down as head coach in 1989–90 after the Lakers lost. Nevertheless, that season he won his first NBA Coach of the Year award.

Knicks of New York

The former shooting guard returned to coaching after a year off as the Knicks’ head coach. For five years, he was the Knicks’ head coach

He developed the team’s excellent defense between 1991 and 1995 and led them to the NBA Finals in 1994. Patrick, however, was unable to help them win the NBA championship.

Nevertheless, in 1993, he took home his second Coach of the Year award with the New York squad. The Godfather left his position as Knicks head coach after his team was unable to get to the 1995 NBA finals.

The Executive President of the Miami Heat

In 1995, shortly after leaving his position, Pat was appointed president and head coach of the Miami Heat. The Knicks charged Heats with pursuing Riley despite the fact that Riley still had a year left on his contract.

After the Heat sent the Knicks a first-round pick and $1 million in cash, the dispute was resolved. However, it led to the Heats vs. Knicks rivalry, which began in 1997 and lasted until 2000.

Patrick retired as the head coach of Miami in 2003 after a string of unsuccessful campaigns. But in 2005, after selecting Dwayne Wade and acquiring Shaquille O’Neal, he returned to coaching.

He defeated the Dallas Mavericks in the NBA Finals in 2006 as a result. Additionally, he was given his third Coach of the Year honor. Due to hip and knee issues, the former shooting guard took a vacation from coaching.

LeBron James and Chris Bosh joined him in the ensuing years. They made up the Heats’ Big Three, which included Dwayne Wade, and guided the group to the 2012 and 2013 NBA Championships.

Famous Quotes by Pat Riley

We can all agree that the Heats President has led a very successful life. Riley was a great athlete, a great coach, and a fantastic executive leader.

He has also had success in practically every role he has played throughout his career. Here are some motivational sayings by him that he lives by:

Excellence develops over time as a result of constant improvement efforts.

Giving yourself the go-ahead to fail ensures failure.

Although you have no control over how you lose, you do have control over how you bounce back and are ready to win again.

The desire to succeed is a constant source of inspiration. Everyone have that. However, a champion requires motivation that goes above and beyond winning in his mindset.

A great team will continuously look for fresh, complex justifications for why it lost if it loses due to complacency.

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Pat Riley: Husband, Wife, and Children

Chris Rodstrom and Pat Rodstrom are wed. They first connected while in college and have been together ever since.

Rodstrom was a psychology major at the University of San Diego when the couple first got together. She left school, though, to be with the NBA player at the time.

She returned to school, though, and completed her degree. Chirs further earned a master’s degree in psychology.

Up until 1981, she was a qualified family therapist who also practiced psychology. The therapist then worked as her husband’s personal assistant.

Pat Riley and his spouse Rodstrom, Chris

The president of the Heats is immensely appreciative of his wife for always being there for him. He also attributes most of his success to his wife.

The two have been together for more than 50 years after being married in 1970. They continue to love and trust one other despite everything.

Additionally, the couple enjoys each other’s presence greatly. They still can’t get enough of each other even after 50 years of marriage.The couple also has two kids together. James Riley is their son, and Elizabeth Riley is their daughter.

Pat Riley  earnings, investments, and net worth

The NBA champion has a significant amount of wealth. The National Basketball Association was the main source of his fortune.

Riley has accumulated a $80 million net worth through his work as a player, coach, and executive president. The honorable coach had also led two clubs to five NBA championships.

Additionally, he was in very high demand among NBA teams as a coach. In addition, he bills more than $50,000 to attend at other events throughout the off-season.

In addition, he owns expensive mansions and makes real estate investments. A condo in Apogee owned by the former Lakers coach is valued at $11,750,000.

He also owns a Coral Gables mansion, which is valued at $16,750,000. Not to mention, he has made a lot from his novels.

Pat Riley presence in social media

On social media, the executive president is not very active. He is old school and prefers to be present in the moment over clicking and chit-chatting.

He still opts to keep his personal life out of the spotlight despite the high-profile nature of his employment. Riley enjoys spending time alone when not playing basketball.

In addition, Patrick is a busy person who hardly ever has time to talk on the phone. Nevertheless, he has a large number of fan accounts that have kept him active on social media.

Similarly, his wife is not a major Instagram or Twitter user. It is safe to claim that they have a relaxed life devoid of social media.