Patricia Brentrup

Quick Facts

Full Name Patricia Brentrup
Nationality American
Birth Country United States Of America
Gender Identity Female
Networth 200000

Patricia Brentrup is the mother of Macaulay Culkin, the star of the hit movie series Home Alone. From a tumultuous custody fight to being sued over a high-rise fire, Brentrup has seen it all.

Despite this, she remained unflappable. She and her ex-partner have seven children together. One of her children, however, died an unnatural death.

Patricia Brentrup Bio, Age

Patricia Brentrup was born in the United States of America in the year 1945. Her zodiac sign is Pisces, and she is 77 years old as of 2021. Hubert M. Brentrup is her father’s name, and Mildred D. Narum is her mother’s. She has seven brothers and three sisters, including Jerome Brentrup (deceased), Ronald Brentrup, Richard Brentrup, Neil Brentrup, Barry Brentrup, Paul Brentrup, Greg Brentrup, and Janis Bird. Patricia received good scores while attending her local high school. Nothing is known about her educational history or childhood days.

She holds American nationality and belongs to a white ethnic group.

What is the Height and Weight of Patricia?

She has fair skin, brown eyes, and dark brown hair color. Her body measurements, height, and weight are not disclosed to the public.

Patricia Brentrup Personal Life

She married Kit Culkin in 1974 and lived with him until 1991 when the couple parted ways after seventeen years of living together. Their union, as they never got married, made them parents to seven children – Shane in 1976, Dakota in 1979, Macaulay in 1980, Kieran in 1982, Quinn in 1984, Christian in 1987, and Rory Culkin. Their second-born son Dakota Culkin, however, passed away in 2008 in a grisly car accident.

The Culkin family is a family of thespians. Kit is an actor and former manager who knows the ins and outs of the trade. Patricia is also an actress best known for her role in Home Alone. Their children, therefore, had the example already set for them. Macaulay alone made it the biggest in Hollywood. The Home Alone movies grossed millions of dollars and decades later continues to rake in money.

The duo called their union off after claims from Patricia that Kit had anger issues, a rocky relationship with his sons, and was unfaithful. In his past, Kit had been married to Adeena VanWagoner, and even had a child together named Jennifer Adamson who unfortunately succumbed to a heroin overdose in 2000. After their separation, the couple had a court tussle as to who would retain custody of Macaulay, to which Patricia won.

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She would later tie the knot with Mart D. Cox and the two currently reside in Billings, Montana. Mart had previously been married and had a cold named Jara Cox who became Patricia’s stepdaughter. Kit, on the other hand, lived with his girlfriend Jeannette Krylowski until her passing in 2017.

Patricia was once sued by her neighbors for $80,000,000 after a fire broke out from her house in a flat in December 1998 and as a result of its handling would claim the lives of four people and injure several others. It was established that the fire originated from the Manhattan flat when a flame caught a dried-up Christmas tree. The Bentrups did not close the door nor contain it thus smoke penetrated the entire building.

Patricia Brentup’s Career

Patricia Brentrup is a stay-at-home mom who enjoys spending time with her kids. After her first child, she made the difficult decision to leave her job and focus solely on her childcare. Despite this, she enjoyed taking care of her children and spending time with them. She is most known for being the wife of Kit Culkin and the mother of Hollywood actor Macauley Culkin.

Patricia Brentrup was involved in an $80 million lawsuit in which her former neighbor accused her of starting a fire in December 1998. Her Brentrap apartment was engulfed in flames. A fire in a Manhattan skyscraper apartment killed four individuals (two men and two women) and injured roughly twenty others. Investigators believe the fire started when the flames touched the dry Christmas tree.

At 10 a.m., a fire broke out. They didn’t close the apartment door after Culkin put out the fire. Smoke in the passageway also resulted in injuries and deadly incidents. Patricia and her six children are currently residing in the flat. Patricia’s son Macaulay had already left, although he paid regular visits to his mother and brother.

Who is the husband of Patricia Brentrup?

The woman in Patricia Brentrup is divorced. She dated Kit Culkin for 21 years before to becoming married to him, from 1974 until 1991. American actor Kit Culkin, a former manager, is most known for his work in theater.

From 1974 to 1991, Patricia Brentrup had a twenty-one-year relationship with Kit Culkin before they got married.

The former couple has raised seven kids together. Sadly, Dakota Culkin, who played Shane Culkin, died in 2008 after being hit by a car as she stepped off the curb. Their third kid was Macaulay Culkin; their fourth was Kieran; their fifth was Quinn; their sixth was Christian; and their seventh was Rory.

Patricia and Kit were partners for 21 years, but they never wed. The first spouse of Kit Culkin was Adeena VanWagoner. He had a daughter named Jennifer Adamson in 2000; she overdosed on heroin and passed away. They engaged in a contentious legal battle for custody of their son Macaulay after getting divorced. The battle for Macaulay’s custody was won by Patricia.

What is the Net worth of Patricia Brentrup?

The estimated net worth of Patricia Brentrup is $200,000. She did, however, have financial challenges as a single mother raising her seven children. The lads of Patricia are famous actors who are worth millions of dollars.

Her son Quinn Culkin is thought to be worth $500,000 overall. Her second son Macaulay is thought to be worth $14 million. Similar to her, her son Kieran Culkin is an actress with a $3 million fortune.

Patricia Brentrup Blazed a New York City Building?

In December 1998, Patricia Brentrup’s former neighbors sued her for $80 million for lighting a fire. Brentrup’s apartment was ablaze. The fire in a Manhattan high-rise apartment claimed the lives of four people—two men and two women—and injured over twenty more.

In December 1998, Patricia Brentrup’s former neighbors sued her for $80 million for lighting a fire.

The investigation concluded that the incident started when the flames seized a dried-out Christmas tree. The Culkins fled their home quickly to escape a fire, forgetting to lock the flat door.

Here is a video of a 1991 interview with Macaulay Culkin.

Additionally, this made it possible for smoke to enter the hallway, which led to accidents and fatalities. At the moment, Patricia and her six kids were present in the flat. Although her son Macaulay had already left home, he continued to frequently visit his mother and siblings.


Early in the 1970s was when Patricia Brentrup born. The general public is still unaware about Brentrup’s precise date of birth. Due to the fact that she only became famous after getting married, information regarding her early years is still being examined. She has also kept her educational background a secret for the time being.

Early in the 1970s was when Patricia Brentrup born.

Her son, American actor Kieran Culkin, made his screen debut alongside his brother Macaulay as a young actor in the movie Home Alone. He has since appeared in numerous movies and TV shows. Some of his well-regarded movies include Scream 4, You Can Count on Me, and Signs.