Patricia Maqueo

Quick Facts

Real Name Patricia Maqueo.
Agent Marka Talent.
In Limelight Control Z (2022).
Profession Actress.
Age 21 years old.
Birth Date October 10, 2000.
Birth Place Mexico.
Lives in Mexico City.
Gender Female.
Nationality Mexican.
Zodiac Libra.
Ethnicities Hispanic.
Parents Mother: Pilar Escalante.
Father: –.
Siblings Sister: Julia Maqueo.
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Love Life
Boyfriend –.
Body Measurements
Weight Kg: 56.
Pounds: 123 lbs.
Height feet: 5′ 3″.
centimeters: 160 cm.
meters: 1.6 m.
Eyes Brown.
Hair Brown.
Television ¿Y ahora qué hago? (2007).
The Stray Cat (2014).
Como dice el dicho (2014–2017).
La rosa de Guadalupe (2009–2018).
Like, la leyenda (2018).
Control Z (2020–2022).
Net worth $358k.
Athletics Rollerblading.
Language Spanish.

21-years-old Patricia Maqueo (born on October 10, 2000) is a very gifted actress from Mexico and has been earning huge popularity since 2020 for making her breathtaking appearance in the Netflix famous series “Control Z,” in which this stunning actress got the chance to portray the character of Rosita Restrepo.

Control Z Actress, Patricia Maqueo

After Season one of “Control Z,” to continue the tale in 2021, Directors once again featured her in Season 2, but the story did not end with Season 2 because after that, on July 6, Patricia once again made her landing in Control Z Season 3.

In 2022, on the one side, On the one hand, she won people’s hearts with her amazing performance in Control Z; meanwhile, her fabulous landing as “Belén” in the series Corazón Guerrero is consistently boosting her appearance in media.

Many people probably do not know that the acting career of this actress started when she was just 7 years old. If you want to see the journey of Maqueo’s career, you can read this post till the finish. ,


On October 10, 2000, Patricia Maqueo (age 21 years) landed on earth following her birth in Mexico City, Mexico. We uncovered nothing about her father, but we learnt that her mother, Pilar Escalante is also an actress. Maqueo has a twin sister Julia Maqueo, who is also an actor, and you could have seen her as Rosita “La Rosa de Guadalupe.”

Childhood Photo of Patricia with her sister(Source: Instagram)

With the birth of Patricia and her sister, her mother had ensured that both the girls would grow up to be a part of the performing profession. Patty was just a year old when she started giving auditions. Thankfully, in 2007 she got selected to play a recurring character in “¿Y Ahora qué Hago?”

And this is how Patricia’s acting career started. But no matter how much popularity she acquired in the TV world, she did not forsake her studies.

Height & Weight

Paloma Aguilar is approximately 5 feet 3 inches tall, or 160 cm, in meters. Paloma Aguilar’s height is 160 cm, or 1.60 m, and she has brown hair and brown eyes. We may estimate her weight from looking at images of Paloma Aguilar to be approximately 56 kg, or 123 lbs.

Relationship Status

Maqueo spends her entire day working as an actor, therefore occasionally she can’t see her family for several days. Therefore, Patricia enjoys spending time with her mother whenever she has free time. She also enjoys exploring, especially on the beach, where she particularly enjoys lying in the sun.

Patricia Maqueo with her mother(Source: Instagram)

This Mexican actress has a long history in the television industry. He gets to interact with and work with fresh performers every day. However, we have never heard of her having a relationship with any of the actors during all these years.

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Professional Life

Two years after her acting career began, Patricia became a part of a show called “La rosa de Guadalupe.” But the specialty of this show was that along with Patty, her sister Julia was also there. Both sisters became famous as child actors, but after 2009, Maqueo gave up acting for a while as she wanted to focus on her studies. But in 2014, she returned with “The Stray Cat.”

It was a Víctor Fouilloux-directed television drama where she got the chance to work alongside Maite Perroni, Manuel Ojeda, Daniel Arenas, Laura Zapata, and Jorge Poza. She was also in “Como dice el dicho,” and “Like, la leyenda.” Then in 2020, she appeared in “Control Z” and received worldwide popularity.

Besides acting, she also does modeling and represents various makeup brands through her social media handles. She posts personal moments to her Instagram account for the benefit of her followers. Patricia has yet to make her film debut, although indications indicate that it might happen shortly.

Net Worth & Income Source

The 36-year-old actress Sepideh Moafi has made acting her career. As a supporting actor in different films, she reportedly earns a comfortable salary that allows her to live the lifestyle she desires.

In addition to receiving good money from the movies, she also charges several thousand dollars every episode to appear in TV shows.

Her projected net worth in 2022 was $358,000. She also earns money from advertisements and social media marketing.


How old is Patricia Maqueo?

Maqueo is twenty-one years old.

When was Patricia Maqueo born?

the tenth of October 2000.

Who are Patricia Maqueo’s parents’ names?

Pilar Escalante, yes (mother).

Who is the sister of Patricia Maqueo?

Julia Maqueo, of course.

Where can I find Patricia Maqueo’s Instagram account?


What role does Rosita play in “Control Z”?

Patricia Maqueo, of course.

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