Paul Sherwen

“Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance, you must keep moving.” If there is any quote to describe the life of Paul Sherwen, then it is this one.

Paul Sherwen was a racing cyclist and broadcaster from the U.K. The above quote applies to Paul because of his outstanding cycling career.

Moreover, even after retiring, Paul’s love for the sport didn’t fade away.

Likewise, he gathered more and more as a commentator for the Tour de France. Sherwen lived a respectable and admirable life. Even after his death, his legacy continues to live in this world.

As we head on to learn about the legendary Paul Sherwen, let’s take a look at some quick facts about him.

Quick Facts:

Full Name Paul Sherwen
Birth Date June 7, 1956
Birth Place Widnes, Lancashire, England
Nick Name Climber
Death December 2, 2018
Place of Death Kampala, Uganda
Death cause Heart attack
Nationality British
Ethnicity White
Education Manchester University
Horoscope Gemini
Father’s Name John Sherwen
Mother’s Name Margaret Sherwen
Siblings Jayne Sherwen
Age (At Death) 62
Height N/A
Weight 54 kg / 119 lbs
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Light Blue
Build Athletic
Profession Professional Cyclist and Broadcaster
Teams Fiat, La Redoute, Raleigh-Weinmann, Raleigh-Banana
Discipline Road
Role Rider
Rider Type Domestique
Active Years As a cyclist (1977 – 1987)

As a broadcaster (1986 – 2018)

Marital Status Married
Wife Katherine Sherwen
Kids Margaux Sherwen and Alexander Sherwen
Net Worth $1 – $1.5 million
Social Media Twitter
Merch Tour De France Quiz Book
Last Update July, 2022

Paul Sherwen | Childhood, Education, and Family

Paul Sherwen was born in the Lancashire town of Widnes to parents John and Margaret Sherwen. Similarly, he has a sister named Jayne Sherwen.

Sherwen grew up in Kenya despite being born in the United Kingdom. The Sherwen family had to live in Kenya because his father managed a fertilizing factory there.

His father worked in a fertilizer, paint, and insecticide factory.

Sports and education

Paul had enrolled in a boarding school in Kenya. Paul also swam well and was a competent swimmer. Similarly, during his time in Kenya, he learned to speak and write Swahili.

Paul and his family returned to England when he was 14 years old due to family circumstances. His parents divorced and separated after returning to England. Paul was affected by his divorce in a variety of ways. He was, however, capable of handling it well.

At the age of 16, Sherwen took his first steps into the world of cycling. In Northwich, Cheshire, he joined the Weaver Cycling Club. Furthermore, he was trained in his youth by coach Harold “H” Nelson.

Manchester Metropolitan University

Sherwen attended Manchester University for her education. He majored in Paper Technology at the university and graduated in 1977.

Paul Sherwen, how old are you? Height, Age, and Physical Appearance

On June 7, 1956, Paul Sherwen, aka The Climber, was born. However, he is no longer with us. On December 2, 2018, Sherwen died of heart failure.

Sherwen was born on June 7, so he is a Gemini. People born under this sign are known to be outgoing, extroverted, and exciting. When it comes to Sherwen’s appearance, he has black hair and light blue eyes.

Paul Sherwen’s Career in Racing and Broadcasting

Paul Sherwen’s career is divided into two parts. The first phase is concerned with his racing abilities. Similarly, his second career is in broadcasting for the Tour de France. We will investigate the crucial details of his career.

Sherwen’s cycling career began after he returned from Kenya. Sherwen first joined the Weaver Valley Cycling Clun at the age of 16.

Coach Harold Nelson also trained and shaped him into a competitive cyclist.

Sherwen became a member of Altrincham Road Club. He won the Star Trophy in 1976 while playing for them. Similarly, the outstanding cyclist triumphed in the Folkstone-London race.

Athletic Association

Sherwen received her bachelor’s degree in 1977 from Manchester University. Athletic Club de Boulogne-Billancourt kept an eye on him while he was cycling with Weaver Cycling.

The Athletic Club was a recreational cycling team. Similarly, Athletic’s manager had witnessed Sherwen win one of England’s most prestigious races.

Paul also joined the club and rode for it. Notably, he was also named the best amateur racer in France. Sherwen competed in the Tour de France after a year.

Making the Professional Transition

Sherwen made her professional debut in 1978. He also joined Fiat for competitive racing. He was ridden by Raphael Geminani.

Similarly, Sherwen worked as a domestique for the La Redoute cycling team.

The Redoute

In 1984, Paul Sherwen completed his first Tour de France. Furthermore, he placed 70th in the race. Sherwen went on to compete in races such as the Milan-San Remo, Paris-Roubaix, Tour du Haut Var, and Four Days of Dunkirk.

The 1985 Tour de France was one of Paul’s most notable races. Sherwen crashed in the first kilometer of the race.

As Sherwen fell behind the other riders, the audience lost all hope for him. Despite being in a bad situation, Sherwen persisted. Similarly, he raced alone for six hours over six mountains. Sherwen continued despite knowing he would fail miserably.

Sherwen also finished the race very late. He did, however, gain everyone’s respect and love.

Taking home the British Road Race Championship

Paul Sherwen was well-known for his tenacity and dedication. Sherwen also competed in the British Road Race Championship in 1986 and 1987. He won both races before retiring in 1987.

Career in Broadcasting

Sherwen remained involved in racing after retiring. He iis  a well-known personality, began his broadcasting career. Sherwen did, however, work as the Motorola Cycling Team’s Public Relations Director prior to his broadcasting career. In addition, British Cycling scouted him for the position of performance director.

Commentary on Channel 4

Sherwen began his broadcasting career with Phil Ligget. Phil Ligget MBE is a professional commentator and journalist. They were a perfect match for each other. Furthermore, Paul Sherwen was the first British commentator on the race.

Phil and Paul were inseparable. They had a relationship outside of work and were members of each other’s families. Phil and Paul both worked for Channel 4. They began commentating on Tour de France races as a team in 1986.

Furthermore, the show attracted a large number of viewers and fans as a result of Paul’s impressive and eloquent speech.

Similarly, because of the clarity of their speech, American fans followed Paul’s and Phil’s coverage. Many fans stated that the duo’s commentary helped them understand the race.

The Climber is his nickname. Sherwen was dubbed “The Climber.” Despite his lack of experience riding in the mountains, Paul did his best to put on a competitive performance.

The nickname comes from his ability to lead a group to the finish line on the most difficult days of the races.

What was the cause of death for Paul Sherwen? Paul Sherwen died.

Sherwen had been battling health issues. Unfortunately, Paul Sherwen died of heart failure on December 2, 2018.

The American-born man died in his Kampala, Uganda, home. He passed away at the age of 62. The cycling world was deeply shaken after his death was announced. Sherwen and Ligget have been credited with instilling a love of cycling in millions of people.

Many fans were moved to tears by his untimely death. Phil Ligget, Paul’s co-commentator, tweets his thoughts following Paul’s death.

Similarly, a memorial service for Paul was held in Manchester Cathedral. On February 6, 2019, a memorial service was held. Furthermore, the service honored Sherwen’s life and legacy.

Personal Life in Uganda | Paul Sherwen

Sherwen returned to Africa after spending years in Europe. Likewise, he returned with his family and settled in Kampala, Uganda, in 1996.

Furthermore, Sherwen enjoyed living there and had a variety of side interests.

Gold Mines of Busitema

Sherwen was a businesswoman as well. The Manchester University graduate had studied business and investment in order to make sound decisions.

As a result, Shrewen purchased the desirable gold mines of Busitema, Uganda. In addition, Phil Liggett and Lance Armstrong had invested and become shareholders.

Lance Armstrong, for those who don’t know, is a professional racing cyclist who has won the Tour de France seven times.

Work in Conservation

Sherwen was also interested in conservation efforts. He was the chair of Kenya’s Chamber of Mines.

The Chamber of Mines looks over several South African mining companies. Similarly, Sherwen was always willing to help others.

As a result, he collaborated closely with Bicycles for Humanity. The charity aims to alleviate poverty by selling and reselling unwanted bicycles.

Favorite Quotation

Sherwen adored Africa’s arts and culture because he spent so much of his life there. One of the famous cyclist and commentator’s favorite African quotes The quote goes as follows:

“When a mountain stands in your way, don’t sit at its foot and sob.” Get up there and climb it.”

This quote’s popularity reflects Paul Sherwen’s personality. He imagined himself never giving up and overcoming all types of adversities in life.

Who was Paul Sherwen’s wife? Wife and kids

Paul Sherwen was married to Katherine Sherwen, his lover. Similarly, the couple had two children together.

Margaux and Alexander Sherwen are the names of the children.

Similarly, Sherwen relocated several times during his career. His wife never left his sight the entire time. Sherwen and Katherine also had a strong and stable marriage. They were role models for their children.

What is Paul Sherwen’s net worth? | Salary & Net Worth

Sherwen worked as a sports commentator for various networks. Prior to that, he was a professional racing cyclist.

Similarly, he made the majority of his money through his main jobs.

Sherwen also ran other businesses on the side. Sherwen, Phil Ligget, and Lance Armstrong had purchased gold mines in Busemita, Uganda.

As a result, the gold mines contribute significantly to his net worth.

Shrewen won two major championships as a racer. The prize money for most racing championships ranges from thousands to millions of dollars.

Paul Shrewen’s net worth is estimated to be between $1 and $1 million, according to various online sources.

Is Paul Sherwen on Facebook? Presence on Social Media

Paul Sherwen does use social media. However, the former cyclist only had one social media profile. Sherwen used Twitter, a popular online platform.

Paul Sherwen used Twitter to discuss racing, sports, and various social injustices. His tweets were mostly about professional racing and his daily life.

He frequently posted pictures of the surrounding and natural beauty of Uganda while living there.

His Twitter account had 58.9k followers. Despite his death, his account is still accessible online.

Sherwen also had a Facebook page under the name Paul Sherwen. His Facebook page featured posts about cycling and Ugandan life.

Some FAQs:

What awards did Paul Sherwen win?

Paul Sherwen won the National Circuit Race Championship and National Road Race Championship in 1986 and 1987.

Where was Paul Sherwen’s funeral held?

Paul Sherwen’s funeral was held at Manchester Cathedral on February 6, 2019.

What is The Paul Sherwen project?

The Paul Sherwen Project (Empower. Educate. Elevate) is a non-profit corporation founded by the family and friends of the late Paul Sherwen to continue the good that he was doing in Uganda.

Moreover, the project mainly focuses on empowering young women in the Karamoja region (northeast Uganda) by teaching relevant vocational, industrial, and life skills for employment and job opportunity.

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