Peter Sagan

If there’s one thing that all cycling fans agree on, it is the fact that Peter Sagan is undoubtedly a living legend of the sports. He is already named as one of the greatest in the history of the sport.

Furthermore, he is also known for this almost impossible achievement, winning the UCI World Championship three times in a row.

Moreover, he was awarded the Maillot Vert jersey, the first time he competed in the famous Tour de France race in 2012. Until 2016, he didn’t give anyone else the chance to wear the jersey.

Peter Sagan boasts 113 professional wins; he has proved that he is not limited to any one type of race during the process of winning all those titles. He has won races ranging from one-day classics to three-week-long races.

Peter is often praised for his raw strength, panache, and impressive ability to handle the bike. Let’s find out more about this legendary figure, starting with some quick facts.

Peter Sagan | Quick Facts

Full Name Peter Sagan
Birth Date 26 January 1990
Birth Place Žilina, Slovakia
Current Residence Monaco
Nick Name The Tourminator (Terminator)
Religion Christianity (Catholic)
Nationality Slovak
Famous for being Pro road cyclist
Ethnicity Caucasian
Education High school dropout
Horoscope Aquarius
Father’s Name Ľubomír Sagan
Mother’s Name Helena Sagan
Siblings Two brothers and a sister
Age 32 years old
Height 6 feet/184 cm
Weight 171 lb/78 kg
Hair Color Light Brown
Eye Color Brown
Build Slim
Hobbies Mountain biking and downhill racing
Favorite Destination Utah (for mountain biking)
Profession Road cyclist
Marital Status Divorced and single
Kids A son
Net Worth $10,000,000
Merch Apparel, My World(Book)
Last Updated July, 2022

Early Years and Early Career of Peter Sagan

The Tourminator makes winning competitive events appear simple, yet as we all know, it is quite difficult. It calls for extensive preparation, unwavering focus, and beastly willpower.

Peter had all of those since he was a young child; he used to compete in races in just a t-shirt and sports shoes, without any safety pads or other protective gear. While the other racer consumed sports drinks, he would sip on ordinary water.

With his understated clothes, Peter would stick out among the group of people using the newest technology. Sagan started his path in a lowly place and maintains that lowliness to this day.

On January 26th, 1990, Sagan was born. He was Lubomir and Helena’s youngest child when he was born.

Along with his two brothers and one sister, he was born and reared in the Slovakian city of Zilina.

In their little grocery store, both parents were employed. It was challenging for Peter and his siblings to grow up because the little business was a need for the five-person family.

In a little hamlet in Eastern Europe, Peter Sagan was born. Most of his family members were bicycle enthusiasts when they were young. His family pushed him to compete in races.

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Sagan favored spending his childhood outdoors rather than in a classroom with books. When Peter was nine years old, he started riding after being inspired by his older brother, Juraj Sagan.

Later, he joined a neighborhood group and started winning neighborhood competitions. But he didn’t really become well-known until he took first place in Slovakia’s national junior championship.

With a bike he borrowed from his sister that was off the shelf, he won the championship in 2009.

The Professional Career of Peter Sagan

After the publicity, sponsors contacted him about deals. Finally, with the support of a sponsorship agreement, he started his professional cycling career.

2009 marked the start of Sagan’s professional cycling career. DuklaTrencin Merida, a Slovakian road cycling team established in 2004, was the first team he joined.

Sagan did not remain in his first team for very long; after a few months, he switched to Deceuninck-Quick-Step, but the contrast was not enticing. He did not sign a deal with them as a result.

Sagan signed his first big contract the following year, signing a two-year deal with the Liquigas-Doimo in 2010.

He pleased the sponsors throughout the training and try-out sessions by wrecking several mountain bikes.

He participated in the Tour Down Under that year, where a mishap left him with serious injuries to his arms and thighs. However, despite his recent injuries, the legend carried on and finished the race, considering that to be nothing more than a minor scratch.

He took part in the 2010 Paris-Nice event, finishing first and second but coming in second place overall.

And He also took part in the 2010 Tour of California and won the fifth and sixth stages there. He was also given the Points Jersey and the Youth Competition, however he came in eighth place overall.

His first-ever professional title triumph would come in 2011. Sagan took home the green jersey for the most points and the Giro di Sardegna after winning the first, third, and fourth stages.

Peter Sagan’s Career Highlights

It would surely be challenging for the young, promising athletes to replicate Sagan’s career accomplishments.

Sagan’s name is inscribed in sports history as the first to accomplish such grandeur after winning his third consecutive World Championship championship as well as his seventh green jersey for the most points in the Tour de France race as the best sprinter.

The World Championship title has never been won three times straight by a road rider. Sagan went from being a novice Slovak mountain rider to a road cycling legend in a matter of years.

Throughout races, Peter has pulled off a ton of insanely incredible feats. During a mountain stage, he once paused to sign an autograph for a fan. He rode backward across the finish line as well.

He had the opportunity to don the Young Rider and the Points jerseys during the 2010 Tour of California.

At the 2011 Vuelta a Espana, Slovak National Championship, Giro de Sardegna, and Tour de Pologne, Peter Sagan won three stages.

Similarly, Sagan captured the points jersey and five stages of the 2012 Tour of California. The 2012 Tour de Suisse saw him win four additional stages.

In addition, he triumphed in the Tour of Flanders, the Grand Prix Cycliste de Québec, and the 2016 European Road Championship.

Sagan made a triumphant comeback to win the Slovak National Championship. Additionally, he won the Paris-Roubaix championship that year.

Finally, he also triumphed in the Gent-Wevelgem. Peter earned the points jersey and three stage victories at the Tour de France.

Sagan lost the points jersey in August 2020 since he failed to win any stages of the Tour de France. Similar to this, he struggled in previous races as well.

However, his losing run ended when he captured the Giro d’Italia.

Peter Sagan | Salary

He did get extremely wealthy from winning that many professional titles.

Peter Sagan’s professional cycling career has contributed to an estimated $10 million in net worth for him. He is the second-highest paid cyclist with an annual salary of 5 million euros. Tajed Pogcar and he both hold the same rank.

Additionally, he is a full partner in the California-based sunglasses business. The business focuses in motocross and downhill eyewear.

“When I’m not competing, I enjoy riding my mountain bike and watching motocross and downhill racing. So, for me, going 100 percent was a no-brainer,” Sagan added.

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Peter Sagan: Spouse and Children

On November 11, 2015, Peter Sagan wed Katarina Smolková, however the union did not last long. The pair, who lived in Monaco, had a brand-new beginning and was much in love.

However, the novelty did not last long because they separated in 2018. The divorce became legally binding on July 18, 2018.

During the Tour de France competition, the Slovak rider announced his divorce via a Facebook post. The two would continue to be close as co-parents for Marlon, according to the article.

On October 25, 2017, a son was born to the adoring couple.

As quoted by Sagan,

“Kate and I have decided that we would be much better off if we separated as a pair after having a thorough talk. We both believe that it is the proper course of action and feel that we should continue living as close friends.

The World Champion additionally prioritized the privacy and security of his children after that.

He concluded by saying, “I will not speak further, and I would want to thank everyone in advance for respecting our privacy.

Despite the separation, Peter did not let his spirits drop and remained upbeat throughout the run. Even after the divorce, he won the green jersey and three stages of the Tour de France.

He laughed and high-fived Vincenzo Nibali when the latter signaled for his team car.

Peter Sagan: Facts

Sagan frequently snuck out of his kindergarten class to engage in activities he found more intriguing. Later, the Slovak cyclist quit high school to pursue a professional cycling career in Italy.

The Tourminator and his coach Peter Zanicky are too close; they go out to a bar together and develop jubilant salutes over a few beers that Sagan uses in the forthcoming races.

In order to motivate the athletes, Peter Zanicky once challenged this student to an arm-wrestling contest. Sagan put his all into it; he was determined to win no matter what.

Zanicky’s arm was ultimately broken by Sagan, according to his former manager Matej Vysna.

One of Sagan’s earliest competitions, a youth mountain bike race, saw Sagan bang his knee against the frame and cry at the starting line while standing rather than riding.

He was instructed by the coach to straighten up and rejoin the race. Later, Peter Sagan emerged victorious.

In his native Slovakia, where people are quick to corner him after recognizing him, Sagan avoids wandering about. In his hometown of Zilina, he also assisted his sister in opening a salon there.

Sagan declared in July 2021 that he will be departing the Bora-Hansgrohe at the conclusion of the 2021 season. It would be fascinating to see who signs him up for the upcoming season since he is still competing for the UCI World team Bora-Hansgrohe.

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Is Peter Sagan the best cyclist in the world?

He is probably the best; who else has won the world championship three times in a row and wore the Tour de France Green Jersey seven times. It takes a special talent to achieve such an incredible feat.

Where is Peter Sagan now?

After announcing that he is leaving the UCI World team Bora-Hansgrohe after the 2021 season, he has already found his next team. Peter Sagan will race for the Team Total Energies starting from 2022.

Despite his team, he has always struck out from the bunch; he has never failed to perform amazingly.

Why is Peter Sagan not racing?

Peter Sagan is not in the 2021 Tour de France following a knee injury that developed into bursitis, which affects the bursa. Bursa is a fluid-filled, closed sac that works as a gliding surface and cushion; its function is to reduce friction between body tissues.

What stage did Sagan crash?

Peter Sagan crashed in the stage three sprint to Pontivy. He crashed with Caleb Ewan, which severely affected his knee after a chainring dug into his right knee. The Tourminator dropped out of the Tour de France race before the start of the 12th stage.