Preston Hemphill

The 26-year-old white policeman who took part in the killing of Tyre was Preston Hemphill (born in July 1996). (29). On January 7, 2023, MPD police stopped a young man named Tyre Nichols at a stop sign, but despite the driver’s full cooperation, things went haywire. Without any provocation, Preston and his companions pointed their firearms at Deandre and began beating him.

Quick Facts

Real Name Preston Hemphill.
In Headlines Prime Suspect in Tyre Nichols Case.
Age 26 years old.
Birth Date July 1996.
Birth Place Tennessee, America.
Lives in Memphis, Tennessee, United States.
Gender Male.
Nationality American.
Zodiac Cancer.
Ethnicities White.
Parents Father: —
Mother: —
Follow on
Instagram Unavailable.
Love Life
Body Measurements
Height feet: 5′ 11″.
centimeters: 180.3 cm.
meters: 1.8 m.
Weight Kg: 137.
Pounds: 302 lbs.
Hair Brown.
Eyes Brown.
Profession Former Police Officer.
Served At Memphis Police Department.
Net worth $432.85k.

Take a look at Preston Hemphill, the white officer who tased Tyre Nichols

Tyre managed to escape, but Hemphill tased him as he was running. A little while later, police enforcement officers arrested the terrified Nichols and began torturing him.

Statement-released-Memphis-Police-Department. Source: Google

The motorist was kicked and pummeled in the chest, according to the publicly available camera tape, leaving him in such critical condition that even medical intervention was unable to rescue him.

Five of the officers who are visible in the bodycam video were fired, and their names were made public. However, the identities of the other two officers were withheld.  Sixth officer Hemphill was finally acknowledged as one of the two cops on January 30. The concerned department also made a public announcement indicating that Preston was the one who tased Nichols.

Why Did the Name of Preston Hemphill Come Out So Late?

There are peaceful protests happening all around the country. Everyone is curious as to why it took MPD so long to disclose Preston’s identity but it took far less time to publish the identities of all the African-American officers.

Preston-Hemphill-including-5-Memphis-Officers-who-got-fired. Source: Google

Why give someone who is white extra treatment? What was the purpose of the authorities’ actions? Is racism pervasively ingrained in this powerful institution’s organizational structure? People also wonder why Hemphill is not being charged with anything and was only fired as a penalty.

Where Does Preston Hemphill Come From?

Preston Hemphill (age 26) was reportedly born in a catholic family in Tennessee in July 1996. He comes from a wealthy family, according to sources, yet his mother and father’s names are unknown. Hemphill finished his studies and lived in Memphis his entire childhood.

The-White-Officer-Preston-Hemphill. Source: Google

He had a couple jobs after graduating before joining the Memphis Police Department and also worked as a police officer in Tennessee for about 3 years, and no one was aware of how horrible his treatment of other people was.

He utilized forceful tactics toward Tyre Nichols during a traffic check on January 7, 2023, which was later corroborated by a bodycam recording. Preston was definitely not acting professionally while performing his job because he was heard stating, “I hope they stomp his ass,” as Tyre fled for his life.

The Identity of Preston Hemphill is Hiding

Hemphill was fired and identified as the individual who used the taser gun twenty days after Tyre died. He deleted all of his social media accounts, including Facebook and Instagram, despite the fact that he was aware of the horrible duty he had undertaken.

White-Memphis-police-officer-Preston-Hemphill. Source: Google

Additionally deserving of praise is the Memphis Police Department, whose officers did their best to shield the man from protesters and the media.


Ques: What is the name of the white officer who tased Tyre Nichols?

Ans: Preston Hemphill.

Ques: When was Preston Hemphill born?

Ans: July 1996.

Ques: How old is Preston Hemphill?

Ans: 26 (in 2022).

Ques: Is Preston Hemphill present on Instagram?

Ans: No.

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