Quinn Lily Wolfeld-Gosk


Mother Stephanie Gosk
Mother Jenna Wolfe
Grand Mother Sheila Greenfeld
Grand father Bennett Wolfe
Sister Harper Estelle Wolfeld Gosk

Accepting your sexuality is one of the toughest jobs in today’s world, especially if you belong to the public figure. But not in the case of Quinn Lily Wolfeld-Gosk’s parents Stephanie Gosk and Jenna Wolfe, who came out as a gay couple in 2013 with the public.

Lesbian’s younger daughter, Quinn Lily Wolfeld-Gosk, was born on 4 February 2015 in the United States. Aged 4, holds American citizenship and is of white ethnicity.


Jenna Wolfe (born Jennifer Wolfeld), a Jamaican-American journalist, actress, and personal trainer, is also well-known for openly coming out as lesbian and shattering taboos at the time. Born in Jamaica and raised in Haiti, she worked as a journalist for NBC’s Today, Sunday co-anchor, and Weekend Today news anchor.

Jenna has been hosting the Fox Sports 1 show “First Things First” since 2017. However, she left the show on August 12, 2022. Jenna kept her sexual preference a secret for most of her life while working her way up the journalism ladder and excelling at it.

However, the Jamaican journalist set aside all the stereotypes and proudly announced her lesbian status on March 27, 2013.

Wolfe challenged the societal norms by taking the courage to love another woman, being a woman herself.

Early Life, Parents, & Education | What Is Jenna Wolfe Nationality?

Jenna Wolfeld, professionally Jenna Wolfe, was born on February 26, 1974, in Kingston, Jamaica. Moreover, her parents are Bennet Wolfeld, a Jewish born and raised in Puerto Rico, and Sheila Greenfeld, Jewish heritage but hailing from New Jersey.

When Bennet had to relocate due to his religious duties, he took his wife to Jamaica, where Jenna was born. Likewise, as both her parents were born and bred Jewish, Wolfe followed the upbringing and participated in the coming of age ritual called the Bar Mitzvah. On the other hand, there is no information regarding the whereabouts of her siblings. Besides, the Kingston native now proudly holds American citizenship. Simultaneously, at age 5, the entire Wolfeld family migrated to Haiti and ultimately lived in the United States in 1989.

Similarly, while in the United States, Jenna enrolled in SUNY Geneseo in 1992 and graduated in 1994. Similarly, the Jamaican-born obtained a bachelor’s degree in French and English from Binghampton University. While in college, a sudden pursuit of journalism arose in a young Jenna, a profession where she could utilize her voice for society’s best.

Lily Wolfeld’s Gay Parents Love Life

In 2013, Lily’s parents came out to the public as a lesbian pair. Furthermore, 47-year-old reporter Stephanie Gosk and her 45-year-old companion Jenna first met in 2010 and fell in love.


Jenna Wolfe and Stephanie Gosk are pictured.
Jenna’s Instagram (@ jennawolfe)

Lily’s smothers Wolfe and Gosk announced their engagement in 2013 after three years of dating. Because of their gay orientation, news of their engagement has spread throughout the city. They also surprised their fans by announcing that they were expecting a child.

Stephanie and Jenna are still unmarried, and they have no plans to marry. As of now, the two partners are enjoying their love lives as responsible mothers.


Image: On 11th February 2019, Quinn Lily Wolfeld-Gosk celebrates her fourth birthday with her parents and a sister
Source: Jenna’s Instagram(@ jennawolfe)

In addition, they love spending their precious time with their babies and often share a glimpse of family time on Instagram. As of now, the couple is living a blissful life with their daughters in New York.

Blessed with a sister- Harper Estelle Wolfeld-Gosk

The lovely young lady is the younger sister of Harper Estelle Wolfeld Gosk, who is two years Lily’s senior. Harper was born on August 21, 2013, at the age of six. Estelle Wolfeld, like Quinn, is lovely and beautiful.


Quinn Lily Wolfeld-Gosk and her older sister, Harper Estelle Wolfeld-Gosk, are pictured.
Jenna’s Instagram (@ jennawolfe)

Despite this, Mother Jenna gave birth to her first child after an anonymous donor participated in the artificial insemination procedure. Today, the two brothers consider themselves fortunate to have mothers like them and cherish their childhood in Manhattan City with their lesbian parents.

What is the Net Worth of Parents (Stephanie and Jenna)?

Quinn Lily is being supported by her parents’ million-dollar inheritance. It is not incorrect to state that both of her mothers have accomplished a great deal in their individual professions, whether professionally or in terms of fame.

Stephanie has a net worth of $2 million from her job as a news journalist, and she currently works for NBC News in New York City. Her annual compensation at NBC News is roughly $105,353, which is comparable to other NBC correspondents such as Dylan Dreyer and Katy Tur.

Jenna Wolfe, on the other hand, has the same $2 million net worth as her partner. As a result of their professional journalism career, the famous kid’s parents have a total net worth of $4 million.

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Age, Height, & Body Measurements | How Tall Is Jenna Wolfe?

At the time of writing this article, the journalist is 48 years old. The Jamaican makes aging seem easy and proves that age is just a number. Jenna at 48 is no different than a 20-year-old Jenna, still so youthful and vibrant. Also, her secret lies in her extensive workout regimen. Alongside her anchoring duties, the NBC reporter makes time for fitness and works as a fitness expert as a side hustle.

In like manner, Wolfe weighs a proper 58 kg (127.8 lbs) and maintains her physique and weight through exercise. Her body measurements include 37-inches of the breast, 26-inches of the waist, and 36-inches of hips.

Further, Jenna possesses a leaner frame with a muscular layer, stands at the height of 5’7″ (1.68 m), and has an incredible presence amongst her colleagues. Apart from this, Wolfe also owns a set of brown eyes, medium-length straight hair, and a broad smile to compliment her beautiful looks.