Quinn Welliver

Due to the fact that he is Titus Welliver, an American actor, Quinn Welliver has become well-known. Titus, his father, is well-known for the popular television series Bosch: Legacy and has accomplished a great deal.

Quinn Welliver has also participated in Bosch and appeared beside his father in the program. Famously, he made an appearance in four of the episodes. In Bosch, he portrayed a young Harry.

Quick Facts

Birth Date February 7,2002
Full Name Quinn Welliver
Profession Celebrity Kid, Actor
Nationality American
Ethnicity Caucasian
Father Name Titus Welliver
Father Profession Actor
Mother Name Joanna Heimbold
Mother Profession Actress
Gender Identity Male
Horoscope Aquarius
Marital Status Single
Net worth 4000000
Siblings Eamonn Welliver, Cora Welliver


Two of Quinn’s siblings have worked at Bosch: sister Cora Welliver and brother Eamonn Welliver. Additionally, they collaborated with their father Titus on his TV show Bosch.

Eamonn makes a brief cameo on the program. He, too, portrayed the young Harry Bosch in the television series, and according to his IMDb page, he only made an appearance in one episode. Unlike Quinn, who was a guest on four episodes. In 2022, Eamonn made an appearance in one episode of Bosch: Legacy. Maxwell Donovan

Titus Welliver with his son, Eamonn Welliver, and daughter, Cora Welliver (Source: MaximoTV YouTube Channel @maximotv)

Cora, Quinn’s stepsister, also made an appearance on the show, but she received far less screen time than Quinn. According to her IMDb website, she has acted in both Bosch and Bosch: Legacy. In 2016, she played Cora in one of the episodes of Bosch. She only appeared in one episode of Bosch: Legacy and played the 2022 version of Sam The Dog Walker.

What is Titus Welliver, Quinn’s father, worth?

Titus Welliver, the father of Quinn Welliver, has achieved considerable success as an actor, contributing to his estimated net worth of $4 million, which is comparable to that of YouTuber Fouseytube. His wealth has significantly increased as a result of Bosch’s success. He has worked on other things as well, though.

He has worked on blockbuster films like Transformers: Age of Extinction in addition to critically acclaimed pictures like Argo. Although his compensation for the movie is unknown, given that it made $1.1 billion at the box office, it is plausible to infer that he received a sizable figure.

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Relationship Status

Quinn Welliver is a single man who is not involved in a romantic relationship, thus he is still hunting for the love of his life. He appears in Bosch to show that he is interested in acting like his father, but he wants to avoid the spotlight and hasn’t really contributed anything to his life.

Quinn Welliver practicing shooting guns (Source: Titus Welliver Instagram @tituswelliverofficial)

Quinn’s father hardly ever makes posts regarding his son. On Titus’ Instagram, the majority of Quinn-related content consists of yearly birthday wishes. This makes following his life difficult. Despite being a star kid, it seems like he doesn’t want any media attention. He has so kept all aspects of his life private, including his relationships.

Titus Welliver, Quinn’s father, has experienced a lot of loss

Yes, Titus Welliver, the father of Quinn Welliver, has suffered a number of losses. Despite all of his popularity and success, he has had a miserable life and has lost a lot of significant individuals. The first tragedy occurred when his infant sister Ashley Welliver passed away from SIDS (SIDS).

Even though Titus has recovered totally from Ashley’s passing, only seven months later he also lost his stepmother and brother, Eli Welliver.

According to the Washington Post, Eli was slain while studying in Thailand. He had just turned 20 years old. Silas Welliver, his other brother, has likewise passed away. Muscular dystrophy was the cause of Silas’ death.

Titus lost other people due to an illness besides just Silas and Ashley. Elizabeth W. Alexander, his first wife, passed away from breast cancer. She passed away on October 23, 2012, and they were married in 2005.

Quinn’s Mother: Who Is She?

Like Titus, Quinn’s mother is an actor by the name of Joanna Heimbold. Actor Titus, who starred in Gone Baby Gone, has been married three times. His second wife, Joanna, and he were wed from 1998 to 2004.

Quinn Welliver’s mother, Joanna Heinbold (Source: Memory Alpha – Fandom)

Quinn was never able to experience living under the same roof as his parents. His parents divorced when he was just two years old. He technically did spend two years with his parents, but he was too young to comprehend anything at the time. It is therefore doubtful that he can recall ever having lived with his parents.

Joanna used to be an actor, but she no longer appears in films. According to her IMDb website, she last contributed to the 2007 movie The Nanny Diaries. Since then, she hasn’t worked on any movies, leading some people to believe that she has given up acting and is now a successful interior designer.

Concerning Quinn’s Grandparents

Unlike his parents, Quinn’s grandparents weren’t employed by the entertainment industry. However, they had achieved success in their own right. Neil Welliver and Norma Cripps are his grandparents on his father’s side, Titus. Charles A. Heimbold and Monica A. Heimbold are his grandparents on his mother Joanna’s side.

Quinn’s grandfather Neil was a landscape painter, as actor Titus notes on the Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. IMDb profile. Additionally, his grandmother Norma illustrated fashion. Because Neil supported his son’s decision to give up the arts, Titus said that his father had a part in helping him launch a career in acting.

According to Joanna’s IMDb biography, Charles served as the Bristol-Myers Squibb Company’s president and chief executive. At the Guidance Center, Quinn’s grandmother worked as a social worker. At the time, Joanna’s parents both had offices in New York.

The Moment Quinn’s Father Caught Him Watching Deadwood

Titus Welliver, Quinn’s father, discovered him watching Deadwood. Titus related how he saw his son viewing a program that was improper for his age due to the amount of blood, violence, and other graphic content that it featured.

When the host of The Rich Eisen Show inquired, Titus brought up the subject. The Town actor claims that when he entered the room, he saw Quinn was watching the program. Titus vaguely recalled that the pig feeding scene was playing at the moment. Quinn unintentionally informed his father that he was watching television, and the father immediately switched it off because his son wasn’t old enough to be doing so.

One of the most popular shows, Deadwood, greatly aided Titus’ career. The audience loved him in the character of Silas Adams, and many still think it was one of his best. From 2004 through 2006, he appeared in 27 episodes of the program.

Father of Quinn is a Martial Artist

Quinn’s dad is skilled in martial arts. Even while Titus may not be as interested in martial arts as he once was, he formerly practiced them daily. Growing up, the Deadwood actor was a tremendous martial arts enthusiast.

Titus discussed all he had learned while talking to Muscle and Fitness. He is skilled in Krav Maga, Kenpo, Jiujitsu, and Karate. On his right upper arm, he also has a tattoo that represents his dojo.

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