Rachel Homan

A Canadian Curler, Rachel Homan, serving as the skip of the Canadian National Curling team, owes a net worth between $1-$5 million.

Among the curlers worldwide, Rachel Homan ranks in the top list, verifying her net worth.

Homan is famous for winning the Scottie Tournament of hearts multiple times, getting honored by several awards and achievements.

Exceeding the age of 30, Homan was still onto her career participating in the Olympics too.

With full support and love from family, Rachel has a brother who is a professional curler too.

During her active years, Homan has been achieved numerous championships at international levels.

Besides being in a field, Rachel adds some value to her net worth through endorsements and brands.

Quick Facts:

Here are some of her quick facts before getting to know all about Rachel Homan.

Full Name Rachel Catherine Homan
Known as Rachel Homan
Nickname Rachel Germain
Birth Date April 5, 1989
Birth Place Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Residence Ottawa, Canada
Religion Christian
Nationality Canadian
Ethnicity White
Education Cairine Wilson Secondary School, University of Ottawa
Horoscope Aries
Father’s Name Craig Homan
Mother’s Name Catherine Homan
Siblings 1 (Mark Homan)
Age 33 years old
Height 5’5″ (168 cm)
Weight 63 kg (139 lb)
Eye Color Grey
Hair Color Blonde
Body type Athletic
Profession Curler
Marital Status Married
Spouse Shawn Germain
Children 2
Name of Children Ryatt Mitch Germain, Bowyn Germain
Beginning of Professional Career 2010
Retirement N/A
Sports team Ottawa CC, Ottawa, ON
Coach Adam Kingsbury
Victory Olympic Winter Games, WCF World Championships, the Scotties Tournament of Hearts, the Sandra Schmirler Most Valuable Player Awards
Net Worth $1-$5 million
Curling Equipment/Merch Gloves, Arm Blaster
Social Media Facebook, Instagram, Twitter
Last Update July, 2022

Ingrid Homan Income and Assets

Homan was very devoted to her job from a young age. Homan and her team were able to earn $11,000 earlier on, and as a result, they eventually made it to the top of lists of high earners.

Homan’s net worth was projected to be $3 million in 2020 thanks to his continued success in competitions. And it is anticipated to be between $1 and $5 million as of 2022. Homan makes money as a personal trainer in addition to being a professional curler.

Additionally, Rachel Homan’s personal endorsements and other competitions add up to her total net worth.

Rachel Homan | Car and House

Being a Canadian native and professional athlete, Rachel Homan may have deserved an opulent lifestyle. She has a million-dollar net worth in addition to that. Sadly, no information has been disclosed regarding her personal property, including her home and vehicles.

However, it is also said that Rachel Homan has acquired opulent and expensive cars. The Homan and her spouse may also have various homes or apartments depending on where they were employed because they had to travel frequently.

Vacation and Lifestyle by Rachel Homan

Along with Curler, Homan graduated from the University of Ottawa with a degree in Human Kinetics in 2011.

Homan additionally worked as a trainer at GoodLife Fitness while keeping up a solid fitness regimen and providing leadership.

He, who is equally devoted to competition, missed the Scotties Tournament of Hearts championship solely because she was eight months pregnant.

Homan is regarded as a superwoman in her Ottawa-based team for her brave decision to take time off only to give birth to two of her children.

On the other hand, perhaps Homan doesn’t pay as much attention to her sense of style because he is more concerned with her job. In light of this, Homan might be summarized as a dedicated curler with a joyful disposition.

Homan’s life is also wonderfully groomed by her devoted husband Shawn Germain, a former NHL hockey player, and their two children.


After getting married, Homan seemed to value parenting more by spending her free time with her family.

She had already experienced the enjoyment of a tour during her professional career. Homan was willing to do it, but she was still concentrating on the match and the practice.

Homan appears to spend time with his family, engage in sports, or make an impact on works after retiring.

He once uploaded a photo of herself and her companions to her social media account in support of Team Canada in the stadium.

Homan keeps her personal information private aside from that, but her social media posts make it plain when she is having a good time.

Investments and Endorsements | Rachel Homan

According to rumors, Rachel Homan is wed to an athlete in the professional sphere, and as a couple, they both live lives with far too much seclusion. However, it would appear that they haven’t put their wealth into a lot of specialty work.

While this is going on, Rachel Homam’s income from endorsements does not add up to her entire net worth.

In fact, Rachel started her own apparel business through her Facebook page, which is registered under the name “Team Homan.”

Charity | Rachel Homan

The complete Rachel Homan team gave their personalized jersey to charitable events in 2017. At the same time, Peter Glover, who had ALS, was supported by the event’s organizers.

They were about to give the cause a total of $1200. Later, $980 was added thanks to a national Rachel Homa shirt donation from the Homan team.

Similar to this, the jersey for the Canadian squad was put up for auction on eBay. Additionally, her team was ready to auction their curling broom once more.

As soon as they discovered they had signed up for their second annual Ride to Conquer Cancer charity ride, this procedure got under way.

To raise money for the Princess Margaret Cancer Centre, Rachel Homan’s team auctioned off the broom to the curling enthusiast community.

Following the concept of bidding, Rachel Homan’s team successfully raises donations to meet their target for Conquer Cancer. Additionally, more than 4500 people took part.

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The Professional Career of Rachel Homan

Homa had been playing curling since she was very young, and the Canadian family had always known who she was.

The Canadian Junior Curling Championships were won by Rachel and her colleagues by 2009, and they also won the provincial title in 2010.

As a result of their contribution to the team’s improvement, they were chosen to represent Ontario in the Canadian Junior Curling Championships.

Homan began playing professionally in 2010, competing in and winning the Ontario Scotties Tournament of Hearts. As a result, she and her brother were able to compete in and won the Ontario Mixed Championship in 2011.

Champion of curling

Rachel and her team also won a bronze medal at the world championships after more events and advancements.

They also reportedly began taking part in tour tournaments and won the 2013 Masters. In this way, the females were boosting their self-confidence.

They additionally defeated Val Sweeting in the Ford World Women’s Curling Championships final, but they fell short.

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alterations in the team

Everything was going good, and they invited Joanne Courtney to play along with Rachel and her teammates.

But, sadly, despite having fans restless, the club was not able to win any competitions.

Back again, a curse to get over losing games was there, as the team constantly lost three finals: Curlers Coner Autumn Gold Curling Classis, Canadian Open of Curling, and Canada Cup of Curling.

Therefore with the strong mentality to stick with each other, Rachel and her teammates conquer every Championships and tournament in 2015.


By the change of time, the team was recognized to represent Canada in the Olympic games.

Starting from 2017, they started to win, solidifying their every position to represent their country in the 2018 winter Olympics.

Despite winning several tournaments back in years, they were still nervous about meeting the entire country’s expectations.

Without losing any hope, they performed with their best and won three games but lost five games.

Rachel Homan | Awards and Achievements

  • Olympic Winter Games – 2018
  • WCF World Championships – 2017 (Gold & Silver); 2013 (Bronze)
  • The Scotties Tournament of Hearts – 2013, 2014
  • The Sandra Schmirler Most Valuable Player Awards
  • Grand Slam victories – 2012, 2013, 2015 (Masters); 2017, 2018, 2021 (Champions Cup); 2018 (Tour Challenge & National); 2019 (Canadian open)

Some FAQs:

Who is Rachel Homans new second?

Sarah Wilkes is the new second of Rachel Homans’s team.

Does Canadian curler Rachel Homan have social media accounts?

Despite maintaining privacy in life, Rachel Homan has Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter accounts where she posts pictures of her good old days.

Who is Rachel Homan’s husband?

Canadian professional curler Rachel Homan is married to her husband, Shawn Germain, a former professional hockey player from Edmonton.

Did Rachel Homan had a baby recently?

During recent games, Rachel Homan has not missed any match, but she was eight months pregnant at the end of February 2020.

What was Rachel Homan’s Engagement Ring seem like?

Rachel Homan’s engagement ring was made up of Sri Lanka Blue Sapphire and Diamond. Additionally, it also represents the province at Scotties and brier in the curling bubble.

What is Rachel Homans’s new baby’s name?

Rachel Homans gave birth to her second child, a baby girl named Bowyn, on Mar. 25, 2021.

Is Rachel Homan playing in the 2021 Grand Slam?

Ye, Rachel Hooman has returned back to the ice for the two Grand Slam events after giving birth to her second child.

Who did Rachel Homan beat at the Humpty’s Champions Cup?

Rachel beat Silvani Tirinzoni by 6-3 at the Humpty’s Champions Cup for her 11th GSOC title.

Why did Rachel Homan miss mixed doubles 2021?

Rachel Homan missed the 2021 Mixed Doubles Curling Championship because of her pregnancy.