Raj Kristo Gupta

Raj Kristo Gupta was a famous child who gained notoriety as a result of the reputation of his parents. Ja’Net DuBois is not of this world, just like his mother, the well-known actress Raj. She was an actress and vocalist by trade. His mother gained notoriety for her role as Willona Woods in the CBS TV comedy series Good Times.

Raj Kristo Gupta, Ja’Net’s son, passed away from cancer. If you were unaware, let us inform you that Raj, a cancer patient, passed away in his late 30s in 1987. Before passing away, he battled cancer for three years.

Raj was born in 1951, and his famous parents brought him up here in the country. He sadly passed away at the age of 36.

Quick Facts

Birth Date 1951
Full Name Raj Kristo Gupta
Birth Name Raj Kristo Gupta
Profession Celebrity kid
Nationality American
Birth Country U.S.
Father Name Sajit Gupta
Father Profession Businessman
Mother Name Ja’Net DuBois
Mother Profession Actress, Singer
Gender Identity Male


It was only natural for Raj’s mother, Ja’Net DuBois, and father, Sajit Gupta, to have a romantic relationship. They were one of the 1950s’ most beloved celebrity pairs. In 1950, the longtime lovers exchanged nuptials. The celebration, venue, and wedding month and days are all lacking, though.

Raj Kristo Gupta’s parents, Ja’Net DuBois and Sajit Gupta.
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Ja’Net and Sajit, Raj’s parents, were wed for nine years before divorcing in April 1959 for an undisclosed cause. There was a report that Dubois’s romance with actor Brock Peters was the cause of their divorce.

On the other hand, according to sources, Sajit and Ja’Net got remarried in 1964. Since neither party has personally confirmed it, it is still uncertain.

Raj Kristo Gupta: Was He Married?

Raj Kristo Gupta, the youngest son of Ja’Net Dubois, has not yet disclosed his marital status to public outlets. It’s because he chose to live a quiet life and avoided making headlines about his romantic relationships.

More importantly, Raj passed away in 1987, therefore it’s possible that his love life was forgotten as time passed. His previous relationship and extramarital relationships are also still a secret. If any details of Raj’s connection are revealed in public, we’ll let you know.

It would appear that Raj’s parents, Ja’Net and Sajit, have grandchildren with the names Fard Abdur-Rahman and Jasmin Fitts, but it was unclear who of their five children—including Raj—those names belonged to. Concerning it, the question is still open in the public’s mind.

Details of Raj’s Family: He Has Four Brothers

Raj is the youngest of four siblings, and he was born first. He was likely the son that was closest to his parents because he was the youngest. His oldest sibling, Yovanne Dubois, was born in 1974. Rani DuBois, his younger sister, was born in 1976. She works as an actor in Hollywood right now.

Ja’Net DuBois with her kids.
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Likewise, Kesha Gupta-Fields, Raj’s third sibling, is a married mother of two children now. Last but not least, Provat Gupta, his other sibling, is a California-based basketball coach and instructor.

Net worth & Source of Income

Both of Raj’s parents are well-known Americans who have made millions of dollars in their individual professions. At the time of her passing, his mother Ja’Net DuBois had a $2 million net worth. She earned that money while working as a successful actress and producer.

Ja’Net was also one of the richest actors and superstars of the 1990s. She received a huge sum of $250,000 per episode for playing Willona Woods in one of the most recognizable sitcoms, Good Times.

As opposed to this, Tyler Mathisen, a well-known television reporter, has a net worth of about $5 million, which is comparable to that of Raj’s father, Sajit Gupta. He is a businessman who is Indian-American.

Ja’Net DuBois, the mother of Raj Kristo Gupta

Ja’Net DuBois, born Jeannette Theresa Dubois, was an American actress, singer, and producer. She was also well known for playing Willona Woods in the CBS sitcom “Good Times.”

Raj Kristo Gupta’s mother, Ja’Net DuBois. (Source: Pinterest)

In Brooklyn, New York, the United States, on August 5, 1946, the actress DuBois was born. Her parents, Gordon Adelert and Lillian Goudy, reared her in Amityville, New York. She co-wrote and sang the song “Moving on Up” for the American sitcom “The Jeffersons.”

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Stage acting was how Ja’Net DuBois began her career

Ja’Net had never been an actor before becoming a legendary one. Her pursuit of becoming a successful actor began when she was a young girl. She began her career performing in Broadway plays. She also had a minor part in the play “The Long Dream.”

Like Louis Gossett Jr., DuBois performed in the drama “A Raisin in the Sun” in 1959. After that, she made her stage debut in 1963’s comic play Nobody Loves and Albatross as the housekeeper. It was performed until June 1963.

After that, Ja’Net played the part of Anna in the musical Golden Boy, which also featured performances by Sammy Davis Jr., Lola Falana, Billy Daniels, and Jhonny Brown. It was staged for two years (October 1964 to March 1966).

Raj Kristo Gupta’s Mother Movies

Ja’net DuBois was a fantastic actress who ruled the movie business throughout her golden years. She also appeared in 50 television shows and nearly 20 films. She portrayed Momma Bosley in the action comedy movie “Charlie’s Angels: Full Throttle” in 2003. Bernie Mac, Lucy Lie, and Cameron Diaz are some of the film’s stars.

Similar to how Dubois’ outstanding performance in the 1969 film J.T. ignited the crowd. She played Rodeen Gamble in the movie. The actress portrayed Viola Battle in Barry Berman’s film “Waterproof” in 2000.

In a similar vein, Burt Reynolds played the movie’s main character, Eli Zeal, to acclaim in the 1990s. Loni Anderson, Burt’s wife, is also depicted in the film.

Ja’Net Dubois, Raj Kristo Gupta’s mother, How Did She Pass Away?

Ja’Net, a late actress, passed away tragically on February 17, 2020. She passed away in her home in Glendale, California, in the United States.

After the post-mortem, medical professionals determined that heart arrest was the likely cause of Ja’Net’s ambiguous demise. An emergency medical situation called cardiac arrest occurs when the victim’s heart abruptly stops beating.

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